Monday, 25 March 2013

Ramblings of a Mek Head!

Once again I bring some Ramblings of Ork Tactica. This time around we’ll be taking a look at those underestimated, annoying, and just plain hilarious little buggers we like  call…

Da Gretchin

Sitting almost at the bottom of the Ork hierarchy (some would say food chain) are the Gretchin. Also known as Grots or Fodder, these little guys are known to be running around assisting their bigger Ork brethren with a multitude of tasks. From helping build the latest creation by the Mek Boyz like Trukks and Killa Kanz to literally being ammo for some crazy weapon hastily whipped up for battle!

They aren’t exactly strong or robust in any way but what they lack in quality, they’ll easily make up in quantity. Its only when they build up the nerve to pick up a weapon will you find these naturally cowardly greenskins all of a sudden grow a backbone in order to prove themselves in battle and fight for their share of the booty. Though more often than not this will happen so they can try to avoid the lash of their Runtherd overseers who take a sick enjoyment in keeping the Gretchin in line!

Now when I say they aren’t exactly strong, this is no exaggeration. With only a strength and toughness score of 2 and no saving throw to speak of, they can easily become a smear on the ground if they don’t keep their eyes open on what’s going on around them. Its because of this that you usually find a group of Gretchin on the battle field numbering in several dozen, constantly yipping at each other as they scurry towards their foe, and always driven on by a Runtherd (same stats as an ork boy) or two as they use their Grabba Stikks (which is nothing more than a spiked claw on a long pole) to keep them in line so as the little buggers keep to the fight, or else they would scatter like leaves in the wind. It’ll take their weight in numbers to make a dent in any who they fight, with crude weapons and claws, and an equally poor weapon skill of 2 and only one attack (2 on the charge), they are going to need all the dice they can get!

At range they are a little better, even if slightly. With a mighty ballistic skill of 3 (the best in the whole ork codex) they can be surprisingly accurate when taking shots with their Grot-Blasta’s, a simple weapon along the lines of a hand cannon or blunderbuss which is loaded with a variety of scrap and if the Grot has actually learned to point it away from himself, can actually have a chance to inflict some damage on whatever it is they’re shooting. Don’t be surprised if even the mightiest of opponents take damage or even fall to this pathetic weapon.

Now lets go over a few tactics with these little pests!

What I’ve done a lot of in the past is take a Gretchin unit at the size of 20 models. That’ll be 19 Grots and 1 Runtherd. Its built like this because with every 10 Gretchin you take you have to include 1 Runtherd, so by upping the number to 19 you can get to most out of them while only needing one Runtherd plus at only 67pts for the entire unit. At 3pts per Grot (+10pts for the Runtherd) its hailed as one of the cheapest unit builds in the whole game. I usually include the Grot-Prod upgrade on the Runtherd for an additional 5pts, bringing to an over all total to 72pts, which is still a bargain in my book. Why the Grot-Prod, because it counts as a poison weapon (wounds on a 4+) and we orkz get so few options with poison.

Now seeing the Gretchin are indeed a troop choice, you’ll want to use these little guys as an objective camper! By holding your back or home objective with them, the rest of your orkz army will be free to Krump its way across the field at its leisure picking what ever fights they need too! Don’t be afraid to go to ground if needed as these little guys don’t even have a saving throw, so every bit helps in keeping them where you need them. If the objective is set up behind cover of some sort then all the better for the Gretchin and with the Aegis Defence Line it gets even more crazy as the AGL grants a 4+ cover to those behind it and a ridiculous 2+ cover save when you go to ground….. Grots with a 2+ save…. YES PLEASE! Seeing that I’ve brought up the AGL, due to the Gretchin Models being so small… if you set them up just right your opponent wont be able to draw line of sight to them behind the AGL and thus will not be able to shoot or charge them. Granted they may not be able to hide forever, but as I’ve said before every little bit helps when using this unit.

One more thought is to actually place these little buggers in reserve in order to have them come on later to claim that back objective as they walk on. This saves them from suffering any casualties early on in the game, even if they come on between turns 2 & 4 if wont matter cause you’ll know you have that home objective covered and will still be able to direct your attacks with the rest of your Orkz.

Another use for the Gretchin is the mobile cover blob for the Green Tide! In this set up you’ll want as many grots as ya can muster, which means (if you can) a maxed out unit of 30 Gretchin & 3 Runtherd’s. This is where they become true fodder for the ork army. You set up this unit as (sadly) your first line of defence, in front of the Ork Boyz mobs, and they’ll be able to grant your Boyz a 5+ cover save as they all foot-slog it across the field towards your foe. Now the Gretchin do not share the same “Mob Rule” (nor can they Waaaagh) as the Orkz, so you may find this unit running for its life after a good round of damage has been inflicted upon it, but that’s ok their job in this scenario is the grant those cover saves to your boyz while soaking of bullets, upping the Boyz chances in getting to their intended targets. With a maxed out unit of grots, their numbers will count for a lot so use them well.

An additional way to use the Blob-o-Grots is to Tar Pit those annoying Monstrous Creatures or menacing Big Bad! They may not make much of a dent, but nothing is funnier than seeing a Trygon being swarmed by Gretchin and actually having to spend a turn or 2 locked in dealing with them. This is where the Runtherd’s Squig-Hound comes in handy, for every time a unit with a squig-hound fails a moral check, the Squig gets hungry, and you remove D3 grots to get a re-roll, which for the Gretchin is handy indeed when taking on such a large or powerful target! Try it out for a few laughs & you won’t disappointed.

For shooting abilities, the Gretchin do enjoy having BS 3 which allow these little guys a better chance at hitting then their bigger brethren! They have one option and that’s the Grot Blasta. This wannabe slugga has a 12 inch range and is only Str 3 plus no AP to speak of! I know what your thinking…. LAME. Now don’t count it out yet, as with all things Ork, its all about the amount of dice we can wield, so in the defence unit of 20 I talked about earlier (holding the home objective) that’s 20 more dice you get to throw at your opponent and trust me, more than you think will connect and actually force those saving throws on their targets! From personal experience with Gretchin shooting…. I think the Terminator Kills are the greatest highlight of their time on the table top…. Probably a total fluke I know, but the look on several of my opponents faces when it happens have made it worth it, and has even made the Gretchin a target priority in some other games with those same opponents. Guess I stuck a nerve or something!

The Grot Blasta is an assault weapon (assault 1) so referring back to that blob marching in the front ranks of your green tide or getting ready to tar pit a big bad, there’s even more dice your getting to throw around before going in at your foes.

As for Close Combat, lets just say your going to need the numbers to make any kind of dent. With an initiative of 2 (just like most orkz) and only 1 attack each (2 on the charge) you’ll need enough Gretchin so you can endure the attacks upon you in order to attack back. Again, I say the squad of 20 (19 Grots and 1 Runtherd) is what you should at least have when going on the defence against those who have made it to you. At a WS & Str of 2, you going to need all the dice you can get. That Squig-Hound I mentioned earlier will also be put to use here, allowing that re-roll for moral. If Gork & Mork show their favour, then you’ll be staying in the fight… mush to your opponents dismay.

Love them or hate them, the Gretchin always have a place in any Ork army. Use them to their strengths and you’ll have a fun time watching them get blown up all the while causing your foes more frustrations then they need. Their a cheep and numerous scoring unit that wont do you wrong and I hope that when you use them that you have as much fun with them as I have!

This is just my to Teef on the subject, no doubt there are countless more ways to use them, but I think I covered all the essentials. Fell free to add a comment or 2 below with your experiences with the Gretchin. I expect them to be no doubt humorous!

Until next time… enjoy your WAAAAGH!
Skarshak Out.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Moar Boyz for Da Waaaagh!

Its another week here in Da Mek shop and even though progress has been slow due to life's shenanigans, I can happily say that some things got done.

As you can see in the above pics, the 30+ Boyz project is now "finally" complete. It took longer than I had hoped, but as with all modeling projects the pay off has been worth it. These 36 Ork Slugga & Choppa Boyz can now be added to the rest of what I have finished, giving me just under 80 Boyz alone that are now completely painted. As we all know, we can never have enough boyz!

Next up on the paint desk... is the good ol Battlewagon. Stay tuned for more on that build in my next blog.

Also I came across this Kustom Ork Super Heavy from the crew at Worthy Painting!

Seems their looking to name this beast, and are looking to us all for help!
Click here to get to full video on this awesome creation.

Catch ya soon greenskins!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

New Ork’uisitions!

A couple days back I came across an ad in Kijiji. Seems there is a decent size Ork army up for grabs, either in part or whole and its completely built and painted! Tons of boyz, several trukks and wagons, even a Stompa.. All of which are looking for a new battlefield to Waaaagh upon! So after checking out the list of what greenskins were available, I decided to inquire about a few of the units listed! There were 4 units in total, I sent a message and asked about the following…

3 Deffkoptas!

I have always liked them and use then often in my games. They’ve never really failed me in all the times I’ve fielded them so why not have a few more!

6 War bikers (Incl. Nob Biker w/Power Klaw)

Mainly to add to the growing number I have already. Many greenskin players will tell ya how well these guys are and how easily they prove themselves on the battlefield. They made the list without question.

15 Storm boys (Incl. Storm Nob w/ Power Klaw)

I’ve seen tons of games with them used but never had any of my own and for the longest time I’ve always wanted to have them, so they very easily made the list!

10 Tankbusta’s (Incl. Nob & 2 Bomb Squigs)

Never used them myself, and I’ve rarely seen them in battle, but fluff wise they are both awesome and hilarious. The entire unit has Rokkit Launchas and Tank Hammers, plus they all carry an uber form of Krak Grenade… they’re just screaming to blow something up (even if it is themselves while their at it). Once I pondered a bit on how I could put them to use in my games I decided why not… on the list they go.

… and off the message went!

Now it wasn’t long before a I got a reply on my request, and to my surprise it just happened to be an old friend of mine named Joe. I first met him back in my ol’ martial arts days, and Joe had been building his Waaaagh long before I even started playing any form of warhammer. His collection was huge at one point, sporting several armies over the years… all fully built and painted to a high standard. The Orkz it seems are the last that he’s selling off (his favourite army), and after a string of emails back and forth, a deal was struck and I found myself the proud owner of the units above… over 700pts if you put it all on the table.
Joe was very happy that I contacted him and that these Orkz have found a new home…. Seems they’ve been sitting idle for a time and have been nagging at him to find them a good Krump’n. Waaaagh Skarshak is ever so happy to take them on.

There’s still a ton more where this came from mind you and Joe would like nothing more than to find the rest of his Boyz a new home so they can continue doing what they do best on the battlefield, so I’m gonna help him out and post the link below in the hope that some of you (or those you know) are looking to up the number of greenskins in your collections. I know your out there so, if you please, check out what he’s got to offer.


Da Link:

I don’t know if he’s updated it yet since I acquired the above, but its still worth a look anyway!

Tell him Kirk sent ya!

I’m including more pics of my new Boyz in Da Ever Growing Waaaagh page of this blog, click the link above to check them out if ya like.

That’s it for now, got to get back to writing up some army lists with the new units so I can try them out at the next game night. I have no doubt they’ll do well in my future games, for as we all know…. Orkz Never Lose!

Keep those dice rolling all!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Back in Da Shop!

Welcome Dorkz & Dice Rollers!

I do hope your enjoying my blog so far?! Things have been pretty busy around here in regards to life, work and gaming. It feels like I’ve been going non stop since the Barrie Bash and I’m surprised that I’ve been able to spend anytime working my Orkz. No worries the Grand Waaaagh continues to grow, for as we all know…. you can never have enough Orkz, there’s always something to build, paint, convert, kit-bash, Krump, & WAAAAGH!

Since the Bash, I've been working (slowly) to continue getting my 30+ Boyz project closer to completion. 22 of them are done except for some washes that need to be applied (these were used in the tourney), while the remaining 14 are in the process of getting their final colors applied to them… mainly straps/belts, eyes, and teeth (plus any touch ups) are all that’s needed, and its just putting the time aside to file them through the Mek Shop. Next few days I hope.

After the tourney, I did however find myself not wanting to paint anything “Ork”…. I know, Blasphemy right, but with all the cramming I did to get my Ork army fully painted for the Bash, I needed a change, all be it temporarily! So I finished up the beginnings of my Necron army. Now it will be a while before I actually field anything on the tabletop with them (don’t have much yet), but here are 2 Necron Overlords for you to admire!

Now given that these are both HQ’s, my original plan is to have these take the role of Necron Lords for the Royal Court of Nemesor Zahndrekh, whom I also have but he’s only been primed so far! More on that and the Necron awakening will be coming in future blogs. It was good to focus on something different and working on these two was exactly what I needed to wind down. I've always enjoyed the look, feel and fluff on the Necrons. It'll be interesting to see how my 2nd army developes during 2013 (and beyond), who knows maybe i'll try some allied builds and have then team up with my Orkz!

Speaking of which and now that my brain has been refreshed, it’s back to the greenskins!

Also on the table that I want to get done for the Boyz are 2 vehicle projects! I’ve had another Battlewagon sitting on standby for a while now and I think its time to get off my butt and build up that bugger! Once I get going, it usually doesn’t take me too long to get a vehicle built for my army. The 5th Trukk I built for the Barrie Bash only took me maybe a day to complete.. spread over the week leading up to the tourney and I expect no difference with the Battlewagon, again once I get going on it! I’ll show the progress of that in my next blog as my Boyz look forward to having another contraption to play with! The second of the 2 vehicles that I now want to get built is another Looted Wagon. I say another as this will be number 3 that I will take on and have always had a blast when using them on the battlefield. Many thanks to Dorklord Doug for parting with a Leman Russ Battle Tank so I can lay the foundations on another “BOOOOM Wagon for my Boyz! Lots of converting and “additions” are needed for this one and that too will be featured in a future blog.

With that I'll leave you with a pic of "Spud" the Squig

Till next time wargamers.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ramblings of a Mek Head!

Skarshak here and this is to be my first of what I hope several Ork Tactica articles. From time to time I’ll try to do my best and give some insight to the Greenskins by sharing what I know from my experiences on the game table. How is this different from any of the countless other Ork tactics found all over the net, I really can’t say, but I do hope to add a fresh perspective on how to best throw your WAAAAGH at any who come your way!
To start things off, I’m tell ya about one of my favourite combinations the current Ork codex (2008) has to offer. No doubt many of you ork players out there know of this already and I hope its worked well for ya, but for those who haven’t seen or tried it yet I give you the following.

The Burna Wagon is an excellent viable choice for the Greenskins. Even with the new vehicle rules in 6th, it is proving to be quite hardy and capable while dealing out plenty of hurt upon your foes! What you need to use the combo is spread across 3 units in the codex and I’ll be using the minimum required to describe this tactic while still keeping its potency on the battlefield.

My Minimum Burna Wagon Load Out:
(HQ) Big Mek: w/ Bosspole, Burna, Cybork Body, Kustom Force Field - 120pts
(Elite) Burna Boys x9 & 1 Mek Boy w/Big Shoota - 150pts
(Heavy) Battlewagon w/ Deffrolla & 2 Big Shootas - 130pts

The idea here is to create a nasty mobile bubble of death to lay siege on your foes! You’ll have up to 3 big shootas worth of ranged fire power (2 mounted on the Battlewagon and 1 equipped on the Mek Boy), 10 templates worth of fire.... fire... FIRE! (thanks to the Burna Boys & the Big Mek), and of corse you have the awesome Deffrolla to wreck anything that gets in your way.

Now here’s an example of what this beast can do:
During the movement phase you move the Battlewagon up and "Tank Shock" the target enemy unit! Before they test for leadership for being shocked, they'll receive D6 Str 10 hits from the Deffrolla… just for coming out! Now chances are they'll make their leadership and move enough out of the path of the wagon and be around it sides! Now being an open topped vehicle (by default) all those inside are able to shoot out at once, so during the Shooting Phase you snag the flame template and, measuring from "any" (and I mean ANY) point along the hull of the battlewagon, you can place the template over your foes to get the most coverage as possible!

For this example we’re gonna say you were able to cover 6 enemy models, now seeing that there are 10 templates due to 10 guys inside wielding Burnas lets do some math... 6 x 10 = 60 hits! just like that (due to you being able to "stack" the templates on top of each other) and we all know you don’t get cover saves from flamer templates so now you can roll 60 dice to wound the target unit! 60 dice.... that’s absolutely frakken crazy talk right there, but we are talking about orks here! Now on average you should be able to get 25 to 30 wounds from this attack that your opponent is gonna have to save against and with that many wounds inflicted, he will lose models to it, there’s no getting around it! Even terminators are not safe against that many dice being thrown at them., and the look on your opponents face will be priceless… watch, you’ll see what I mean when you do this to them.

Against blob armies like Tyranids, Imperial Guard (infantry), Orkz, etc.... this is even more brutal, for example: say you launch this against a unit of 20 termagants... they would potentially be wiped out entirely by this attack with no saves (due to them only having a 6+ save). One whole unit gone... just like that!

But what about that lone Mek Boy you ask?, well like the Big Mek he has mek tools which will allow him to keep the wagon going as long as possible, which is key to using this combo. Instead of shooting you can use his Mek Tools to allow you (during the shooting phase & on a roll of a 4+) to repair one hull point or remove an immobilized/single weapon destroyed result from the Battlewagon! Doubly so if you dedicate the Big Mek to this duty as well, instead of burning something! Potentially repairing 2 hull points a turn is awesome, especially when taking on those armies who like to make swiss cheese of vehicles! You all know who you are.

Now while all this is going on lets not forget that the front armour of this sucker is AV 14 (Side AV 12 / Rear AV 10) so you’ll want to abuse that as much as possible by keeping the Battlewagon pointed towards any potential threats…. it’s the only vehicle in the Codex that the Orks with armour like that, so don’t waste it! Also, due to the Kustom Force Field equipped on the Big Mek, this whole setup has a 5+ cover save protecting it (and any friendly’s within 6 inches of the Wagon) against “almost” everything being fired at it! Now I don’t think anyone will complain about being able to negate that incoming flak, even if it is only a 1/3 chance of doing so..... being able to still get the roll to negate is something we Orkz will gladly take! Put all this together and you’ve got yourself one hardy unit

Lastly, I don’t have to remind you that you still have to play this combo carefully... even though your an ork (we‘re crazy, not stupid), being reckless with it will see it destroyed before you even get a chance to pull it off. Don’t even disembark for that will negate the combo completely and will probably see your greenskinz destroyed… unless its late in game and you know for sure you can kill the target with those close combat Burna attacks (AP 3 Power Weapons… yes please, but that is another Tactica all together). Remember plan your attack accordingly, and enjoy as you Burn, Thrash & Roll your way through your opponents army. If you have to, move form cover to cover so you can set up that perfect line to wipe out a unit or 3. So why not give it a try if your able and watch as this combo does ya proud.

This is also going to be posted on the Odd Boy Ramblings page of this blog (click the link above). It'll be there where I'll place all of the Tactica I write that way you can refer to them all at once in the future! So stay tuned for more.

With that, I'm out for now! This is Dorklord Skarshak.... keep them dice rolling!