Monday, 27 January 2014

Nothing Beats Kustom #8

Hey Greenskins, we're back with another Kustom job to show ya all! This time from my friend Kyle Reekie in Owen Sound, Ontario. He's a true Mek Head and when he showed off his creations at the local game shop (Scenic City Games) I was totally blown away! Have a look at this...

Say hello to Kyle's 100% Kustom Gargant.
Seen here posing next to an AoBR Warboss, Thraka, and one of Kyle's Big Meks in order to show off the incredible size of this beast!

 I wouldn't want to be in its path that's for sure.... this thing is MASSIVE!

Built from just about everything Kyle's Mek Boyz could get their hands on,
this guy is ready to Krump anything and everything in its path.

The Gargant is ready for a good time and gives a salute to the camera!

Along with his Gargant, Kyle dug out these two creations which he said fills the role of either a Mega Armoured Warboss, or stomping across the field as two crazy looking Deff Dreads! All depends on what kind of fun is to be had on the battlefield.
Part ninja, part scrap pile... all ready to take out its next target!

This guy is just begging for a fight... any volunteers?!
Kyle is a true Greenskin, his creations show that perfectly and he's got even more at his disposal, a lot of which is completely Kustom made.  A true inspiration to us all with our own creations, for as we have seen time & again... a little hard work can go a long way in this hobby! Kyle say's that he's even working on something ALOT bigger than the Gargant seen here, something he says will be "Mega"
... by Gork n Mork I can only imagine!
Until then... Keep it Kustom!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

It's Time to Play a Game!

Welcome back Greenskins!
This past weekend, my friend Kyle visited Da Mek Shop and challenged my boyz to a good ol game of 40k. Bringing his Tyranids and their shiny new Codex, I gladly accepted the challenge and broke out one of my favorite builds from the Ork Codex… Da Kan Wall!
As I was digging out my models, Kyle whipped together a beastly list… check it out:

Kyles Nidzilla - 1750pts
Hive Tyrant (Warlord)
w/ Prehensile Pincer Tail Biomorph, Wings, The Reaper of Obliterax, Heavy Venom Cannon, & Regeneration
Warlord Trait: Digestive Denial
Psychic Powers: Warp Blast & Psychic Scream

Tervigon w/ Crushing Claws, Stinger Salvo, & Regeneration
Psychic Power: Onslaught

Tyranid Warrior Brood (3 Models) w/ Rending Claws, Venom Cannon, & Deathspitter -- 10 pts (x2)

Tyranid Warrior Brood (3 Models) w/ Rending Claws, Venom Cannon, & Deathspitter -- 10 pts (x2)

Heavy Support
Carnifex Brood (2 Models) Both w/ Thresher Scythe, Crushing Claws, & Regeneration

Trygon Prime w/ Toxinspike, The Maw-Claw of Thyrax, & Regeneration

Trygon Prime w/ Toxinspike, The Ymgarl Factor, & Regeneration


Once I had got all my boyz in order, here’s what I was running:

Skarshaks (Kirks) Kan Wall - 1750pts

Big Mek (Warlord) w/ Eavy Armour, Cyber Body, KFF, Burna, & Grot Oiler (x1)
Warlord Trait: Princeps of Deceit

Big Mek w/ Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, KFF, Power Klaw, & Grot Oiler (x1)

Deff Dread w/ Armour Plates, Grot Riggers, +1 Dreadnaught Close Combat Weapon, & Skorcha

Deff Dread w/ Armour Plates, Grot Riggers, +1 Dreadnaught Close Combat Weapon, & Skorcha

Da Boyz - 24 Boyz w/ Shootas / Big Shoota (x2) and 1 Nob w/ Eavy Armour, Power Klaw & Bosspole

Da Boyz - 24 Boyz w/ Shootas / Big Shoota (x2) and 1 Nob w/ Eavy Armour, Power Klaw & Bosspole

Da Boyz - 24 Boyz w/ Shootas / Big Shoota (x2) and 1 Nob w/ Eavy Armour, Power Klaw & Bosspole

Killa Kanz (x3) w/ Grotzooka (x3)

Killa Kanz (x3) w/ Rokkit Launchas (x3)

Killa Kanz (x3) w/ Rokkit Launchas (x3)

Lootas (x8)

Lootas (x8)

With the armys set to go, we rolled off to see what the mission and deployment we were playing today, and who got to go first!

Mission: Emperors Will / Deployment: Dawn of War

Orkz got the high roll and deployed first.


After setting up and a hardy handshake Kyle attempted to steal the initiative and what do ya know… Kyle rolls a 6
Now bear with me as this will be the first time I’ve done a written BatRep and I’m going from the point form notes that we took during the game… so I’ll do my best to tell ya all how the game went! Get comfy, this will be a longer post than usual!

Lets begin shall we?
Turn 1


Tyranids Turn 1

After stealing the initiative, the Nids begin to move up towards the Ork lines, with the Warriors holding fast to there home objective buried in the ruin. The Tervigon has a moment and spills forth 10 Termagaunts which spread out. Nid Shooting results in a lone Loota getting picked off out of the Waaagh Tower from a Venom Cannon shot and 3 boyz get erased when they play catch with a blast from the Hive Tyrants Heavy Venom Cannon!

Orkz Turn 1

Seeing the emissary’s of the Great Devourer coming their way, The majority of the Kan Wall (sans Lootas) moves up towards the bugs. Hack n Slash, the 2 Deff Dreads, are eager to get in there and lead the charge. The Big Meks ensure that “most” of Da Boyz are benefiting from the KFF, yet as they advance.. Some of the Boyz get impatient (no surprise) and start shooting early which results in provoking one of the Carnifex’s by actually causing a wound with a Big Shoota! Seeing this, the Lootas chime in and long shot the warriors, wounding one of them!

Turn 2

Tyranids Turn 2

The bugs continue their advance as they come upon mid-field, hungry for ork flesh! The Hive Tyrant takes flight as the Tervigon breeds another 13 Termagaunts with ease and they join the tide! The Warriors turn their attention to the second Loota squad hiding in a ruin of their own and fire away, taking 3 of them out! One of the Trygon Primes unloads a volley upon “Hack” but is unable to inflict any serious damage… laughter can be heard from within the Deff Dread! The other Trygon Prime unleashes hell upon the Lootas in the ruin… ripping them to shreds with its bio weapons and drawing FIRST BLOOD! A Heavy Cannon shot from the Tyrant goes just wide of “Hack“, distracting the Deff Dread enough to let a Carnifex ram right into it! Like a “Hammer of Wrath” the Carnifex rips and tears right through Hack, resulting in an impressive explosion, damaging the Carnifex which it promptly regenerates.

Orkz Turn 2

Da Orkz continue their advance as they see one of the Dreadnoughts explode, which only gets em going that much more. “Lock & Load Boyz” one of the Big Meks calls out and the greenskins eye up their targets! The other Deff Dread “Slash” plows through the forest looking to avenge his brother “Hack”. The bullets let once again as the lootas in the tower fire upon the Hive Tyrant but its hide proves to tough. An entire squad of shoota boys unloads into the Tyrant as well and manage a single wound but fail to bring it down. Being in close range to the Fex’s, a squad of Rokkit Kanz and shootas boyz fire everything they got at the! The Rokkits blow away chunks of their carapace which allow the shoota boys to hit home…. Dropping both Carnifex as a result! The rest of the Kan Wall presses on.
Turn 3

Tyranids Turn 3

One of the Trygons backs off as the other eyes up the Kanz near center field! The Tervigon continues to move along while cranking out another 11 Gaunts! All the Warriors stick to their home objective as the rest of the bugs manoeuvre against the Kan Wall. Tyranid shooting doesn’t yield much as only 2 Orks fall to Gaunt fire and only 1 hull point is removed from “Slash” thanks to the containment spines fired from the nearby Trygon Prime! Even the powerful psychic abilities of the Hive Tyrant prove ineffective as the Orks resolve holds true.

Orkz Turn 3

Da Orkz are eager in the defence their home turf as they advance upon the Tyranids. In doing so the Kan Wall adjusts itself to unleash another volley upon them. A Pack of Rokkit Kanz stalks a the nearby Trygon. A group of shoota boyz eliminates another pack of Gaunts as the Lootas fire upon the Tyrant once again but don’t even phase it as it continues to circle high above. After wounding the Trygon with a well placed Rokkit, the group of Rokkit Kans traverse the center hill and successfully the beast! The alien serpent is quicker than the ramshackle walkers and unleashes a flurry of strikes with its maw like claws, yet to its frustration only manages a single glance as the Kanz dive in like a pack of mechanical wolves and (Thank Gork) luckily kill the creature! The then advance upon the Bugs home objective.

Turn 4

Tyranids Turn 4

The Nids aren’t don’t yet and manoeuvre to keep the Orkz at bay and make into their territory. The Hive Tyrant dives in upon “Slash” as the Tervigon menacingly eyes up the Kanz as it spills forth yet another 16 Gaunts but suffers an insane bout of Gas as it runs out of Biomass to spawn anymore! Chuckles all around! This also results in a random shot being shot from the Tervigon which actuall removes a hull point from the Rokkit Kanz nearby. The other Trygon Prime unleashes its spines into the same unit of Kanz and manages to drop one. The Warriors also fire upon the Kanz at their doorstep but yield only minimal damage. Taking a wound from the Deff Dreads Skorcha, the Tyrant brings hell upon the machine tearing “Slash” to pieces letting out a mighty roar in triumph. Meanwhile The Trygon is held off by the overwatch of the Kanz near its Objective and fails its charge, yet immediately regens one of its wounds.

Orkz Turn 4

The greenskins “Beak the line” and move deeper into enemy territory. With both Hack n Slash now nothing more than scrap (for now), both Mek Heads urge the boyz on…. “Give em a Krump’n” one yells. Now that the Hive Tyrant is now in ”Propah” range, the Lootas in the tower and a squad of shoota boyz unload all the Dakka they have into the great beast. Thank Mork, the bullets fly true and manage to “Slay the Warlord”! Another group of Shoota Boyz take out the Termagants on their turf and part of the forest they were hiding in…. guess there nothing wrong with being thorough! The Kanz fire their guns at the Tervigon yielding no damage and proceed to rush in… to their doom, as the Tervigon makes little work of two of them in the melee!

Turn 5

Tyranids Turn 5

Several Termagants’ spread out looking for a fight with the Shoota Boyz as the rest of the Bugs hold the line and open fire! The lone Trygon fires its spines upon one of the Big Meks and his Boyz peaking out of the forest in their territory, resulting in 4 boyz falling. Warriors fire upon the Orkz but fail to hit their mark. The Tervigon makes short work of the remaining Kan which was still reeling form the previous round, securing its home objective and even regens a wound for good measure!

Orkz Turn 5

The remaining Kanz move up on the far flank along with the Bik Mek and boyz in the forest… ever deeper into the Nid lines! The other Big Mek with his own pack of Boys crest the center hill, uttering profanity’s at the Tyranids that can’t be described here. More Gaunts die to Shoota fire as the Lootas firepower arcs wide upon the Warriors… “RELOAD” one calls out. it’s a glorious mess upon the battle field as both army’s have fought well given each other a pounding to remember… yet Gork & Mork aren’t done and want to fight some more!. The dice gods agree!

Turn 6

Tyranids Turn 6

The bugs are anxious and spread out upon the Orkz. The warriors fire upon the Kans in there home zone and quikly dispatch 2 of them. Eyeing up the Big Mek, Boyz & the remaining Kan behind their lines, the Trygon fires upon them with a vicious screech, a couple more boyz fall yet the beast suddenly comes to a realization that the Ork Warlord is not before it… but behind it… on the center hill calling out all manner of things! (Sorry, still cant say!). The remaining Tyranids look as one upon the Burna wielding Mek with renewed purpose! Sensing this, that Big Mek and his Boyz quickly shut up as they come to their own realization that all of the Bugz are looking right at them. The Big Mekz only answer to this to sneer and gesture the bugs to “Come & get it”. The Tyranids advance towards their prey.

Ork Turn 6

The Line Breaking Big Mek and his group press further into enemy territory and used the terrain to their advantage and watch from a distance as the Nids advance of their Boss. The boyz on the back flank hunker down on their own objective that they’ve been holding for a while now and fire their Big shootas upon the Trygon to no effect. The Loota Boyz light up the Warriors and manage to finally take out a couple of them! Leaving the enemy objective wide open! The Shootas boys on the hill unload into the Tryon Prime as the Mek Boss lets out a blast of flame upon the aliens. The Trygon proves resilient and lets out another mighty ROAR. Da Boyz ready for the coming fight!

But is salvation near, does this bloody battle finally end?
….alas the dice gods want more as the final battle is about to take place!

Turn 7

Tyranid Turn 7

The Warriors regroup upon their home objective as the rest of the hive move in on the Mek Boss & his Boyz. Gork n Mork must have smile upon the Orkz for they endure the combined fire power of the every single Tyranid in range. Organic missiles, bio-plasmic blasts, ripper like bullets and the like fail to hit the Greenskins which result in Da Boyz calling WAAAAGH in triumph. But that may be too soon as both the Trygon Prime and the Tervigon descend upon them, bringing with them the full fury of the Great Devourer. The resulting melee showed both sides fighting at top form! A combination of Fire, Claws, Teeth, Knives, & Fists were everywhere yet shockingly “Nothing” met its mark as this battle is forced to continue on!

Orkz Turn 7

Da Boyz deep within enemy lines get comfy along with the Greenskins holding the home objective. The Orkz outside of combat combine their own fire unleashing countless shots upon the Warriors and manage to kill one of them, yet not doing enough damage to force them off their own objective. The grand melee continues center field as the two forces fight for dominance. This time however it is the Tyranids that prove the better and after taking a few wounds of their own… they feast on Ork flesh, devouring the Orkz and Slaying the Ork Warlord along with them!

Finally the battle dies down as both sides withdrawing to regroup and rebuild for this rivalry is far from over.

Game results:
Tyranids - First Blood (1), Slay the Warlord(1), and held their Home Objective (3) - Total = 5 Points

Orkz - Slay the Warlord (1), Line Breaker (1), and held their Home Objective (3) - Total = 5 Points

Overall result is a Draw!

Special thanks goes to my friend Kyle for bringing the fight to my Orkz in what was probably the best game yet that we’ve had against each other! Next time you want to throw the dice around Kyle… just let me know.
This was the first game in a long time that I had used my Kan Wall and was glad it balanced out against the Tyranids in this game. Back n forth it went all game as both side vied for victory, though I’ll be expecting more from Kyle once the new Codex sinks in further as this was his first game with it.

Seeing some of the new shenanigans from the new Tyranid Codex was interesting. Regeneration on a 4+ being one of my favourites right now… though they can only regen once per turn, per creature who has it. The hit from losing Biomancy is a hard one for the Bugz but still something I find that can be compensated for with some good tactics and manoeuvrability from the Nid player. Though I’ll freely admit that it is nice to not have to take on those toughness 9 monstrous creatures anymore, there's just going to be more bugs to have to deal with in the future… a lot more!
This BatRep didn’t show any of the new models that have been released so I’m looking forward to seeing what those creatures can dish out on the table top. The Warlord Trait he got called “Digestive Denial“ which lowers the cover save of a terrain piece by -1 proved effective as my Lootas within the Ruin this was marked on didn’t last long at all and I can see this being used to the Nids advantage in future games!

We’ve only scratched the surface of the new Tyranid Codex and no doubt things were missed during the game as a result, but my initial thoughts on the new book as that, for me anyway, I find that they play as they always did… big, numerous, and hard to kill! Yes tactics in playing with them (and against them) will need to be adapted, as is the norm with any new codex release. So don’t let the doomsayers online tell you different… the Tyranids are definitely here to stay and  as always Da Orkz will be ready to take them on!

I hope you liked this BatRep and I know there’s room to improve upon it which will indeed come in time. Who knows maybe ill break out the video camera next time and try my hand at a Video BatRep?! We’ll see what unfolds in the furture.

Unitl then this is Skarshak… Out.

Friday, 3 January 2014

New Goodies to Start Da New Year!

Welcome back Greenskins!

Apologies for the delay, as we all know the holidays do have a tendency of taking up ones time with family, friends and a good holiday dinner (or 3). Good times had by all and I hope ya all were able to stay on the "Nice" list?!
Never fear... production here in Da Mek Shop continues and this time around I've got a few things to show ya that the boyz have finished up... just in time for a new year of Krump'n!

I'm happy to tell ya all that the Grot Tank Project is now complete. 8 little ramshackle tanks that'll allow my grots to join the fray in a more active manner. Have a look...

 Grot Tanks... ROLL OUT!
Here's a close up of one of the Rokkit Tanks!

I went with a Rainbow color scheme for them all (similar to my Mega Nobz) for that extra "POP" while they are upon the tabletop.
If I were to take em all in to battle (why wouldn't I?) they'd be in two units of 4. One tank can be designated as Kommanda which allows it to take 2 primary weapons and grants a re-roll to the unit movement. Going over the unit stats from Imperial Armour 8... I'll be playing them as follows...

Grot Tank Battle Mob
Taken as a Fast Attack choice in a Dread Mob Army, or an Elite Choice in a Codex Orks Army that includes at least one Big Mek.

Kommanda Tank with Grotzooka & Big Shoota, and 1 pintle-mounted Shoota
3 Grot Tanks each with a different Primary Weapon - Skorcha, Rokkit Launcha, & Kustom Mega Blasta, all 3 have pintle-mounted Shootas
All Tanks are AV 10 all around and have a BS of 3 and 2 HP each... think of em as rolling Killa Kanz! They all even have a 5+ Invulnerable save thanks to a special rule called funny enough... "Rolling Scrap Pile", and are able to move 2D6 and still fire all their weapons! What's not to like about these guys! Total cost for the 4 tank unit is 210pts. Double that up for all 8 tanks and we've got 420pts to add to the Waaaagh!

Once these were complete, I quickly jumped on finishing the one model I needed painted for the upcoming Hellmouth tournament on Jan 25 in Parry Sound, Ontario.
He's the newest member of Da Krump'n Krew and he's ready to Waaaagh!

He may be Yellow, but don't him hear ya say that or you'll be the one to get Krump'd
This Mega Nob is bringing a Kombi-Skorcha with him to the tourney! Who says Fire isn't fun?! Total cost for this guy is 45pts
I even whipped up a little 5pt Grot Oiler so he can also join in on the ramshackle fun!
So with all this done, where does Waaaagh Skarshak stand in its quest to be completely painted? Well if we add the above 470pts to the previous total of 5688pts of painted goodies... this will give us a new total of 6158pts of painted greenskins! Fantastic... Achievement Unlocked! LOL
Even with all this, Waaaagh Skarshak is far from complete and I think its time I focus on one of the projects I've been let slip through the cracks for too long... it's time to go big, I mean really BIG....
Now this is what I call Dakka!

As always there's lots to do, so ill catch ya soon... i'm gonna go test fire this big frakken gun!
Keep those dice rolling all!