Tuesday, 26 February 2013

After the Bash

Welcome back to Da Mek Shop Wargamers!

This past Saturday February 23/2013 saw many of like minded dice rollers descend upon Barrie ON to take part in the 1st annual Barrie Bash at Sir-Games-Alot, hosted by Skari of the Eternal Warriors 40K Nation Chapter. Close to 30 wargamers arrived seeking those coveted bragging rights and were ready to take on all who stood in their path of Glory & Geekdom. It was a little after 9:30am when the dice began to roll.

It wasn't long till the first casualtys were claimed as the various army's from across the game room waged war upon each other. Most of the Races of the 40K verse were represented by those who attended the Bash which was great to see, many of which were built & painted completely in a variety of ways which resulted in those extra points for most of us! As the Only Ork player in attendance I knew that I had my Waaaagh cut out for me, but I was up to the challenge and my boyz were eager to start a-krump'n.

We all knew going in to the tournament that it was going to be 4 rounds of play, each of which would be a scenario taken from the 40K rulebook and each with their own set amount of points to be gained in victory. Each round ended up being: 1) The Relic/Vanguard Strike; 2) The Scouring/Dawn of War; 3) Big Guns Never Tire/Hammer & Anvil; 4) Crusade/Dawn of War.
The points we were able to gain from each round were added to those that we could also gain from ones presentation, sportsmanship, and over all ability to crush your foes! Throughout the event the points were tallied as each rounds results were submitted and many surprises were quick to show themselves as we each waged our own personal wars.

Of the Dorklords, Justyn, Ryan (NidPrime), Templar Mike, Sean, Imperial Rob, UK Mike (Mantis), and myself Kirk (Mek Boss Skarshak) were all throwing dice around and representing the Dorklords Game Club as we took on players from all over Ontario. We greeted old friends made many new ones as the day progressed. Even showed off our new club shirts for the first time (which are awesome btw). We all gave it our best throughout the 4 rounds, many of us tasted the sweetness on victory, and some the bitternes of defeat, yet that didnt dissuade us from our goal for it was one of us that made the Dorklords Proud by making it to the podium... and that was UK Mike who earned his 2nd top 3 finish in to tourneys, placing 2nd overall and even snagging 1st place in the sportsmanship catagory! Nicely done Mike, we Dorks salute you!
My Orkz didnt do the shabby either, I went up against the Necrons, Tyranids, Chaos Space Marines, & Tyranids in the respective rounds of the tourney. Most were very close as the bodies and bullets were flying and yet to my surpise I was able to win all 4 games, and with enouogh points gained to earn myself a spot within the top 10! Man what a long day, my goal going in was indeed to get a top 10 finish, but to actually win all 4 games is both awesome and yet shocking to say the least. Not bad for the only Ork player there! There was no way I expected to pull that off adn it has made all the hard work I put into my army over the last few weeks in order to get it ready for the barrie Bash all the more worth while. I haven't painted like that in ages. I also have to thank Dorklord "Terrain" Rob for helping with the display board i used for my Orkz, he also helped with UK Mikes & Ryans display boards as well. Thanks Rob for such awesome work with your creations... keep them coming!
To the players I faced during the Bash: Jeremy K, Jason L, Sean C, & Mark P; your all an excellent bunch of wargamers and anytime ya want to throw some dice around just let me know!
Also... with out this sounding like an academy award speech LOL, we all have to give a big thanks to Ridvan (Skari of the Eternal Warriors) for hosting such a great event. We'll be keeping an eye out for the next one to be sure!
Below are a few more pics from the event, but for a ton more head on over to the Dorklords Game Club page on facebook and stay tuned for some videos as well. They are currently in the editing room and will soon be ready to show off on the Dorklords youtube channel. Special thanks to Dorklady Kat for joining us and helping shoot the video and for going click happy with the cameras!

Well thats it for now, i've got the next couple days off to rest & recoup and i'm going to use em for just that! Who know's, maybe i'll work a little more on the "Secret Project"... we'll see.

Until next time wargamers... keep those dice rolling!


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Countdown to Da Bash!

Hail and well met gamers, its the 5th installment of Da Mek Shop and I can finally say that with now only 2 days to go, my army for the upcoming Barrie Bash is ready to go! After many long hours painting and basing away, my "Road Warriors" are ready to hit the battlefield!

This is just a teaser pic of the army (not the best I know), but as you can see theres a good bunch thats gonna be Krump'n around the tournament. Its a hard hitting and fast moving 1500pt list thats proven in the past to take on practically anything and make my foes remember the encounter!

Now to get this team ready I had to get off my butt and finish up a bunch of ork boyz and if you have read my earlier blogs, you'll know I've had the 30+ boyz project on the go of which 22 of em were given priority to fulfill the painted army requirement for those coveted extra points being awarded at this tournament. Also included in this list are several units that I had completed and showed in my earlier blogs... the Koptas, Kannons & Mega Nobz mainly, and I even whipped together an additional Mega Nob (#6) and a 5th trukk in order to get maximum mobility in the list. Also with 2 Warboss's leading the charge in this one, its going to be a fun day indeed as the WAAAAGH! is called and my boyz do what they do best.... aside from showing off their T-Shirt saves!

Now speaking of the Barrie Bash, which is this coming Saturday Feb 23/2013 at Sir-Games-Alot in the Bayfield Mall in Barrie ON, i've learned that its been maxed out at a final 32 players, which is amazing for being the first Bash and the biggest tournament i've ever been too! At least 8 of the Dorklords for the Georgian Bay area will be throwing dice around (and showing off our new club shirts) as well as many of our friends from Parry Sound will be joining the fray, along with players from the Eternal Warriors 40K Nation Chapter in Barrie, players from Toronto, London and many other locations will be present as well... tuning this event in to a provincial extravaganza of geekdom! We're all looking forward to it and no doubt the host of this event Ridvan (Skari of the Eternal Warriors) is working hard to get any last minute shenanigans in order so the Bash can go as smoothly as possible and be one for the record books. Its going to be a hell of a day and the excitement is building for many of us as I write this blog.... saturday cannot come soon enough, but no worries my orkz will be krump'n their way through those who oppose them soon enough. For now, I just have to make sure I have everything ready between now and then... must not forget my dice!

Stay tuned as my next blog will be posted soon after the Barrie Bash and I plan to have a bunch of pics of the many army's and players who are coming together to embrace their Dork-side and throw dice at each other. Also Dorklords NidPrime (Ryan) and Mantis (UK Mike) will be shooting a bunch of video of the event and they've asked me to do some interviews with those who arent camera shy in order to bring you more of what went down during the Bash, so stay tuned to the Dorklords Game Club youtube channel for those videos as they get uploaded after the tournament.

With that, I hope the Barrie Bash is the first of many to come and that we all have a great time playing a few games of 40K, making new friends, and enjoying the hobby we all partake in!

Ill catch ya then!
Skarshak Out.

Oh wait, one more thing.... here's a simple write up of my battle tactics for the tournament. Enjoy!

Friday, 15 February 2013

A Battle of Masters, and whats this about a Bash?!

Greetings Dorkz, its been busy here at the Mek Shop, but i've finally been able to sit down and get this sucker done. So here it is.... Da Mek Shop: Episode 4

A couple days ago was the Valentines Day Massacre that took place at the Dorklord dungeon in Stayner On. which saw two 40k Nation Chapter Masters go head to head in a 1500pt shindig that saw NidPrime (Ryan) and his Tyranids take on our special guest Skari (Ridvan) and his Dark Eldar. The batlle was fierce, as was the banter, and both sides took casualties left and right throughout the fight and as it is in all epic battles one chapter master was deemed the victor! But who you mat ask... we'll im not gonna spoil it for your going to have to wait to see the BatRep of this titanic battle. Either way theres a rematch coming in the future. so stay tuned for that video to be posted on the Dorklords facebook page and youtube channel. Until then, heres some teaser pics of the battle. Im a jerk.... i know!


Skari also took on Dorklord Justyn and his Sisters of Battle in a 750pt battle, of which Skari recorded and will be posting that BatRep in the near future on his SkaredCast blog. The link to which can be found to the right of this blog, he does daily updates from the world of tabletop gaming, so be sure to check that out. Thanks again Skari for joining us at the Dungeon, it was great to have ya!

Now as of the writing of this blog, theres just over 7 days until the 1st annual Barrie Bash, taking place Sat, Feb 23 at Sir Games Alot in the Bayfield Mall in Barrie, ON!
Many of us are scrambling to get our respective 1500pt lists ready in time for this event, of which I last heard is now at 30(ish) players... which is absolutely awesome. Im excited already for this gathering of geekdom as there will be dice rollers from all over from many different regions, all of who are chomping at the bit to throw dice at each other.... muahahahahaha, I cant wait!

Now in regards to my Orkz, im confident ill have everything ready & painted for the tourney, but whether or not its 100% painted is yet to be seen, though i know my Boyz will meet the minimum 3 colors and based requirement in order to get those extra points!
All thats left now is a hand full of orkz, most of which are to fill out my troops choices, so i've had to trim my 30+ ork boyz project down a touch in order to focus on getting things done for the Bash!

So for now my 30+, is down to 22 in order for me to get done what I need, plus a few other to fill out other squads.... Hey Gretchin... im looking at you!
Its a great feeling to finally say that I can field a painted army... for the longest time (as it was no doubt for many of us) it was the sea of grey or primed minis. Not exactly the green tide i want, but now things are at last coming together. Yet even after this all gets done, theres still much more to do for my Orkz, for we all know you can never have enough Orkz!

My endless Waaaagh continues.
Ill catch ya next time!

Skarshak Out.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ramshackle Goodies & the Wrath of Hades

Greeting wargamers, it’s the weekend and you know what that means….. Well I haven’t a clue (I’m asking you), so here’s the third instalment of Da Mek Shop for you to enjoy.

With the Barrie Bash now only two weeks away, its surely turning into crunch time for many of us who want to have everything built and (hopefully) painted in time for the event! It’ll be good to see the progress everyone has made for the tourney & I’m also looking forward to see what kind of kit bashes that are no doubt going to show up on the battlefield on game day! Hehehehe…. I cant wait.

Along with the 30+ boyz (see the previous blogs) I’ve begun building another Ork Trukk. This will now give me 5 of the Ramshackle junk heaps to roll around with! As you see in the pic below its well underway and should be done in time for the tourney!

4 modern Trukks and 1 old school, plenty of room to have my orkz arrive in style across the battlefield… Ramshackle rolls not withstanding! Now I’m undecided as of yet if ill be using all 5 on game day… I guess you’ll just have to wait & see!

Also I wanted to touch on the event from my last game against the Imperial Guard. Imperial Rob of the Dorklords Game Club has begun using the Death Korps of Krieg and with his initial start using the masked militia he brought two of these, which resulted in my orkz having a really bad day indeed.

Say hello to the Hades Breaching Drill. This little guy has the ability to burrow up underneath your army with explosive results even taking out removable terrain (like defence lines and small hills). You know what.... heres a breif description on what they can do.... in Robs own words!

Take it away Rob....

                                      The rules for the drills can be found in the IA volume 5: siege of Vraks part 1, in the Death Korps of Krieg Imperial guard sub-regiment. Regularly only death korps engineers are allowed to attach to the drills but the rules allow for Other imperial guard armies to use the drills with veterans so long as they don't have the 'forward sentries' doctrine. (Camo cloaks and defensive grenades.) I believe that for 50 points, the Hades Breaching drill is the best thing you could buy for veterans, what I believe is one of the most versatile units in the game. I played two drills and three squads (As you can attach more than one unit to a drill.) Because the infantry arrives as if walking on from the board edge they can move 6'' from the point of origin and shoot/assault as normal. Giving these squads a 4+ armor save and each with their own set of specialized weapons., one flamer assault squad, one anti-armor melta group and one AP2 plas-assault group can make for a deadly encounter for any army especially if all units are armed with shotguns and attempting assaults. each squad comes out 140-170 points and for only 100 for two drills, it's a must-buy.

Good tactica are:

Drilling out to an objective and holding the line deep in enemy territory with multiple squads emerging out of one drill.

Destroying terrain and cover as well as laying down massive fire in one turn attempting to twiddle down opponents enough to survive the next wave.

Using the drills to breach transports and having veterans quickly dispatch the unit inside with sepcial weapons fire.

The strongest point of the drill by far is that it's not a transport, if for some reason the drill is deployed on the outside of the table edge, and suffers a destroyed result on the mishap chart, the unit attached can simply walk on from your board edge next turn.

Thanks Rob.

These drills are crazy for their cost and what the can bestow on ones army. Once these reached the surface (causing a large sized blast in the process) i wasn't sure what i was in for, however taking out the drills after they had done their grand entrance was easy.... until the veterans came up next to the wrecks. When that happend, my orkz were doooooomed! The game turned on a dime right there and Rob was able to survive against the greenskin horde, well.. at least for one more day! Great game all in all, its always fun to play against the Imperial Guard and I look forward to throwing dice at them in the future.

Till next time
This is Skarshak...

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

So much to paint. So little time…

Greeting Dorkz, Skarshak here with blog #2.

Its been a busy last few days in regards to my Waaaagh. When one chooses to play orkz in warhammer 40k, there’s a never ending list of things to paint, for as we all know…. You can never have enough orkz!
In my first blog, I had posted a pic or two of 30+ unpainted ork boyz. Well progress has been made indeed…

As you can see they all have been base coated and even have their green skin! These boyz are finally on their way to being proudly painted on the table top. To think, I have a lot more where these came from…. Gwah, so many boyz! :P Work will continue on these guys and naturally ill be posting on how that project is going.

Also, today I put the finishing touches on several other models that were taking up my paint desk…

That’s 5 Mega Nobz, 5 Deffkoptas, 12 Loota Boyz, 3 Kustom Big Gunz & one Quad-Gun! The Aegis Defence line was quickly done up by Dorklord Justyn… thanks buddy!
All of these can now be added to the finished pile (for now :p), and I can move on to other wargaming projects! Check these all out up close on Da Ever Growing WAAAAGH! page for better pics of each.(click the link above).

Thats it for now, I gotta put the final tweaks on the 1500pt list im playing at the next game night at the Dorklord Dungeon Wed-Feb 6/2013. Ill be throwing dice at the imperial guard and if my camera cooperates i should hopefully have some pic's of what is to be a hilarious battle!

Till next time... keep them dice rolling!


Saturday, 2 February 2013

3..2..1.. Dice Rolls!

Greetings gamers and fellow Dorklords. Skarshak here and this is the inaugural blog of my happenings in the world of Table Top Gaming, with the Dorklords Game Club, and all things Ork!
What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to tell a tale or two of whats been going on with my gaming, the hobby, and whatever random mischief may take place with my fellow Dorklords. I do hope to have two or three blogs posted per week, but seeing as i'm new to this... we'll see how that goes, but no worries, I plan to have things sorted quickly so I can provide a measure of entertainment & insight to all of you out there.

Some things you may see crop up here could be anything from what happened during my last game of Warhammer 40k, being an ork player I can tell ya that my greenskins are known to get into the thick of it on a regular basis... I'll be posting pics whenever possible of the hilarity! Project updates on my ever growing WAAAAGH & my newly awakening Necrons, various Tactica with the armys I play, potential for Battle Reports, highlights from the Dorklords Game Club and our continuing invasion across Ontario, and as much random fun as I can muster mister! It could be anything and i'm looking forward to how this all developes so stay tuned.

I'll leave you now with a few pics of (one of) my current project... 30+ Ork Boyz getting ready to finally receive the paintjob they deserve!

More pics to come, as this project continues plus much more.
Thats all for now as it's getting late, this is Skarshak.... keep them dice rolling!