Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Choose your Battlefield!

Welcome back gamers!
With the last of the Jet Lag long worn off, it's time to show you some more eye candy from my trip to Warhammer World! 

Lets take a look in the main game room at some of the various tables they have to offer us gamers to throw dice upon!

As one would expect from GW HQ... the tables and terrain pieces are top notch and they are no doubt a blast to play upon!
Most were set up for Fantasy and 40K, but there were a few ready to go for some Lord of the Rings action!
Sadly I wasn't able to bring my Orkz along for the trip or else I would have been throwing my dice along side the many gamers in attendance that day. Next time I will for sure!
Naturally these pics are but a taste of what they had to offer... I had lost count at (approx.) 50 game tables in the main area, which is incredible.... this place was truly huge!

I'll leave you with a few shots of some of the army displays I came across around the gaming area!

Lots of pics, many of which I hope you've enjoyed... next time ill show you what was "Upstairs" in the showroom! Until then Dorkz.
Skarshak... Out!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Back from another World!

Greetings Dorklords & Dice Rollers!

Skarshak here, I'm back from my adventures from across the pond in merry ol England and after a great month visiting family, friends, and taking in the many sites from across that great country both old and new… I’ve returned to dust off and re-open Da Mek Shop. Sadly I wasn't able to bring my greenskins with me to England, so i'm itching to get back in to game mode and start throwing dice around once again!
Lets crack on shall we?!...

While I was in England, I did manage to get up to a place called Nottingham. Home of the legendary Robin Hood… but for us gamers, it just so happens to be one of the tabletop gaming centers of the world, for Nottingham is also home to Warhammer World!
Global Headquarters of Games Workshop and Forge World.

While my time there was sadly too short, I did manage to have a good look around and take a bunch of pics to remember my journey to this amazing game center. Lets have a look!

Now this is what I call a game room!
No doubt the best looking GW store room, which is just off from the main gaming space!
Here's a sample of some of the game tables they had ready for battle!

Wow this place is huge... the sounds of dice rolls were everywhere!
While I was there I did stop for a bite to eat at the one and only Bugmans Bar, which was just a quick few steps from the game room itself! Really good food and great place to relax with your fellow dice rollers between games!

Sadly there came a time when I had to bid farewell...
Yet naturally no trip to Warhammer World would be complete if you didn’t leave with some new goodies! Hehehehe!

 Your wondering what's in the box, no worries ill show ya!

You can see it’s a good amount… which includes:

Not 1 but 2 packs of “GROT TANKS” (8 Tanks in total)
One “Meka Dread” complete with the “Shunta” & “Kill Saw” Arms!

A copy of “IMPERIAL ARMOUR #8”, an absolute must for any Greenskin!
One GW-HQ Lanyard
A Bugmans T-Shirt

My own “Rare Bugman Finecast Mini”

I also kept the bottle to the Bugmans XXXXXX "Dwarven" Ale I had with my lunch while at Bugmans. It's good stuff... just to bad we cant get it here in Canada!

It was such a great day. This blog can only scratch the surface of my visit and there's no way i'm going to put all the pic's I took into one entry (I have yet to show ya what was in the showroom upstairs)... so stay tuned for next time as I share more of the eye candy from Warhammer World!
Until then... this is Skarshak.... still fighting off the jet lag! Hahahahaha.