Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Nothing Beats Kustom #5

Welcome Greenskins!
We take to the skies as the search continues for inspiration with our ramshackle creations and this time around I've found a few airborne builds from around the interwebz for you all to enjoy and perhaps take a few ideas from! Check these out...

The next 3 I have taken a particular liking to!
A very killy Ork Kill-Kopta

The excellent Ork X-Wing Fighta

This is Madness... A Squiggoth Kill-Kruzer!

The creativity of all these orkish aircraft is absolutely awesome and gives me the idea to dig out all my spare bitz to create a unique kustom flyer to go along side my 2 Dakka Jets! I know some of you are getting the same ideas running through your heads... so have at it and lets get building, for as we all know... Da Orkz can never have enough gubbinz!

Skarshak Out.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Back to work ya crazy gitz

Its back into Da Mek Shop this week as my boyz continue to crank out the Dakka for my ever growing Waaaagh! Since my return from across the pond, we’ve been a bit busy here! While as I had shown you in a previous entry I did snag a few things from warhammer world, yet they (mostly) didn’t take priority as there were a handful of things that needed to be built and painted before digging into those goodies.
With the Dorklords summer obligations with family and friends now past, we at the club had the DORK WARS to host (which was awesome - see previous entry) but we also have many more BatReps planned for all you dice rollers to enjoy!
Potentially staring in one of those BatReps to come will be this guy!

 I have dubbed him "Slash"
Da Deff Brothers "Hack" & "Slash" are ready for some Krump'n!
It has been long over due to get this guy built as it had been sitting on my shelf for far too long, and with chatting with my fellow Dorklords about a BatRep idea, it was finally completed with plenty of time to spare. How these dread brothers will do on the battlefield and on camera… well that remains to be seen, yet I look forward to it either way!

Along side building up “Slash” I needed to finish the paint jobs of 2 Big-Shoota boyz and a Big-Shoota BW Gunner for the recent Dork Wars Tournament. These 3 models giving me a 100% painted army for that event. Excellent! Two more models was completed as well, one of which has a pic already posted to the Dorklords Facebook page and that was the CommissOrk I had picked up in England. I also finished up another Big Choppa Nob which will no doubt be joining his fellow Nobz in Krump’n something soon enough! Here’s a pic of them all side by side!

With all this done and if I were to kit them out in my usual way…

Deff Dread w/ +1 DCCW, Skorcha, Armor Plates & Grot Riggers - 110pts

2 Big-Shoota Boys (Boyz Squad Upgrade - 11pts each) - 22pts

1 Battlewagon Gunner (BW Upgrade) - 5pts - “Not shown“

1 CommissOrk (Kromlech Orc Commissar / Classed as a Boyz Squad Nob Upgrade w/ Power Klaw, ‘eavy armor & Bosspole - 51pts

1 Big-Choppa Nob (Taken as part of a Nob Squad) w/ Big-Choppa, ‘eavy armor - 30pts

Total = 218pts. Add that to the 5470pts that already completed and that gives this Waaaagh a total of:

5688pts of Painted Greenskinz!

This is excellent as my next project, once its built and painted, will easily get me past 6000pts! That project will include some of the goodies I picked up at warhammer world! DA GROT TANKS!

As you can see, between the two packs of Grot Tanks I picked up, there are a lot of bitz for 8 of these little buggers… which is something I always like to see! Working on these is going to be a lot of fun and as you can see I've got one built already (getting approval from the CommissOrk). I’m looking forward to eventually fielding them in my future games! I’ve already got an idea on how to include them into my Road Warrior & Kan Wall lists, but I’ll get that sorted once these guys are ready to join the Waaaagh!

Time to continue building, ill catch ya later!


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Remember remember the Dork Wars of September!


The 1st ever DORK WARS Doubles Tournament which took place this past Saturday September 7th at the 55 Special in Barrie Ontario was an absolute success! 17 Teams from all across Ontario gathered to wage war upon each other like only us Dorkz can do! We here at the Dorklords Game Club are still beside ourselves on how well this event transpired and are still getting many complements from both player and spectator alike on how well the Tournament was! Its amazing to think that 4 years ago the Dorklords were only 4 people around the dinning room table! To see it flourishing like it is today is more than a dream come true and we know that this is only the beginning and that things can only get better from here! Many more adventures and dice rolls to come and we’re already laying the groundwork for DORK WARS 2.0 coming next year!

As a player in this event, I teamed up with Ridvan aka Skari, chapter master of the Eternal Warriors Gaming Club out of Barrie. His original partner Matt had to sadly bow out at almost the last minute so Skari n I got in contact with each other and got the ball rolling on a crazy alliance that is odd to see on the table! The Orkz and the Dark Eldar reached an understanding and pooled our resources to join in the upcoming DORK WARS. By combining our club names together we presented our team name as the Eternal Dorkz. We collaborated online about our army lists and potential tactics, but it was on the actual day of the tourney that our army’s joined together for the first time so it was anyone’s guess on how well our forces would do!

The day started at 8AM with the teams showing up and getting registered, also rolling up their warlord traits and psychic powers which would be kept for the entire day! Once that was done we found the tables already set and ready to go, each with their own specific rules for that particular battlefield. 17 of the 20 teams that signed on arrived ready to throw some dice around and with the odd number of teams, we were quickly told that one team would be getting a buy each round just so things could be balanced out. With all of us set and ready to go, the first match ups were assigned and the first DORK WARS began at 9AM.

In round one Skari & I found ourselves facing off against Team: Order of Chaos #1 (Played by Ilco & Jordan) and their tricked out army made up of the Eldar & Tau. The game was the Emperors Will, with the deployment being Vanguard Strike. The Eldar and Tau set up one of the best gun lines I’ve seen in ages and the alliance of Orkz & Dark Eldar set up to crack the enemy lines as best we can. Due to time constraints set by the tournament (2hr games) we only managed 3 full turns and after what was a dice crunching back & forth battle and what was probably one of the best performances put on by my Mega Armored Warboss and his Mega Nobz (absorbed over 2 rounds of shooting and were still kicking), the Order of Chaos squeaked the win! We both held our objectives but they got the extra point thanks to that coveted First Blood! Final Score was 4 to 3. Well done guys, it was an excellent game!

Ok so were down one, bah no biggy… game 2 was soon upon us after everyone got sorted and the match ups declared and challenging the Eternal Dorkz was Team: Quack Attack (Played by Eddie & Nathan) and their crazy combo of the Dark Angels (Raven Wing) & Tau. The game was a custom scenario called the DORK WAR and was Hammer & Anvil deployment! In this scenario there were 6 numbered objectives placed across the field which we had to fight over, and at the end of the first 3 turns a dice was rolled and that corresponding objective was removed from play. Resulting in only 3 objectives remaining that both sides would have to scramble to get too by games end! This game sadly was a bit one sided as the Eternal Dorkz were on a mission to reclaim lost glory from round 1. As the turns went by and objectives disappeared, the Raven Wing found themselves completely wiped in turn 2, leaving the Tau to hold the lines by themselves. The dice gods were not kind to the greater good and after one of the greatest last stands I’ve seen in ages… the Tau were also wiped by the combined forces of the Eternal Dorkz by the middle of turn 5. The final score of that round was 13 to 0 as we had taken the 3 remaining objectives and a full complement of secondary’s. They’ve already called for a rematch, which Skari & I are more than welcome to accept!

With 2 rounds now in the history book and a respectable 1 win and 1 loss under our belts, it was time for lunch! 55 Special was all ready to cater to our ravenous needs with a pre made menu of munchies to help us refuel for the second half of the tournament. It was great mingling with everyone, with new friendships made and (shhhhh) a few strategies shared around the lunch table! Such a great crew, and two of the teams was surprised with the first draw prizes of the day and won their lunch for free! If I remember correctly it was the Teams: P & P Crusade and Quack Attack who got the honor's.

Now with our guts full of grub it was time for the Eternal Dorkz to make it over to our next battlefield and game 3. This time locking glares with the Team: Robots and Heretics (Played by Jason & Fredric) and their combined forces of the Chaos Space Marines and the Necrons! This game was the infamous Purge the Alien with a Dawn of War deployment. That’s right folks…. It’s KILL POINTS and both teams had plenty to provide each other in what was going to be a total meat grinder of a game. As the turns went by, battle was everywhere, heroes on both sides, and dead piles stack high that even the gods took notice! Lucky shots form both teams kept this game going back in forth all the way to the end of turn 5. After the smoke cleared and the casualties were given a final tally… the Robots & Heretics took victory by a mere 3 points in what was my favorite game of the tournament. Final score was 16 to 13 in favor of the enemy forces. Well done guys, until our next encounter.
One more thing… here’s an example of “one” of those lucky shots during the game… late in the game I took a few “snap-shots” with one of the big shootas on my remaining battlewagons, targeting (luckily) the rear armor of our opponents heldrake and scored one hit with a single 6 being rolled. The heldrake failed to evade and I “luckily” (once again) scored a pen, which I turn another 6 was rolled on the damage chart destroying the heldrake. Seriously…. One frakken snap shot took down a Dragon! Luck in its truest from!

With the end drawing near, the fourth and final game was at hand! Our forces of Orkz and Dark Eldar found themselves facing a second alliance of Eldar & Tau from Team: Good Players (Played by Drew & Garrett). The final game being a Crusade with the Dawn of War deployment! Once again we took on the challenge of the tricked out gun line, though this time with more wave serpents! Having a good idea where we were in the standings by this time of the day, Skari & I decided to just go for it and take on this team head on. In what initially looked to be a foolish move on our part by rushing this impressive foe, the game turned into a chess match with each player doing their best to counter what the other was doing. Countless dice were rolled as missiles, rail guns, lance weapons, tons of Dakka, an insane amount of poison shots and power weapons galore took a devastating toll upon the opposing forces! By the time the game was done there was maybe 5 units spread over both teams remaining on the field! Both teams played an impressive yet hilarious game that was indeed one for the books and a great way to end the day! Team: Good Players squeaked the win with a final turn push with a score 5 to 3 over the Eternal Dorkz. Nicely done Indeed!

Here's a few pics of the shenanigans:

With the dice rolls complete and the scores tallied up by the judges, the results were in for the first DORK WARS Doubles Tournament and are as follows.
Best Generals 1st - Team: Order of Chaos #1 - Ilco & Jordan / Eldar & Tau
Best Generals 2nd - Team: Flying Steel -
Brendan & Raf / Eldar & Dark Eldar
Best Generals 3rd - Team: Highway to Hell -
Tristan & Sidney / Daemons & Tyranids

Lets not forget…
BEST SPORTS"WOMAN" - Alison of Team: Maximum Overdrive, whom has only been playing for a few weeks!
BEST DISPLAY - Desmond with his Awesome Eldar Army
LOST PRIMARCH award - Nathan for traveling all the way from British Columbia (The edge of Warp Space) to join us!
BAD DICE award - Sean & Chris of Team: P&P Crusade, whom the dice gods showed no quarter!

Congrats to all us players for taking part, Hats off to 55 Special for being a great host & giving us all a place to get our geek on, and to the Dorklords Tournament Crew for organizing such an excellent event. We are all champions when it comes to an event such as this and I wouldn’t have traded anything for the experience of being with such an excellent group of gamers. New friends were made and many memories to last forever, what more can a gamer ask for?!

My personal thanks to my team-mate Ridvan/Skari for showing me first hand what the Dark Eldar are capable of (OMG!!!) and allowing my greenskins to run amuck with his forces! Also to Ilco, Jordan, Eddie, Nathan, Jason, Fredric, Drew & Garrett for being an awesome group of gamers/opponents who were more than willing to have the dice thrown at them by myself & Skari! Our team the Eternal Dorkz finished respectfully within the top 10! Not to shabby at all.

The Dorklords Tourney Crew did take a ton of pics and video footage of this event and is in the pipeline as you read this. Some of the pics have already been posted on the Dorklords Facebook Page! (check em out) and stay tuned for lots more once the editing team finishes capturing our good sides!

Skari shared his thoughts of the DORK WARS in his SkaredCast Pod Cast!

Tristan, Desmond & Sidney recapped the day on their YouTube channel: Four Realms of Chaos

The Eldar Trickery of Raf aka: EldarCorsair can also be found on YouTube!

If your in Barrie, you absolutely must check out 55 Special

I catch you all soon!
Dorklord Kirk aka: Skarshak

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Da Road to DORK WARS

Hello again Dorks & Dice Rollers!

Its been busy here in Da Mek Shop as there are only a handful of days remaining till DORK WARS!
The inaugural tournament hosted by the Dorklord Game Club will be taking place at 55 Special in Barrie Ontario on Saturday Sept 7th 2013. Its gonna be a bright & early start as gamers from all across Ontario Canada gather together to wage war upon each other through 4 rounds of dice rolls! It’s going to be a fun filled day to remember for sure.

As a doubles tournament, Da Orkz will have to be teaming up! Now no worries, its not with those pesky humies… this time around Ill be teaming up with the Dark Eldar! Which funny enough are the only 40k army remaining I have yet to play 1 on 1. The Dark Eldar will be played by Ridvan aka Skari of the Eternal Warriors club out of Barrie and by combining our respective club names, we’ll be fighting alongside each other as the… ready for this…

“The Eternal Dorkz”

Each player at this event will need to bring 1000pts (2000pts per team) and will share the same force organization chart when constructing their army’s. Players must take at least 1 HQ & 1 Troop choice, with the remaining unit selections being shared between the team mates. All models are to be WYSIWYG where ever possible, and another thing to point out is that aside from the troops and their dedicated transports… teams are not allowed to take multiples of any units! This means, for example, we wont be seeing 3 heldrakes flying about (thank Gork n Mork). Only one of each unit can be played… this allows for more diversity to be shown on the field… LOL we hope! I look forward to finding out on game day what each army has in store for each other.

Between the Orkz and the Dark Eldar, Ridvan & I are bringing a fast & hard hitting mash up of Spores & Sinners! Each unit being able to dish out the hurt in their respective rolls, which we have no doubt will result in glorious victory! We’ll let Gork n Mork / Slaanesh / and the Dice Gods guide our fate. Muahahahahaha.

As you can see, we both have a good array of Dakka that we're bringing with us and should complement each other nicely throughout the tournament. Here’s a quick run down of what we‘ll have at our disposal:

Orkz - 1000pts
A Mega-Armoured Warboss w/ a retinue of Mega Nobz in their “dedicated” Battlewagon

1 full squad of Shoota Boyz incl. a Nob, riding in their own Battlewagon
A crazy group of Warbikers incl. a Nob, looking to be Krump'n something!
Flying over head is the good ol’ Dakka Jet

Dark Eldar - 1000pts
A Homunculus & a squad of Wracks in a “Dedicated” Venom
Another group of Wracks in a “Dedicated” Venom
Two groups of Kalabite Warriors in their “Dedicated” Raiders

A unit of Trueborn in a “Dedicated” Raider
One Ravager, ready to do what it does best!
Flying over head is the sneaky Razorwing Jetfighter

Together they should make a mess of things quite nicely and both Skari & I are looking forward to fielding this truly crazy combination! It’ll be interesting to see how well indeed it does handle the competition, which will no doubt be filled will many other completely crazy team mash ups from across the 40k universe!

I say bring it on, and bring on the DORK WARS!

Stay tuned for a recap on how well “The Eternal Dorks” fared throughout the day... many pics to come & I know Skari will want to try and record one (or more) of the battles as a Bat Rep, so keep an eye out for those as well. Between now n then, I just have to remember to make sure I have everything that’s needed packed and ready to go for the Dorklords first ever tournament. What I’m pretty sure will be the first of many to come.

Ill catch you all on the battlefield!

Dorklord Skarshak… Out.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Now they're just showing off!

Hail and well met gamers!
As promised in the last blog here at Da Mek Shop, its time to have a look in the Showroom at Warhammer World in Nottingham England. Below is but a sample of the pics I was able to take while I was there! Note some of the pics are a touch darker than I would have liked them, but hey... they only had lights shinning upon what mattered and that's the models many of us like to collect, build, and paint up! Now sit back and enjoy some of what the pro's had to offer!

Here's a panoramic (made from 4 pics) of what you walk in to when you enter the showroom!

 A few pics from the main center piece you see in the panoramic (above)...
showcasing the Space Wolves fighting off a Tyranid Swarm!

Just a taste of many of the Titans and Super-Heavy's on display! 


As you can see, many of the army's we enjoy has their own display to show off some impressively painted model that we could "almost" drool over! Here's a few more to keep ya going.

Again this is only a sample of what was on display... If any of you gamers are able to make the trip to Nottingham England, you definitely have to give this place a look. There are so many wonders to check out, many fellow hobbyist's to meet, & more dice that need rolling than you can handle! Unfortunately I was only there for a day... Next time however (yes there will be a next time) I'll at least be spending the weekend in Nottingham & I'll make sure have my army with me as well!
One more thing... upon leaving the showroom, there was a guest book for those of us visiting to sign!
In case ya cant read my chicken scratch (pic is a touch dark too), my entry reads:
6th of August / 2013 - Kirk Mawditt - Dorklords of Ontario Canada - Keep them Dice Rolling!

So much fun & many great memories!
Until next time.