Sunday, 14 July 2013

Nothing Beats Kustom #4

Time to share some more of those crazy Kustomizations I've found on the interwebz while searching for all things Ork in order to keep the inspiration flowing! Now i'm not usually one for "Proxy's" (within reason of corse), but if I were to have a game of 40k and these creations showed up on the field... i'd be very happy to see them in action. So I present to you...

Here's a collection of Lego style Orkz!
The creativity here is nothing short of awesome!
Now matter how its build... Da Waaaagh continues!
Lego Boyz & Bikers!
One of my faves... Lego Killa Kanz.

Got to have them Trukkz.
The Lego Warboss is ready to Krump some Block'eads,
and even the Battlewagon isn't safe from this madness!
I'm gonna need more Lego.... I want to build 10 of these!
Even with all we've seen thus far...
I found that even the Space Marines are given Lego justice!

The Marines and Da Mega Nobz pose mid battle to show their Lego forms!
Even with Lego... A lascannon is serious business. 

The Marines assemble while a Lego Stormraven wait to take to the skies!
The Predator & Land Raider are still intimidating no matter how they are built!
But wait.... there's more Lego awesomeness below!
Necrons, Eldar & the Imperial Guard.... Lego knows no bounds!
Even the Lego Inquisition doesn't take any mischief!
An awesome looking Valkyrie & Dreadnought. 

Even the Tau look good in their Lego forms.

 With the new Apocalypse release now upon us... I had to include this Lego Warhound Titan!

Absolutely insane in regards to these creations, for even with our favorite childhood toys are we able to enjoy the grimdark future of 40K. Truly Inspiring Indeed!

For more lego madness, please click on the following and enjoy.,warhammer/Interesting

Heads up - This is my last Blog entry before heading out to merry ol' England for a few weeks. Woo Hoo UK summer here I come! Yet no worries my fellow Dorkz, for ill be checking a few of the gaming locations while on my travels (including a certain place up in Nottingham) and I do plan to share with you many of the things I come across!

Please stay tuned for a couple UK editions of Da Mek Shop.

So please wish me safe travels, for I'll catch ya all soon and as always... Keep Them Dice Rolling!



Sunday, 7 July 2013

Dakka from above!

Hey dice rollers, I’m back and its time to take to the skies, for my next Dakka Jet has come off the assembly line and is now ready to bring the Dakka upon my foes…. Who ever they may be!

This has got to be one of my favourite Ork kits to build, and seeing that this one was built to be strictly a Dakka Jet… I’ve got a ton of bitz left over ready to be used in my various orkifications that will take place down the road here in Da Mek Shop!

Now I’ve already got and idea on how work my two Dakka Jets into my existing army and look forward on seeing how it fares on the table top. Lets see how my Road Warriors do when they’ve got some Orky air support backing them up?! Hehehehe… can’t wait!

Also while I was tinkering with my new jet… I put the finishing touches on these two guys…

That's one more PK Nob with 'Eavy Armor, Bosspole and Big Shoota and a proper Mek Boy with a Kustom Mega Blasta.

Now... lets do some math (yay math)…

Dakka Jet with an additional Supa-Shoota and Fly Boss upgrade - 130pts

Nob with Power Klaw, ‘Eavy Armor, Bosspole and Big Shoota - 56pts

Mek Boy with Kustom Mega Blasta - 15pts

4 War bikers (shown in the June 16/2013 blog) - 100pts

Total = 301pts

Add that to the 5179pts that I've already got painted and we'll now have...

5470 Points of Painted Greenskins!

Outstanding! Waaaagh Skarshak is growing at an excellent pace! It’ll be interesting to see what my boyz will produce next?!

Until then... Keep them dice rolling all!