Wednesday, 30 October 2013

We'z on Da Move!

Da Mek Shop is on the move... literally!
Just a heads up to you all... My Dorklady & I are actually moving to another town shortly, so Da Mek Shop is being packed up until we get settled in our new place... but no worries it wont be too long till I get Da Shop up and running again.

Da Mek Shop has also just passed 3000 views, which is awesome,  so i'd like to give a big THANK YOU too you all for tuning in to this crazy blog! It means a lot! So by all means stick around... there's more ramshackle goodies from this crazy D'Ork-lord to come.

Unitl next time (from Da New Shop!)
Dorklord Kirk - Skarshak... WAAAAGH!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Nothing Beats Kustom #6

Every great Waaagh is led by a Warboss who has ferociously fought his way to the top! They come in many forms when upon the battlefield and all are a force to be reckoned with. Many of us have seen these warlords come at us surrounded by countless greenskins and to show how unique some of them can be, I present to you a few Bosses leading the charge around the Interwebz!

Bring on Da Boss!


Its always great to see kustom work on display and in action on the tabletop and I do hope your inspired to create a new unique leader, or simply add a few “upgrades” to an existing HQ choice for your army!

Either way I know it’ll be truly Kustom!

Catch ya soon.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Da lil buggers are at it again!

It's always busy around the Mek Shop as progress continues on the ever growing Waaaagh of Skarshak!
Seems that those little buggers, Da Gretchin, have gotten together to join the fight with a few contraptions of their own!
Bring on the Grot Tanks!

This project is still a work in progress, but I had to show ya the first 4 (of 8) that have their initial painting done. Just their washes and some more dry brushing and these will be good to go. Im adopting the same Technicolor paint scheme that I've used with my Mega Nobz, so these guys will show off nicely on the tabletop. Here's a few close ups of my first 4 Grot Tanks!

You can see how small these Grot Tanks are when compared to an Ork Boy and a lonely Gretchin!

Again these are still a WIP and should all be a little dirtier once they're completed. I picked up 8 grot Tanks in all when I visited Warhammer World back in August. The 5th Tank is starting to be painted up now and hopefully I can have all 8 done in a descent time frame. So much to do and get sorted, but that won't stop me from continuing on growing my Waaaagh!

Keep on painting everyone and as always... keep those dice rolling!

Till next time!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ramblings of a Mek Head!

Greetings Dice Rollers and welcome to another ramble! This time around I’m going to cover one of my favourite builds that can be made with the current Ork codex… The Kan Wall!

Back when I first started playing the Orkz back in 2009, the Kan Wall was the primary way I built my collection of greenskinz for what’s better than seeing a bunch of walkers and boyz running amuck across the tabletop. It was a total beat stick in 5th edition and was able to hold its own quite nicely against the majority of foes. As an armoured form of the Green Tide it allowed you the numbers to play with and the ability to swamp your opponents with countless dice! When 6th edition came around a few things had to be considered when wanting to field a Kan Wall… the introduction of Hull Points (HP) changed the durability of the Ork walkers and the way cover saves are now applied has also made things a touch more, how we way… squishy! But fret not, for if there’s one thing the Orkz are known for, it’s their sheer determination in getting the job done. When playing an army where low armor and t-shirt saves are the norm… sacrifice is part of the game when fielding the Orkz and that’s how we like it! Below I am going to go over the build and tactics of the Kan Wall using a list totalling 1850pts.
Please note this review will only use the contents of the current Ork codex (2008) and is just one of the many ways this list can be made and is by no means the hard rule when deploying a Kan Wall…. I’m merely going to share with you what has worked for me in the past and through this hope to inspire many of you to build and/or field a Kan Wall of your own. Send a few pic’s my way of your own Kan Wall army’s and I’ll show em off in a future Mek Shop entry.
Now… lets get started!

First off the reason I chose an 1850pt list is because the Kan Wall does get to shine at the level (more so when you go 2000pts +), with a great deal of flexibility bestowed upon the player who fields it. We’re talking well over 100 models at this size so be ready for the long haul when playing this list. Perfect for a good day of gaming with your fellow Dorkz.

This’ll be somewhat of a traditional list, though I will include notes on variants you can also field with great effect (more on those as they come). Here is (one of) my 1850pt Ork Kan Wall List:

Da Kan Wall - 1850pts

HQ 1 & 2
Big Mek w/ Kustom Force Field, Eavy Armor, Cybork Body, & Power Klaw - 125pts each

I’m going with a duo of KFF Big Meks in this list to gain the most of what the Kustom force Field has to offer. Between the both of them, the majority of the army should benefit from the 5+ cover save. Remember with the KFF only one model of any friendly unit within range of the KFF will grant the entire unit the 5+ cover. Now your thinking that a 5+ cover save isn’t that much? Granted it’s a 33% chance… what The KFF does is ensure that (unless negated by some means) you will “always” get those dice rolls to negate the shots coming at you! Also… used along side the various terrain upon the field should allow the army to pretty much get a save against anything being fired your way! By also taking 2 Big Meks, it’ll allow you to take the next 2 Troops choices….

Troop 1 & 2
Deff Dread w/ +1 DCCW, Skorcha, Armor Plates & Grot Riggers - 110pts each

Thanks to your two HQ choices, The Deff Dread can be taken as a Troops Choice instead of taking up the usual Heavy Slot (which are reserved for this army’s name sake). These two walkers are the beginnings to of your Wall and are here to draw fire and to make a good ol’ mess of things. Covered by the KFF, surrounded by Ork Boyz (below), and using the terrain to its advantage… this mechanical beast will munch its way towards and through your opponents forces! Its armor plates will keep it moving while the grot riggers will do their best to jump start it in the event it does get immobilized. Add in the Big Meks “Mek Tools” which can be used to restore destroyed weapons, remove immobilized results and even restore hull points! The Deff Dread is going to be in it for the long haul!

Troop 3, 4 & 5
Boyz, X30 - 29 Orkz w/ Shootas and a Nob w/ Big Shoota, Bosspole, & Power Klaw - 225pts each


Here’s where the green tide aspect comes in to play with the Kan Wall. This is 90 greenskinz armed with machine guns on the march and they are all eyeing up your opponents forces eager to please Gork & Mork in battle. Armed with shootas (Assault 2), this is 58 shots that will create an 18 inch bubble of Dakka that can take out “most” infantry in a single volley. AV 10 will also get glanced to high hell with that many shots coming at it… even with the hilarious Ork ballistic skill of 2. The Nob leading the pack is armed with a Big Shoota, this is due to him being a character and having the ability to precise shot with 3 strength 5 shots at a (max) 36 inch range! Not too shabby in my book. Close combat is no laughing matter with a unit this size. If even only two-thirds of this unit are able charge in to combat and survive to their initiative (Init. 2) - for example lets say 19 Boyz plus the Nob - you’ll be rolling for 57 close combat attacks and 4 Power Klaw attacks (at Init. 1). Stranger things have happened but this usually takes out whatever unit the boyz are up against… special characters and uber daemons not with standing of corse! Hehehehe.

Troop 6
Grots Everywhere - 16 Gretchin and 1 Runtherd - 58pts

Your probably wondering why these guys are in here? Well with these guys being a cheap scoring unit they’ll be able to hold an objective for ya while the Kan Wall Marches in to the fray with your opponent. If it is indeed an objective game, hold these guys in reserve so they can come in later to camp a nearby objective and make sure they can embrace the nearby cover as well for these little guy don’t even benefit from the t-shirt saves the rest of the orkz get! For the more aggressive player, place these guys right out front in a line. They are just big enough to grant a cover saves to the boyz and Kanz running behind them! Remember what I said out sacrifice… Gretchin can accomplish that role quite nicely while allowing just that little extra of the Kan Wall to get where it needs to be!

Elite 1 & 2
Lootas x7 - 105pts each

With a few teaks I could have made it two squads of 10 Lootas. Yet by only taking 7, each unit can easily hide out in any piece of terrain, preferably ruins for that awesome 4+ cover save, while still being able to hurl a good amount of strength 7 shots at their desired targets. With up to 21 shots per unit at your disposal, the Lootas will provide a good amount of covering fire needed to take the edge off your Kan Wall as it advances. They will also fill the role of “Anti-Air” in case you happen to be on the receiving end of a few flyers. Ever since the release of 6th Edition 40k, the Lootas quickly earned their place as an excellent counter to the flyers that showed up with the new rules! Already needing 5’s and 6’s to hit thanks to the Ork ballistic skill of 2, the Lootas technically only lose 50% of their effectiveness when snap-shooting at flyers where as other units with a higher ballistic skill (such as marines and their impressive BS 4) can lose 60% to 70% of their firing capability when attempting snap-shots of their own. Not bad at all for a codex that’s over 5 years old!

Heavy 1, 2 & 3
Killa Kanz, 3 per unit - 2 units w/ Rokkit Launchas- 150pts each / 1 unit w/ Grotzookas - 135pts

Now for the units that give the army its name… Da Killa Kanz. By maxing out each unit, this gives you another 9 walkers to march along side their Deff Dread bothers and like them will utilize that KFF to great effect as they make their way across the board. Each unit acts as a vehicle squadron so you’ll have to brush up on those rules if your not familiar with them (BRB page 77). These are the guys that will take the brunt of the firepower coming at you, all the while protecting your boyz so as they can get in to the fray with minimal casualties. As the army name implies… you march em in one crazy ramshackle line along with the Deff Dreads towards the enemy lines dishing out as much as they can along the way. Benefiting from a slightly higher ballistic skill - BS 3 due to being piloted by Grots - these Kanz are capable of dealing considerable damage to their targets as they stomp along. Two of these units are equipped with Rokkits which have a 24 inch range and bestow a Strength 8 / AP 3 hit on impact… excellent for taking out the tougher armor you’ll come across and/or used to soften up that tougher infantry or biker unit that you know wants to harass the Snotlings out of you! The third unit is equipped with the ultimate garbage cannon known as the Grotzooka. This crazy contraption is the bane to infantry and light armor alike as each one gets to fire Two Strength 6 / AP 5 / 3 inch blasts at targets within 18 inches. That BS 3 will come in handy when resolving those scatter rolls and you’ll find they’ll hit their mark more often than not. With all this being launched across the table, you’ll find that your opponents will have deal with these walkers and they will hurt because of it… again sacrifice is part of the effectiveness of the Kan Wall so keep them marching a shooting, and krumping once they get in to close combat. Use the Big Meks to repair them when possible so to prolong that damage they can deal all the while allowing your boyz to utilized them as shields in order to do what they do best!

Fast - This particular list does not use any fast attack units!

Total Points used: 1848
Total Models on the field: 134

Total Units / Kill Points: 13

Here’s some notes on deployment and a few tactics!

When deploying this army, as with any horde / foot army, you’re gonna find that space may be tight when trying to get all your models on the table. One option as stated above is to keep the Gretchin in reserve. Every little bit helps and these guys can come on in turn 2 or 3 to hold your back flank and/or objective! Utilize to cover in your deployment area to give our Kan Wall cover where your KFF’s may not reach right away! Ruins, walls, heck even trees can make all the difference in the early game. Next set up the Kanz and Dreads in a line that’ll best suit your plan of attack. Staggered if necessary to fit in where needed. Follow this by placing your 2 Big Meks so that each can cover one half of your army (left & right) as best as you can, which is then followed by the deployment of all your boyz! This’ll take a bit and make sure your able to tell which unit is which so you can keep track which way each is going throughout the game! Believe me, it can get a bit confusing to tell them apart with that many boyz…. Paint schemes play come into play when building each unit of 30 prior to game time. Different bases, helmets, etc. is all it’ll take to solve this issue, so plan accordingly. Naturally you’ll want to deploy the Lootas in to the best terrain/cover available in order to maximize their life span during the game. If this cant be done at deployment then use the Kan Wall as cover as you move your Lootas into a better firing position. Nothing wrong with having to fire off a bunch of snap shots early on in the game. Once your done deployment you’ll see an impressive sight…. This mass of greenskins and ramshackle walkers spanning the majority of your side of the game table. Your opponent will surprisingly join you in admiring your army set up! My oh my that’s a lot of models to grind through… he better make the best of it before your Kan Wall meets reaches his lines head on.

When it does come time to move this beast… it’s a simple matter of advancing the whole Kan Wall forward towards its goals! While doing so keep using the cover to your advantage while keeping the Kustom Force Fields positioned to max effect. If your going first, don’t be surprised if your unable to shoot anything.. that’s ok, just make the most of your run moves to advance your Kan Wall further up while making the best to keep your KFF’s and cover in check. In the second and third turns you’ll be doing a combination of move/run & move/shoot while advancing upon the enemy. Keep the wall intact as best you can while doing so and start bringing the pain to your foe. If all goes well you should see The Kan Wall able to engage in close combat in multiple positions along the lines. Pray to Gork & Mork to get the dice on your side and proceed to Krump everything in your path.

By using the remaining turns of the game, keep the pressure on with vast amounts of dice as you overwhelm your objectives and victory shall be yours. Saving your Waaaagh for the right moment will be key when getting the most of your army tucked in combat. Keep a good eye on your positioning before calling it, for you don’t want to just have it for one unit of boyz… you want most if not all your boys in there. You’ll see during the game when that time will be and remember to call that Waaaagh loud!

Over all it’s a pretty straight forward army to play, there’s just a lot of pieces to keep an eye on in order to maintain the synergy of the Kan Wall. That being said, here are a few things to keep an eye out for that could hinder this army.

A little common sense when dealing with barrage weapons and abilities that negate cover!
We’ve all been on the receiving end of a few of the weapons. Barrage weapons (usually blast templates) will go right through that Kustom force Field and blow a good chunk out of the middle of your horde! Casualties can be minimized by maxing out the coherency of your units (mainly the Boyz) to their 2 inch max. this will spread em out a bit more across the table but its what you may have to do to keep em alive. Use your movement phases to re-adjust unit coherency where needed and keep advancing. Other shenanigans like Tau marker drones can light up the wall nicely, which in turn can bring some impressive firepower to bear. However this will be focused on what’s closest to them…. This is where your walkers will be tested but fear not, they can take a good deal before going down and a few sacrifices will be made in order to keep the kan Wall moving. Flamers templates will always do what they do best and cook everything they are unleashed upon. Again maximizing coherency will minimize the pain they cause. With the amount you have on the field you’ll be able to weather the storm from these types of weapons nicely… just keep moving and soon they wont be a problem at all!

Line of Sight.
As always (aside from barrage weapons) if you cant see it… you can shoot it (or assault it). Keep this in mind when advancing across the table. If you see that shiny Lascannon eyeing you up, adjust your movement accordingly to reduce its effect and possibly negate its shot entirely. Stranger things can happen… right?!

Against 6th Editions Gun-Line army’s
Even with all manoeuvring, the cover saves you can gain and armor strained to its limits…. Nothing says loving like a bazillion shots coming your way. The only defence against this is to again minimize the amount coming at you. With the newer Codex‘s being released, there are some impressive combinations being deployed these days! All of which are capable of removing models in great numbers. Remember to use that terrain to your advantage vs. one of these builds, plan your path of attack well and you’ll reach your targets. Gork & Mork willing!

Some more thoughts on deployment.
Dawn of War, Hammer and Anvil, Vanguard Strike. All have their pros and cons in this game. A Dawn of War deployment was almost made for a Kan Wall as it’s the easiest to deploy and spread out upon before marching to victory. See how the terrain is arraigned and deploy accordingly. A Hammer and Anvil set up will indeed test the survivability of the Kan Wall for it’ll have to move that little bit farther to reach its goal. The same tactics apply when playing this army but keep in mind that you will be making a few more sacrifices getting there! Vanguard Strike poses an interesting challenge to the Kan Wall and a horde army in general as you’ll fine that your pressed for space when deploying your forces. 100+ models takes up a lot of space so get creative and it will fit in place.

Try not to do the following.
When playing a Kan Wall, the last thing you want to do a break the wall yourself by splitting your army in multiple directions to early. Giving your opponent gaps in your lines will allow him to take out more than he would have been able to before and potentially break the Kan Wall permanently. Keep it together until you get into close combat where the Kan Wall will naturally break into its individual units as it Krumps into the opposing forces. Focus on keeping your lines together as best ya can through out the game and you’ll reduce the amount of surprises that could have popped up against you if you had your forces all over the place. Don’t open the door for your opponent.. See that he makes sacrifices as he kicks that door down himself. Many lists can be undone by the one playing it, stay focused on the game, play the scenario, and your Kan Wall will do the rest!

These are just a few thoughts on what to keep an eye on when playing this build, and no doubt you’ll find out more to fend off as you play this list more and more.
Next up... lets have a look a some substitutions you could field.

Bring in Da Boss!
One option which I’ve had success with is to replace one of the Big Meks with a Warboss. This gives you some extra close combat ability with those strength 10 power klaw attacks, its almost like fielding another walker with what he can dish out. Tuck him in one of the units of Boyz and he’ll be able to make it to the front no problem. Choosing a Mega-Armoured Warboss allows him to survive all the better with his 2+ save and can play double duty in drawing more attention than he need to in order to take pressure of elsewhere in your army. Putting Ghazghkull Thraka in himself is just asking for it. Calling his Waaaagh can rally your entire army if needed and he’s an absolute beast when he gets Krump’n.

Da Big Boyz (Nobz).
Though more costly than their Ork brethren, including a unit of Nobz can grant additional durability to your forces. Better armor & weaponry and 2 wounds each, these guys could make the difference in the game at hand! Just remember that you’ll be reducing the number of body’s you field in your army. 6pts for an Ork Boy, or 20pts for an Ork Nob. The choice is yours. A more elite Kan Wall build will see as many Nobz as possible and is awesome to see… though that build is for another Ramble!

More Dakka Dakka!
Adding more Lootas is never a wrong decision when playing the Orkz. Flyers, such as Dakka Jets can give you the edge in the skies while adding more firepower to throw at your foe. Deffkoptas coming in off the flank can take pressure off your forces as they unleash their payloads while also contesting objectives you cant reach. Flash Gitz, though as pricey as Nobz, can bring that extra bit to the fight enabling your Kan Wall to reach its target. Also for some hilarious random fun consider a Big Mek with a Shokk Attack Gun instead of a KFF!

As you can see there are many options in what you can do with the Kan Wall, plus many more that ill let you tinker with! Now just think what you could do with more points and even the new 6th Edition ruling on taking a second primary force at 2000+ points can make the Kan Wall a true beast upon the battlefield...Double the Walkers anyone?! Muahahahahaha.
I’ll leave it to you on how to build a Kan Wall like that… the possibilities are endless. The potential for making this army truly Kustom are also endless, for creating your own versions of the Deff dreads and Killa Kanz can be a great project in its own right. I’ve seen many variations out there… all of which truly embrace the spirit of the Kan Wall.

I could add more, this is a Ramble after all, but I’m going to end it here! So be creative and have fun when playing this army, tweak where needed to maximize its potential and make sure you bring enough dice! Even in 6th Edition the Kan Wall is a formidable force to unleash upon the battlefield… don’t let anyone tell ya different!

Let me know your thoughts on the Kan Wall and as always… keep those dice rolling!
Skarshak Out.