Monday, 27 May 2013

Those pesky lil buggers are on the move!

Greetings Dice Rollers.

In my last blog, you saw that my "Grot Project" was well underway! Today I can happily tell you fellow greenskins that all my Gretchin are finished and ready to look glorious while running amuck on the tabletop!

It took longer than I thought it would, but here is 23 Gretchin & 2 Runtherds, to be added to the 6 Grots I already finished a while back, ready to cause all the shenanigans they want and to bestow even the slightest bit of fear in any Terminators who come across them! Muahahahahaha. 


Along side these lil buggers, I also decided to finish up another model I've have kicking around on my paint desk for too long.
I give you Boss Snikrot!

The Kommando Boss himself is now ready to reek havoc from "Any" table edge. I had originally got him back when 5th edition 40k was the norm and had planned to use him with Gazzy himself to bring the pain behind enemy lines. But with the 6th edition rule changes that now state you can't assault after arriving from reserve... Snikrot was sadly pushed to the side in favor of other projects, but no longer! He's all painted up and ready to go. Yet another option that my Waaaagh has access to!
So after all this, lets do a quick count...
23 Gretchin & 2 Runtherds: 89pts
Boss Snikrot: 85pts
Total: 174pts
Add this to the current 5005pts I have already painted and that gives me the new total of 5179pts of painted greenskins. Waaaagh Skarshak continues to grow nicely, but we are not done yet... no where near, for i'm already working on the next project of 4 ork Warbikers which is all I need to get my "Road Warrior" list fully painted at 1750pts! Hopefully it won't take too long to get them done. LOL
Until our next encounter gamers.
Skarshak out!
PS: 52 days till England.

Monday, 20 May 2013

So many little buggers!

Welcome back Wargamers!

After spending some time away with a few friends in the city, i'm back and I've got a quick update on what's on the table here at the Mek Shop!

Getting these 25 models painted (2 Runtherds & 23 Gretchin) has unfortunately taken longer than I had planned, but not to fret... for they are now all ready for their final washes and basing! After which they'll be added to the 6 Grots I had done up to man the Kannons I've been using. Finally i'll have a fully painted grot squad to harass my foes with and to "hopefully" take out more of those pesky Terminators! Good times ahead to be sure.

I'll include a pic or 3 of the finished Gretchin unit in my next blog along with the initial progress of my next painting project, which when completed will see my current primary "Road Warrior" army list fully painted at 1750pts.
Of the 5000+ pts of Orkz I have painted, the Ork Bikers are actually one of the newest additions to my collection! These 4 will be painted up and added to the 6 painted Ork Bikers I acquired from my friend Joe a while back... which will give me a fully painted squad of 10 in my 1750pt list. In the handful of games I've played with them so far, they have done very well and I have no doubt that they do me proud on the battlefield in the games to come!
Until next time gamers, I've got to run and get a few things sorted before work, so alas... no more painting for me today.
I'll catch you on the tabletop.
Keep them dice rolling!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ramblings of a Mek Head!

This time around gamers I’m going to go over those armour clad, melee munching, un-subtle greenskins that we all love that our opponents hate. My friends I give you…

Da MegaNobz!

These veterans value the trill of close combat more than anything and only the richest of the Ork Nobz can afford joining this elite group. Characterized by the exo-suits they call mega-armour and by a belief in their own invulnerability, they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Suits of Mega Armour is made up of thick metal plates welded onto a piston-driven exo-suit, incorporating several engines and sub-motors that give the wearer incredible strength. Each suit is Kustom to the one who wears it and the Mek boys charged with “suiting up” a Nob takes great care with the measurements as they tailor the suit before they just hammer together what they have kicking around. Whatever the means, the end result is nothing less of spectacular, decked out with the Meganobz favourite trophies and markings; his favourite Shoota hard wired on to one arm while the deadly Power Klaw has been set in to the other. Ork society classes Mega Armour as the ultimate personal status symbol, and Meganobz see themselves as the shock elite of their clan.

Meganobz are equipped with so much metal plating that their sheer bulk could be classed as their only weakness. it’s a regular sight to a Meganobz comrades straining to get him back up after taking a hit from incoming ordnance. Its this resilience that he’ll quickly be back in the fray, picking up where he left off with wreaking a bloody mess upon his foes.

As an Elite choice, the Meganobz themselves have the same stat line as a regular Nob, with the noted difference of a 2+ armour save thanks to the impressive contraption that is the mega armour. Combine that with the standard 2 wounds that each one has, you know that they’ll be sticking around a while. Just remember that the Mega Armour does bestow the Slow and Purposeful special rule upon them… so no run moves are allowed with the Meganobz as well as they cant fire Overwatch or make any sweeping advances upon the units they Krump apart. But don’t let that stop you from fielding these guys for they’ll definitely make a mess of things across the battle field… if you let em!

At 40pts each and able to be fielded in a unit of 3 to 10, they all come standard with Mega Armour, which includes that Ork staple… Da Power Klaw, and a twin-linked shoota! For 5 pts you can swap out the twin-linked shoota for a kombi shoota-Skorcha or a kombi shoota-rokkit launcha! They all benefit from the Furious Charge special rule, the Ork Mob Rule, and can WAAAAGH with the rest of your greenskins which can be impressive as you can potentially see a Meganobz unit charge 12 inches into battle and watch as the hopes of your opponents fade a bit!

One unit I’ve got a lot of feedback on and found very effective is “Da MANZ Missile”… MANZ fittingly stands for Mega Armoured NobZ! What you do is take 3 Meganobz, I usually give one of them the Kombi-Skorcha upgrade (I like fire) and put them in a Trukk which can be taken as a dedicated transport for the Meganobz. This counters the movement hindrances of that Slow and Purposeful special rule by enabling the unit the scream across the table… 24 inches in one turn (25 with the red Paint Job)! So on turn one, you send em off like a missile towards your foe doing a full movement and going all out in the shooting phase… gotta love Trukks being a "fast" “open topped” vehicle. I hint on the open topped part due to that this makes a Trukk an assault vehicle as well, so even if your opponent does pop your Trukk, your Meganobz are still able to assault without any worry’s! Just keep in mind though… and it will happen… that if your opponent gets to shoot first before you move, then don’t be surprised that your Meganobz will be hoof’n it across the table! So if your are going second, remember to deploy your MANZ Missiles in cover or out of sight so you can maximize their survivability before they ‘Launch”. Once you have delivered this unit towards its target, you should have them in Krump’n position. Let the Trukk absorb any shooting that comes their way, even if it explodes the 2+ save on your Meganobz will likely see them unharmed. But even if the Trukk survives, your already 24 inches closer to your foes which will increase potentially up to 30 inches thanks to being able to disembark up to 6 inches, and then your movement phase of up to 6 inches… congrats, you’ve now made it 3 feet across the board and you haven't even assaulted yet. When you do you’ll effectively be on the other side of the table and in the face of your target unit in which that unit of 3 Meganobz will have 4 attacks each (on the charge) all of which are Str 9 Power Klaws ripping everything apart! Only AV 14 will give you some resistance, but hey… that’s what AV 14 is good at! Overwatch upon your Meganobz can hinder their effectiveness, for as we all know… you throw enough dice at something and it will eventually go down. So choose your targets accordingly and pray to Gork & Mork that you don’t roll any 1’s.

When taking the MANZ Missile, I have found that at least 2 units set this way will cause a ton of damage to the opposing forces. If you can take more then by all means…. I’ve seen several Elite Ork army’s max out the potential of this combo… that’s up to 5 of em (thanks to 2 war bosses each making a Meganobz unit a Troop choice) which can be very intimidating indeed!

Naturally the Trukk could hold a few more Meganobz, but if you want to field a bigger unit then have then embarked in their other dedicated transport option… The Battlewagon! At least 6 Meganobz in the Battlewagon will do the trick nicely. Keep the wagon open topped to maximize your assaulting potential while keeping its AV 14 pointed towards your foes, and Deffrolla your way to your opponents lines. Always take the Deffrolla on a Battlewagon, this cant be stated enough. Though not as fast as a Trukk (It can only go all out for 6 inches in the shooting phase) it can survive longer thanks to the better AV values (14/12/10) so you’ll be able to rely on that to take you where you need to go. Include the ever trusty Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field for those 5+ cover saves (and taking advantage to the terrain on the field) your Meganobz will be Krump’n in no time.

Speaking of HQ’s, along with the Big Mek mentioned above, there are a few synergies with a couple others that should be noted….

Da Warboss: He can make a unit of Meganobz a troop choice (as mentioned before), and used with the unit can help the Warboss himself survive longer thanks to those 2+ look out sir rolls but adds another “Stronger” Power Klaw to the group, which effectively makes then capable of literally taking on anything. Even better is that the Warboss can also be equipped with his own set of Mega Armour giving the whole unit a 2+ armour save and the boss can also enjoy a 5+ invulnerable save due to taking the Cybork body upgrade, which is useful when fighting in those challenges that are bound to come his way!

Speaking of Cybork Bodies….

Mad Dok Grotsnik: This is the guy who put Ghazghkull Thraka back together after events on the planet Armageddon. Though he cant take a set of Mega Armour of his own… Grotsnik has the awesome power to grant everyone… and I do mean EVERYONE in your army the Cybork Body upgrade, and for the low low price of 5pts a pop! That’s awesome and can make your Meganobz all that more survivable for now they’ll have a 5+ Invulnerable save, along side the 2+ armour save and their 2 wounds. This makes em on average more survivable than Terminators those pesky Humies like to field. Just be careful… Grotsnik does suffer from the “One Scalpel Short of a Med Pack” rule, so if he is joined to a unit of Meganobz, you could see them heading towards something you don’t want them too! There are ways to counter that… but that’s for another Tactica

Da Big Boss…

Ghazghkull Thraka: Da Beast of Armageddon himself! Stronger, Tougher, and nigh un-killable. Thraka can also make a unit of Meganobz a Troops choice and its not unheard of to see him on the march with at least 5 of em acting as his personal bodyguard. Even better is that when Ghazzy does call his Waaaagh (which replaces the normal Waaaagh one would get) all friendly units with the slow & purposeful rule get to replace it with Relentless. This will allow your Meganobz to Run if needed (with a re-roll thanks to the Waaaagh granting fleet), it’ll also allow them to perform a sweeping advance upon those they’ve Krump’d up good in close combat... letting them finish off (hopefully) for good those who opposed them. All this plus Thrakas 2+ save is now invulnerable till “HIS” following turn! What’s not too like!

In closing, the Meganobz are defiantly worth taking in any Ork army build. They’ll make their points back with ease when ya get em in to Krump’n range. Just remember, like all Ork units…. We’re crazy but not stupid… don’t be reckless with them when using them in their Trukks or Battlewagons or you’ll find em stranded in the middle of nowhere. They’re not going to be doing much for ya when that happens.

So get Krump’n and enjoy your Waaaagh.

This is Skarshak… Out!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Nothing Beats Kustom #2

Hello again dice rollers!

So as usual there's never enough hours in the day and its busy busy busy here in Da Mek Shop! Between work... picked up a few extra hours, play... had a great hilarious game against the Black Templar's last game night (my apologies for no pics... I know, i'm a Dork), celebrating my 2 year anniversary with my beloved Dork-Lady (Luv Ya), and getting the initial planning sorted on my upcoming trip to England (YAY)... safe to say there hasn't been much progress during the last week.
But I did find some precious moments to do some tinkering on one of the various things I have on the go here in the Mek Shop, and that's another looted wagon! This will make 3 for me.

Based upon a Lemun Russ that the humies were nice enough to leave behind on the battlefield for us, i was in need of some inspiration, not only for the build, but on which way I may paint this beast as well. So after getting my boyz to hack in to the interwebz, I found that the humies have been tracking many of my fellow greenskins progress in their looted creations!



 Hahahaha.... We Greenskinz do like our toyz Kustom!

The various designs and creativity that I found were all very impressive and are indeed giving me several idea's on how to progress with my 3rd looted wagon. I also hope that it'll get the creative juices flowing in many of you as well, for the results can be limitless and help us improve the hobby overall... be it by learning a new way to kustomize a model, figuring out a different painting technique, or even optimizing ones project time to not only finish your project in a timely manner but in taking care to make it awesome for all to see as well.

I'm hoping to have all the bitz & gubbins in place soon so I can get to painting it up for the table top and to add it to what I already have complete. One can never have too many looted wagons, for whats better than a bunch of Orkz firing large blast "Pie Plates" all over the battlefield?!

Until next time, get creative, enjoy your "Pie", and as always...
Keep them dice rolling!