Thursday, 12 December 2013

Nothing Beats Kustom #7

Greetings fellow gamers!

In my travels around the interwebs, i'm always on the look out for anything really creative and inspiring when it comes to the hobby that we all enjoy... and every once and a while I come across something that is a step above anything else! What I share with you this time around is no exception and is by far one of the greatest I've seen to date and was found in amongst the pics of 40k Converters, just one of the many 40k groups on facebook that this creation can be seen in and it would be absolutely perfect with the new Escalation supplement that was just released!

Check this out...
"Da Scrapa"
Created by Wm Curtis Combs at his Mek Shop in California, USA
Quite possibly the best "Looted" Warhound we'll ever see!

There's so much gubbinz... so much Dakka!!!

Close up of some of the Hull detail.

... and a close up of the 'Junk Yard" base.
"Da Scrapa" is always on the look out for its next target!

A darker pic to show more of the detail... awesome!
Gork n Mork would be proud! The imagination & effort it takes to put something like this together is outstanding. Its a Kit Bash in the truest sense in which Curtis has gone all out upon and has hopefully given you all some ideas & inspiration for your various projects currently on the go. For as we all know, the pay off to see ones Kustom creation finally hit the tabletop is a great feeling and nothing else quite comes close to it when it comes to the hobby.
The pics above are just a taste and there's more posted through the link above and Curtis is even open for some Q&A about this project... which is great!
Be sure to check it out & while your there why not stop by the facebook page for Da Mek Shop for some additional Mek Shop goodies and remember to click "Like" if ya like!
Until next time.
Keep it Kustom!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

We’z Back for more Krump’n…

Its been too long but now i'm finally all unpacked and good to go… Da Mek Shop is back in business in its new location in Owen Sound, Ontario. We all know a new town always brings new opportunities and if all goes to Gork n Morks plan, it also brings a new set of dice rolls to the table. The hunt is already on to find a few new like minded gamers to join us Dorkz and to continue the mayhem upon the tabletop… we know your out there, for its only a matter of time before we all gather in one place to throw dice at each other! Muahahaha... I cant wait.

Now that I'm unpacked, da boyz n I will continue to krank out more ramshackle goodies. With the move however... the current project “Da Grot Tanks” was packed up being still a work in progress… luckily it wasn’t lost or damaged in the move, so progress can now finally continue! There are 8 grot tanks in all that I acquired from Warhammer World this past summer… 6 of which are now painted up and awaiting their final washes and dry brushing! Have a look at the current progress.

The two remaining Grot Tanks await their respective paint jobs of which da boyz are prepping as you read this. Its now only a matter of time before they all make it on the battlefield.
As you can see, I also have my game table set up ready for the dice to be cast upon it! So if any of you are going to be in the area and are indeed up for a game… send me a message ahead of time and we’ll get it sorted.

Until then its back to work on those Grot Tanks!

Till next time, this is Skarshak