Thursday, 20 February 2014

Nothing Beats Kustom #9

How goes it Greenskins?!
Skarshak here with another inspiring creation, this time from fellow Mek Head Darren Clegg from all the way across the pond in the U.K. He's gone all out on one of my favorite transports from the current Ork codex! Check out this awesome Kustom Trukk.


This Orkish monstrosity displays the true meaning of Ramshackle and is one of the best Trukks I've seen as of late.
It's totally how I'd picture the Wrecking Ball for the Trukk and the paint scheme is top notch.
Also... here's a look at Darren's Trukk as a work in progress.

This project is no doubt inspiring many of you with a few ideas for your own creations and Darren's Trukk definitely shows us all what one can do when you think outside the box. Now don't get me wrong, the current GW Trukk Kit is great... but it becomes something so much more when you make it truly KUSTOM!
Well done Darren... many of us Greenskins look forward to what you come up with next!
Until then... I'll catch you all next time!
This is Skarshak.... WAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ramblings of a Mek Head!

Greetings Greenskins, are ya ready for another Ramble cause this time around I’ll be going over my “Primary” Ork list that I played for the majority of 2013, what it included, how it worked, what may have worked better, and how well it did against the various denizens of the grimdark future! To some of you this army may be familiar… for the rest of you, why not have a look.

Army Name: Da Road Warriors! (Orkz - Speed Freakz… mostly!)

Army Size: 1850pts (also played in 1750pt and 1500pt versions)
Codex: Orkz

I’ll be going over the army in its full glory at 1850pts, which is the entire contents of case that it all fits into. The contents of which are as follows…

HQ #1 - Mega Armoured Warboss (“Da Boss” Dakka Klaw) - with Attack Squig, Bosspole & Cybork Body. - 130pts

Troop #1 - MANZ - MegaNobz (x3) - with Kombi-Skorcha (x1), & Trukk (Dedicated Transport) with a Reinforced Ram. - 165pts

(MANZ are a Troop Choice thanks to the Mega Armoured Warboss - above)

I chose the “Mega-Boss” due to his proven resilience & that he‘s cheaper than Thraka! Mega Armour goes along way in a Ork army and bundled with the Cybork Body upgrade makes this guy one tough greenskin. I backed him up a unit of MegaNobz for a good chunk of extra Krump’n Power, for this unit as a whole is what will be picking a fight with the biggest and baddest their opponent has to offer! On the charge, this unit will dish out 18 Power Klaw attacks! 6 from Da Boss (thanks to the Attack Squig) at Str 10 and 12 from the MANZ at Str 9 (thanks to Furious Charge). Wowza, I don’t know about you but that’s bound to ruin anyone’s day. That many Klaw attacks will finish off virtually anything in the game… granted they need to survive long enough (YAY Initiative 1), but that’s where the mega armour comes in very handy. Gork n Mork guide us! The Manz are also a Troop choice thanks to Da Boss, so they can also play double duty if needed to take and control that nearby objective. This whole unit is all loaded into a Trukk in order to get em where they need to be quickly and effectively as it is a fast vehicle, while rolling over almost anything thanks to the Ram. Though being open topped and armour 10 all around is a cruel curse, so beware as these Trukks will definitely go “POP“… bring on those Ramshackle rolls.

Troop #2 - MANZ - MegaNobz (x3) - with Kombi-Skorcha (x1), & Trukk (Dedicated Transport) with a Reinforced Ram. - 165pts

(MANZ are a Troop Choice thanks to the Warboss - below)

Similar to the retinue keeping the “Mega-Boss” safe, I’m fielding another MANZ Missile which thanks to Warboss Numbskull (Below) is also a Troop choice. They’ll be virtually performing the same Krump’n duties and objective holding as Da Boss’s retinue. Run em up there in their Trukk fast before it eventually blows and goes Ramshackle (as fun as that is) and start making a mess of things. This unit is known to go tank hunting or even be crazy enough to go play patty cake with a Monstrous Creature (or 2), though simple crowd control by running into a unit of Marines, Guardsman, etc is a solid plan as well for the Mega Nobz will Krump em all (c’mon dice don’t fail us now!). Using the Trukk and the terrain to their advantage will almost always have em set up to take out their target, it’s only a matter of time!

HQ #2 - Warboss (Numbskull) - Attack Squig, Cybork Body, ‘Eavy Armour, Power Klaw & Kombi-Skorcha. - 120pts

Troop #3 - ‘Ard Boyz (Numbskulls Krew) - 10 Slugga & Choppa Boyz, 1 ‘Ard Nob with Bosspole & Power Klaw, & Trukk (Dedicated Transport) with a Reinforced Ram. - 190pts

Now I Know what your thinking… ‘Ard Boyz, seriously… who takes em these days! Well in army that’s a close combat beat stick, its good to have an additional unit that’s more hardy than normal. The ‘Ard Boyz fit the bill and being teamed up with a Warboss doesn’t hurt either. As the primary crowd control unit in the army, this unit likes nothing more than to roll up in their Trukk and unload a can of Woop Ass upon their target. This unit has time and again cleared out areas and taken nearby objectives as their own. By using that 4+ save to negate the majority of any close combat attacks coming at them, this unit has proven itself nicely through the year. They’ll use the Trukk as mobile cover thanks to the crazy amount of AP 4 shooting out there. Along with utilizing any cover nearby, they’ll usually make their target with little to no casualties. Let the combat begin!

Troop #4 & #5 - Da Boyz - 11 Slugga & Choppa Boyz & 1 Nob with Bosspole, ‘Eavy Armour & Power Klaw, & Trukk (Dedicated Transport) with a Reinforced Ram - 157pts (each unit)

Along with playing objective duties, these guys are here just to get into the thick of it, to make as much of a mess as possible all the while dishing out the hurt upon their foes. Also running in Trukks of their own these Boyz are gonna do their best to get where they need to be in a hurry, placing all the more pressure upon the opposing army. I’ve also run em as a tag team of sorts, both units rushing in and flanking a target with the goal of unleashing considerable damage in close combat… if they all get in there, that’s a potential of 88 Slugga & Choppa attacks and 8 Power Klaws (on the charge), split between 2 units, wreaking havoc and making a glorious mess! What’s not to like?!

Troop #6 - Da Gretchin - 19 Grots & 1 Runtherd - 67pts

A simple yet resilient 20 man strong unit primarily here for back field objective holding, but they are also known for tar pitting an enemy unit from time to time… even won out over a few Terminators in their day surprisingly. I keep em spread out to minimize the effects any long range shenanigans coming their way and in the latter months of playing this army I have been starting them in reserve in order to “keep them out of sight” till later on as the game progresses! With the rest of the Boyz rushing in and drawing attention to themselves (which is what they like to do) having the grots come in later on to camp the back objective has worked out very well for the most part! Plonk em in a ruin, behind a wall (can’t see me), or any type of area terrain and their chances of surviving to the end of the game are that much greater. These guys have won me many games thanks to that extra objective they hold… that and who doesn’t like the Grots!

Fast #1 & #2 - Deffkoptas (x2) with Twin Linked Rokkit Launchas - 90pts (each unit)

One of my favourite units in the current Ork codex, the Deffkoptas have the dangerous job of outflanking behind enemy lines to secure that coveted Line Breaker while bringing the pain with their Rokkits right up the opponents A$$ plus contesting any objectives that my Boyz weren’t able to reach by the time the game ends. Being 2 wound, toughness 5 and having that lovely Jink ability has proven these units to be very effective. Always the thorn in the backside of my opponent, some have focused virtually everything they have upon them just to take em out (which suits my Boyz just fine) or have simply ignored em! Regardless of how my opponent deals with them, these two units have swung many games to the Orkz favour, even proving crucial to earning an undefeated scorecard in a previous tournament last year! They are a keeper for sure.

Fast #3 - Da Biker Boyz - 9 Ork Warbikes & 1 Nob Warbiker with Bosspole & Power Klaw - 290pts

With the onset of 6th edition I found I needed to be faster and the Biker Boyz fit that bill nicely! Running along side the Trukk convoy or taking to the flank to wreak havoc of their own this unit of 10 has been dishing out so much Dakka its crazy. 6th edition is when I finally started playing them regularly and they have quickly earned their place in this list. Primarily used as fast, medium raged harassment unit by dishing out up to 30 twin-linked strength 5 shots… which is just plain nasty and brings a smile to anyone face, even one’s opponent due to the shenanigans these guys can cause… ya just can’t help it. Like the Deffkoptas, they are toughness 5 as well which is great and have the added bonus of the 4+ cover from their exhaust cloud vs. almost everything, plus if ya have to get them into close combat, those Hammer of Wrath hits are always welcome along side all the attacks they’ll normally dish out. A solid unit and capable of getting from here to there on a whim, depending on the scenario this unit can perform as your Jack of all Trades!
I gotta get me some more Bikers… Lots more!

Elite #1 & #2 - Da Lootas - 7 Lootas & 1 Mek Boy (Unit 1), 7 Lootas (unit 2) - 120pts

Speaking of Dakka, we Orkz can never have enough so making an appearance in this Speed Freakz list are the Lootas. These guys primarily provide covering fire for the whole army. Having a 48inch range, strength 7 weapon is hard to pass up and has proven itself against all but the toughest armor! Also taking on any anti-air duties against those pesky flyers, the lootas aren’t hit as hard as most of the other units when firing snap shots into the skies! With only losing 50% of their effectiveness, while other army's can lose up to 75% of their shooting ability vs. flyers, the Lootas have got it covered… hehehe more or less! Camp em out in the ruins or on any high rise bunker or bastion and they’ve got a clear view to rain down death and Dakka upon whatever they choose. Taken in units of 7 allows for up to 21 shots being unleashed from each group, plus keeps the unit small enough to stay tucked away in cover to maximize their survival which is key when fielding Lootas. One unit even has a Mek Boy tagging along. Mainly for fluff but he’s got that AP 2 Kustom Mega Blasta which is fun to let loose every once & a while. In addition the Mek Boy is also classed as a “character”. So in the event that his unit of lootas is assaulted - he can challenge the enemy in order to hopefully keep your Lootas alive that much longer. Not a bad little back up I think.

Total points used for this Army: 1846

Over all this army has performed exceptionally well throughout 2013, and no doubt into 2014... But its not with out its short comings!

In the scenario of Purge the Alien, this army takes the most punishment! Thanks to the Trukks being easy kills which can quickly give up First Blood and potentially 5 Kill Points to ones opponent…. that’s 6 Points right there! Unless the dice are on my side, and sometimes they are in a Kill Point game, I know I am in for an up hill battle thanks to the glass cannon nature of this build, which to be fair is part of the fun playing this army… though its safe to say its not my favourite of the scenarios in the BRB!

In the multi objective scenarios of Crusade, Big Guns Never Tire, & The Scouring, Da Road Warriors have done very well. Thanks to the speed of this list, I’ve found that when placing the objectives most will end up on my opponents side of the table. This army doesn’t like sitting idle so we’re gonna come and get em. Why… well why not, it’s all in good fun and the look in my opponents face as my army moves up 2 feet on the first turn alone is a nice bonus. We’z gonna come and get ya Hehehehe.
Naturally this army won’t benefit from the additional scoring ability when playing Big Guns Never Tire as it doesn’t boast any Heavy support units! In games of the Scouring, this army explodes with an additional 3 scoring units, bringing that total up to 9! On the down side this also offers the potential of 3 additional victory points to my opponent when playing this scenario, but we greenskins don’t usually worry about that when all we want to do is Krump Em All Good!

When playing The Emperors Will, it may be the only time you'll see this army stuck in proper on 2 separate fronts, instead of mucking about as one ramshackle body. The Grots excel at keeping the “Home Point” safe while under the covering fire of the Lootas and if necessary the Deffkoptas who can rush in to take victory away from the enemy in the later turns of the game. The rest of Da Road Warriors will be making a total mess on top of the enemy objective which has resulted in a nice mixe of having captured that objective or it being contested like no other as both army’s are stuck in till the last dice rolls. This scenario is where the secondary objectives have come in to play the most when it comes time to decide the victor.

It seems this army was made to play The Relic, as it has yet (keyword) to lose when playing this scenario since I started running this list in January of 2013. The speed of this army allows me to overwhelm the Relic while at the same time build an effective barrier between it and my opponents forces. By literally wrapping the relic in layer after layer of Greenskins (spacing to prevent huge casualties from blast weapons!) and using the Trukks as additional mobile wall of cover … its proven very difficult for the enemy to take the Relic for their own. Now unless my opponent is just as fast as I (Eldar), or is bringing a crazy amount of Dakka (Imperial Guard) to literally blast my boyz off the Relic, then naturally it becomes another story at which point this scenario turns in to the ultimate 40k version of a Battle Royale as both sides will mess each other up fighting for the coveted prise! Something of which has yet to happen and at the same time I’m looking forward to very much!

When it comes to the secondary objectives First Blood, Slay the Warlord & Line Breaker, something that many have stated are more important than the primary’s as it usually falls upon these to determine the victor… more times than I can count this army will give up First Blood thanks to the Trukks (AV 10 only goes so far). Granted this is something I want to happen thanks to the nature of them having the “Ramshackle” rule, but makes me play that much more aggressive in order to make up for losing that point. Except in the rarest of cases, this army has always scored Line Breaker, which ties us up…. So it will come down to Slay the Warlord to swing the secondary’s in favour of the Boyz. That all depends on the game and the scenario being played for sometimes ill go head hunting right off the bat or wait a while before swarming the enemy HQ with multiple units or (also rare)… ignore the beast all together (sometimes you have to) at which point its back to the Primary’s to secure victory. HQ battles are quite funny when playing Orks, our initiative stat isn’t the greatest so a lot of times we have to endure a lot of punishment before we can go in for the kill…. It’s half the fun and why the Mega Nobs and Da Boss are decked out in Mega Armour (2+ saves) which helps a lot against the majority of any close combat attacks. It then falls to Gork n Mork to tweak the Dice Gods to our favour… let the dice roll where they may!
Mindshackle Scarabs not withstanding (as nothing beats picking your nose with a power klaw), more times than not I’ve managed to Krump the enemy boss and secure Slay the Warlord, but again its all up to the dice at this point, LOL something that makes for a great story to share once the game is done. (A crazy battle with Mephiston comes to mind!)

While being fragile at times, this army has held its own quite nicely against armoured opponents thanks to its speed and does well versus a full on horde army (usually comes down to the wire when up against a horde). Flyers haven’t been too much of a problem so far, though I can see the day coming when I get blasted to bits by a full on air brigade Hahaha.
Gun lines, like what the Eldar & Tau can bring to the field, have done their fair share of damage to this army, more so when I've been unable to seize the initiative on the first turn, at which point all I can do is duck and wait till its over! The last time a version of this army faced the infamous Tau-Dar combo (The Hellmouth 666 Tourney in Parry Sound) it didn’t go so well for the boyz.. but that’s how it goes sometimes for all of us, ya cant get them all. When I do get the initiative against these particular foes, cover is key and by manoeuvring the Trukks n Bikes to cause Line of Sight issues for them, Da Road Warriors will more often than not be able to get in there and Krump em all nicely as the advantage swings greatly to our favour in close combat. Exactly where Da Boys want to be!

Something else to note (ironically)… thanks to this army’s speed and the way the majority of the games have gone, I’ve rarely had the need to call a WAAAAGH! Crazy I know! Not that the WAAAAGH does much since 6th Edition came about (gaining Fleet is still good) but it just hasn’t been necessary for the most part as my boyz can easily get into position for the assault with out it being called at all! Gork n Mork are weird like that I guess.

Da Road Warriors have taken on Monstrous Creatures, Daemonic Incursions, the Humie Ard Boys we call Space Marines, rival Greenskins and many many more whom travel across the universe of game tables. We’re ready to take them all on and win or lose we already know we’re gonna have a good, proper fight on our hands. Puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

Moving on from here with the army, is there any way it can improve? Well one idea I have been tinkering with in my last couple games is that of swapping out the Ard Boyz & Deffkoptas and adding in a Unit of Nob Bikers while adjusting the Warboss (Numbskull) to be on a Bike himself. Seems to be working out so far as the Nobs are Dead Ard when on the Bikes and have a Painboy backing em up. A few more games with them in this build will give me a good idea on how to tweak it further… gotta love those bikes!
Another idea is to include proper flyer support which would probably see the Deffkoptas swapped out again to make room for a Dakka Jet or 2?! A few adjustments would be needed to get the points right for an 1850pt list, or even for a 2000pt list. We’ll have to see but the potential is there to make it work… just think of all that Dakka and it’ll give me a good reason to call a WAAAAGH each game!
Also could more Trukks be in order? … one idea was to focus on that which could get a potential of 9 Trukks on the board depending on the points. It would be hilarious to see but I don’t think would keep the “Feel” of the army, but its always an option if I wanted to pick up a few extra Trukks in he future (currently I only have the 5 Trukks).

This is a great fun army to play and the opportunities are endless with this list! It will no doubt see many more games to come as Da Road Warriors have easily earned their place as one of the primary lists that ill continue to play along side my Kan Wall and my Battlewagon Brigade (WIP). LOL now I want to play again, but that will come soon enough. Till then I have plenty to do here in Da Mek Shop, especially with that “Big” project I’m working on.

Thanks for enduring my Ramble on Da Road Warriors, I think i've covered everything (unlikely) and if you have any questions or comments? Feel free to leave them here or on Da Mek Shop facebook page and don’t forget to click “Like” while your there.

I’ll catch ya next time.

Skarshak Out


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Back in Da Shop!

Hey hey Greenskins.
Its been a busy couple weeks here around Da Mek Shop, lots of miles traveled and many games played! With playing in the Hellmouth 666 40k Team Tourney on Jan 25 up in Parry Sound, ON... taking part in the new "Born of the Gods" Magic CCG Pre-release this past weekend Feb 1st & 2nd at my local game store, and getting over a minor yet cranky bout of Nurgles Rot... its unfortunately been slow going on my current "Big" project here in Da Mek Shop. Yet progress has still been made and the initial build of the project has been completed... give or take a little dry brushing of corse.

Have a look....

Skarshaks Kustom Big Mek Stompa Project
- Progress: Ongoing -

 The Body of the Beast has come along nicely!
 Tons of detail to go over... ill be at this for a while yet.
Now this is what I call DAKKA!
 Even the Stompa's weapons are happy
 Shameless self promotion! :P
 A better look of the main chest plate, just a few more touch ups and it'll be good to go.
With the progress that's been made, its definitely time to move on to the next component of this build. This guy needs its right arm and no Big Mek Stompa wouldn't be complete without some flashy bitz & what better than the Lifta Droppa Arm from good ol' Forge World.
Doesn't look that hard... LOL
Here's all the bits. They've all been cleaned up (mostly) and are now ready for assembly.
This'll be second time working with resin since completing the Grot Tanks.
Slowly but surely this project is coming together. There's a lot to do with this build and I can see myself doing touch ups for a while yet, but that's ok... every self respecting Mek Head is always making a few tweaks to his bitz and soon enough this big ramshackle creation will be making a mess of things on the battlefield! hehehe I cant wait!
But wait... I know your wondering.... where the frak is its head?! We'll that's a treat for next time as my boyz will be building that piece last. Till then... it's time to get this Lifta Droppa in working order and if I see a single Grot crawling through something they shouldn't... theres gonna be helz to pay.
C'mon boys.... lets get back to it!
Till next time.