Friday, 26 April 2013

Party Time... Da Dice Roll's Continue!

Greetings Wargamers! Skarshak here and its a joyous time here in the Mek Shop, for it's my Birthday! WAAAAGH!

YAY I'm old(er) and plan to be enjoying my day as much as possible! Though even with gaining (surviving) another year, it's business as usual here and the projects continue for my Orkz. This time around, I'm finally going to get all my Gretchin done. Six of which are already good to go thanks to the Barrie Bash a few months back. Those took on Kannon duty's for that event and now their little brothers will be joining them soon enough. It also didn't help that during my last game, which I planned on using the Gretchin, I had forgot the entire lot of them (even if they were unpainted), so had to proxy some boyz to fill the roll! Which is rare for me for try to avoid proxy's whenever possible, but it happened and I've put off the little buggers long enough.

That's 23 Gretchin and 2 Runtherds, that once painted, will be added to the total of my painted army shown in my last Blog. At a Bargain point cost of 89pts, don't let these little guys fool ya... their just as much of a pain as their bigger Ork Bosses. Remember to check out my Ramblings on the Gretchin on their various tactics and shenanigans.
Also in this Pic above, you'll see Snikrot (top left) sneaking up looking to cause some mischief... one of his abilities got stuck with the Nerf Bat during the switch to 6th edition, but he'll be joining the battle soon enough. There's my Big Mek w/KFF & Burna (top right) that I've also started to paint, and 3 more Kannons that'll be built up in the near future (above the Gretchin). There's more on the desk that's out of view, yet I'm saving those to show off in the future!

Also, during last Wednesdays game night with my fellow Dorklords, I managed to take a few pics of the 40k action taking place! Here they are... in no particular order!

Da Orkz & Black Templars get ready to Krump their foes!
The (Mostly) Unpainted Tag Team of the Tau & Chaos Space Marines, ready for War!
The Daemon Prince dances with a Tervigon while being swarmed!
The RipTide... laying waste like a boss!
Its crazy what this thing can do... a nice addition for the Tau!

The Forces of Chaos secure their next Objective!

 The dreaded Flying Hive Tyrant circles above ready to strike!

 Showing off our Dorklord Pride!

In the middle of battle... the Trygon smiles for the camera before going in for the Kill.
Show Off!

Templar Skip takes aim upon the RipTide... "I got this!"
Good fun as always on our regular game nights and I'm looking forward to next week's dice rolls! Funny enough I still have yet to field my bikers for the first time, so hopefully I'll be able to let them loose at the next gathering of Dorkz.
Until then however, I'm going to go enjoy my Birthday to the fullest so I'll catch you all next time... and as always... Keep those dice rolling!
It's been a good year!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Welcome back wargamers!
This time around I have a little something special to show you all! My pride & joy of Warhammer 40K.... My entire "Painted" Ork army!


What your looking at here is just over 5000pts of "Painted" Orkz (including various upgrades). This is surprising to me for I did not think that I had painted up that many points. Its amazing how it catches up on you! Here's some more Pic's of my Waaaagh!

So what exactly are you looking at here?
Glad you asked.... here's the run down, in no particular order!

- Ghazghkull Thraka (Also used as a Mega Armoured Warboss) x1
- Big Mek w/ Kustom Force Field x1
- Weirdboy x1
- Warboss x1
- Loota Boyz x 12
- Burna Boyz x 15
- Ork Boyz x 86 (w/ Shootas, Sluggas & Choppas, & Rokkits)
- Nobz x 14 (w/ Power Klaws, Big Choppas, Painboy, and a Waaaagh Banner Nob)
- Mega Nobz x 6
- Trukkz x 5
- Battlewagon x 2 (with all the trimmings)
- Tankbustas x 10 (w/ 2 Bomb Squigs)
- Stormboyz x 15 (w/ Storm Nob)
- Warbikers x 6 (w/ Nob Biker)
- Deffkoptas x 8 (One has a Buzzsaw)
- Killa Kanz x 9 (6 w/Rokkits & 3 w/Grotzookas)
- Deff Dread x1 (Kitted for Melee Munching)
- Looted Wagons x 2 (Both are BoomWagons)
- Kannons x 3 (w/ 6 Grots)
- Dakka Jet x 1

and last but not least

- Aegis Defence Line x 1 (Including Quad Gun) (I added this in, seeing that its also painted)

Again, with all the unit upgrades I usually take (I didn't take everything), this all comes to a crazy combined total of 5005pts! The funny thing is I put this into army builder and found that it would all fit in to one army if I used the "Dual Force Organization" rule from the 40k rulebook! I haven't even started looking at what I could do with this using the Apocalypse rules! Muahahahahaha... I can only wonder what that would be like, and to think I still have a bunch more to go before everything I have that's Ork it built and painted. Many more Boyz to build and paint, another Dakka Jet (which just arrived), more Grots, more bikers, and much more Dakka!

Safe to say that my endless Waaaagh continues to grow and that my greenskins are ready to Krump anything that comes their way! All we need now is our new Codex. But that'll come soon enough. I hope you've enjoyed my little showcase and that it'll help inspire many of you to paint up your armys. Having it all painted naturally looks better than the "sea of grey" and make for a better looking game over all, especially for those who are in the various BatReps we see around the internet! So grab your brushes and your paints and get to it.... i'd like to see what you have.

Until next time... This is Skarshak
Keep the paint flowing!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wagons of Waaaagh!

Greetings fellow Greenskins, we're back with another update from Da Mek Shop.
A while back after I finished the Boyz project I had hinted on what my next project would be!

... and here it is. I present to you... Da Battlewagon!

Between fighting off the Nurgle flu, and surviving the perils of work, I'm nearly done this project. All that's left now is some dry brushing and washes to be applied. Maybe an hours worth of work... that's it! Its long over due but I can now field two Battlewagons, which I have no doubt will cause a lot of shenanigans in my battles to come. This one is ready with its Red Paint Job,  the ever so awesome Deffrolla and 2 Big-Shootas loaded with Dakka. The Kannon is coming, but I wanted this one playable ASAP

Here's a shot with it paired up with my first battlewagon...

Forgive the lighting.
Side by side you can see you can see how the new one will look after the final touches are applied... Ork vehicles shouldn't be shiny like that crazy imperial tech, Gork n Mork have high expectations of their Greenskinz... so ya better muk it up!
Like all vehicle builds, this one was indeed fun to do and I look forward to the next one I build. I have another looted wagon that's a work in progress... perhaps I'll tinker with that a little more!

That's all for now gamers, I hope your liking my blog thus far and that your also making progress and having fun with your army builds. Not all of us have to play the game to get enjoyment out of this hobby. Post a comment (either here or on facebook) and let me know what is currently on your paint table... I'd like to know what else is being readied for battle!

Catch ya soon
Skarshak Out.

Also... stay tuned for next time!? I've got something special planned... muahahahahahaha (maniacal laugh).

Monday, 1 April 2013

Nothing Beats Kustom!

How goes those dice rolls gamers??

Skarshak here with a quick Mek Shop update. Since my last rambling that I posted, I’ve been fighting off one of those lovely spring time bugs that no doubt many of you (or those you know) are fighting off as well. I blaming Nurgle for this one and as such production in the shop was slowed while I recoup from it… I even had to miss the last club game night because of it, so I’m really looking forward to getting in some dice rolls of my own in the near future!

During my time healing up, I was searching through the InterWebs for some Orky inspiration and I came across these similar Kustom Builds by some fellow Greenskins!

That's right gamers Looted DreadKnights or as I like to call them... Deff-Knights! Many of the builders are counting these as the Mega Dreads from Forge World & Imperial Armour 8. The creativity that is shown in each is awesome and indeed inspiring for those looking for ideas. It seems that many of us Greenskins are ready to take on that new Tau Riptide due out in the coming days!

Here's the links (below) to where I found these and they are just the tip of the Mek Shop when it come to these DreadKnight conversions.

Enjoy Gamers
This is Skarshak... on the mend! (Damn Bug)