Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Game Time!

Welcome Gamers, this time around we head back on to the battlefield for some crazy dice rolls and some good ol’ fun. This time I bring my Road Warrior Ork Army to face my own beloved DorkLady Kat and her growing Chaos Daemon army. We’re both gamers at heart and what better way to spend some quality time then by throwing a few dozen dice at each other! This is only our second game against each other and Kat proudly says bring it on, in which I’m only too happy to oblige as my Orkz are always looking for a good fight! No love is lost here at Da Mek Shop! Hahahaha… loser sleeps on the couch! (Just Kidding)

After organizing her collection, here’s what Kat decided to field:

Kats Daemonic Incursion - 1750pts

Kairos Fateweaver with all his shenanigans!

(Warlord) (Warlord Trait - Death Incarnate)

Pink Horrors x10 w/ Instrument & Icon of Chaos

Pink Horrors x10 w/ Icon of Chaos

Daemonettes of Slaanesh x10 w/ Instrument & Icon of Chaos

Flesh Hounds of Khorne x11

Flamers of Tzeentch x6

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch w/ Wings, Warp Forged Armour, Greater Reward (???), Exalted Reward (Grimoire of True Names Hellforged Artefact), & Psyker Lv 2 (Psychic Shriek & Warp Speed)

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch w/ Wings, Warp Forged Armour, Greater Reward (???), & Psyker Lv 2 (Life Leech & Crush)

Soul Grinder of Nurgle w/ Phlegm Bombardment & Harvester Cannon

*Foopah #1 - (???) = We both had gapped on rolling the Greater rewards for this game. We didn’t realise this until turn 4! Whoops.*

I’ve tweaked my Road Warrior Army since I laid it all out in a Ramble a few blog posts ago. Here’s what Da Orkz brought:

Skarshaks (Kirks) Road Warriors (Redux) - 1750pts

Mega Armoured War boss (Dakka Klaw) w/Attack Squig, Bosspole, Cybork Body, & Ammo Runt x1
(Warlord) (Warlord Trait - Immovable Object) (Joins Da Krump’n Krew)

Warboss (Rumblegutz) w/ Bike, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, & Kombi-Skorcha
(Joins Da Rumbla’z)

Da Krump’n Krew - Mega Nobz x4 w/Kombi-Skorcha x2 & Trukk w/Reinforced Ram

Da Rumbla’z - Nob Bikers x6 w/ Bikes, Cybork Body’s, Painboy, Power Klaw x2, Big Choppa x3, Kombi-Skorchas x2, Waaaagh Banner, & Bosspole

Trukk Boyz x11 Boyz w/ Slugga & Choppa, Nob with Power Klaw & Bosspole, & Trukk with Reinforced Ram

Trukk Boyz x11 Boyz w/ Slugga & Choppa, Nob with Power Klaw & Bosspole, & Trukk with Reinforced Ram

Trukk Boyz x11 Boyz w/ Slugga & Choppa, Nob with Power Klaw & Bosspole, & Trukk with Reinforced Ram

Da Longshotz - Lootas x5

More Longshotz - Lootas x5

Da Howlaz - Ork Warbikers x7, incl. Biker Nob w/ Power Klaw & Bosspole

With the army’s gathered we rolled off to see what the mission and deployment we were playing today, and who got to go first!

Mission: The Relic

Deployment: Vanguard Strike

The EyeBot plays the role of The Relic!

Daemons got the high roll yet opted for the Orkz to deploy first, which the greenskins agreed!

After setting up our forces and a kiss for good luck, Kat attempts to steal the initiative yet sadly only rolls a 2 at which point Da Orkz proceed to roll out! This is my second written BatRep so again I’ll do my best to re-tell the tail from memory and from the notes we both took during the game! Also there were many more pictures taken of this battle yet for some reason many of which didn’t turn out too well, so I’m using what was salvageable. So please sit back, enjoy and let us begin.

Da Road Warriors encounter a Daemonic incursion upon their own home world led by none other then the mysterious entity known as Fateweaver, who brings with it all manner of horrors from the warp. Boss Dakka Klaw quickly rallies his boyz for he knows what is coming… he’s faced Daemons before and knows full well the kind of fight they bring with them. He smiles and yells at his Krew to get it together “We’z gotz a propah spat coming boyz…it’s Krump’n Time!”.
The warp fissure stabilizes and several denizens from beyond now move as one towards the greenskins, who themselves are now moving at full throttle towards the horrors. With the two mighty forces about to collide, Dakka Klaw notices some of their new “Special Scrap” right in the middle of them all! Something that Warlord Skarshak acquired and cant be lost or Dakka Klaw will feel Da Boss’s Wrath for sure. He steers Da Road Warriors towards “The Relic“ and yells… “Get dat Scrap boyz & makes shur those slimy pink gitz don’t get dur handz on it”

Let the dice rolls begin.

Orkz Turn 1

With the Daemons on the horizon and the Hounds of Khorne already making a move… The greenskins are anxious for the fight to come and start hollering profanities at the Daemons. The Ork Trukk convoy led by Dakka Klaw speed up to surround the Relic in an attempt to form a makeshift barrier against the enemy. Meanwhile the Ork bikers traverse a nearby forest to flank a ravenous pack of hounds. Rumblegutz and his biker gang head east to cut off the mechanical monstrosity known as Soul Grinder! Initial Ork shooting yields little yet impressive results... Combined Loota fire actually causes one of the Daemon Princes pain with 2 wounds while Da Howlaz unload into the Hounds… sending two back to the Warp. The Orkz brace themselves for the onslaught to come… all of them with a grin plastered across their faces! Hur hur hur.

Daemons Turn 1

Fateweaver and the Pink Horrors do a psychic dance, while one of the Princes breaks out an ancient Grimoire and targets the hounds with an unpronounceable incantation… that sadly fails and weakens the hounds resistance to this mortal plane. To make matters worse, that same prince channels too much warp energy and injures himself while gaining the effects of Warp Speed.. The Pink horrors move towards the Nob Bikers provoking Soul Grinder, and the Daemonettes head towards The Relic along with the Flamers of Tzeentch. Soul Grinder manoeuvres into some rocky terrain and ready’s his weapons, while both Daemon Princes & Fateweaver take to the skies and spread out.
A Warp Storm erupts in the skies yet does nothing to both sides. The Pink Horrors & Soul Grinder unload everything into the Nob Bikers who’s shenanigans deny any sort of wound upon them. Psychic attacks from all three flyers surprisingly fail to hit their mark.
The hounds assault 2 of the Ork Trukks. They lose one of their number to overwatch yet are able to destroy the Trukks causing both to explode and casualties to all around. One group of Orkz are pinned in the wreckage while the others eye up the Flesh Hounds of Khorne!


Orkz Turn 2

One of the Trukks tank shocks into the hounds, backing them off which allows the “unpinned” group of Orkz to move and take control of the Relic. Dakka Klaw rolls up in his Trukk to give them back up while Da Howlaz move to get a better shot on the Hounds. Rumblegutz and his Krew move closer upon the Pink Horrors and Soul Grinder.
Both Loota Squads get a wound on each of the Princes, causing one of them to become grounded. Combined fire from the Bikers and the Orkz stuck in their wreck and those within the remaining Trukks inflict massive damage upon the hounds, leaving only one Hound remaining. The Nob Bikers shoot up and burn up the Pink Horrors, wiping them completely from reality. Da Howlaz act like a Hammer of Wrath and finish off the remaining Hound. Seems all dogs do go to heaven… or in this case… Hell!

Daemons Turn 2

Soul Grinder is gifted with prescience thanks the Fateweaver and one of the Daemon Princes casts Warp Speed upon itself again. A group of Pink Horrors materialize on the west flank behind the Ork Bikers, the Flamers and Daemonettes move ever closer to the Relic while both Princes fly into flanking position behind the Ork lines. Fateweaver fly’s over the carnage below as Soul Grinder advances upon the Nob Bikers.
Another Warp Storm takes the from of Nurgles Rot, yet keeps clear of the Orkz and only takes out 3 Flamers. Soul Grinder harvests a wound on one of the Nobz while its Phlegm Bombardment drifts wide of anything. The surviving Flamers manage to glance Dakka Klaws Trukk twice while the Ork Bikers Deny the Witch-like powers of the Pink Horrors nearby. Fateweaver gets buffed by the Grimoire and unloads a psychic onslaught upon the Lootas hiding in the forest, wiping them out but not without perilously inflicting a wound on itself. No longer grounded, the Prince uses life leech upon an unsuspecting Ork, killing it and regains a wound.
Soul Grinder assaults Da Rumbla’z in which the Dice Gods intervene causing it to whiff all its rolls, which results in it being Klawed to pieces by the Nobz and Rumblegutz, 1 Nob dies in the resulting explosion. Lucky Gitz!

Orkz Turn 3

Da Boyz holding the Relic move it back towards their lines while under the cover of both remaining Trukks and their Krews. The Nob Bikers move toward the Daemon Prince flying near the Relic. The Ork Bikers move upon the Daemonettes as the Orkz finally pull themselves from their wreckage and advance upon the newly arrived Pink Horrors.
In an impressive show of Dakka from the Ork army… Da Lootas, Da Rumbla’z, Both Trukkz & their passengers all target the Daemon Prince near the Relic. Countless shots are fired and the Prince, though being one of the most power of his kind, crashes to the ground with only a single wound remaining and now find itself surrounded by Greenskins. The bikers take out 5 of the Daemonettes as the nearby group of Orkz kill one of the Pink Horrors.
With the Daemon Prince now grounded in midfield, Rumblegutz calls the charge and show off their Hammer of Wrath skills as the entire unit runs over the Prince sending back to the Warp! Da boyz engage the Pink Horrors on the far flank, taking out 4 of them not realizing that these guys like to explode in blue flames which take one down one of the boyz. Reality then ripples with Daemonic Instability and 4 of the Horrors vanish from sight! Da Howlaz multi-charge both the remaining Daemonettes and Flamers! The Flamers overwatch with their Tzeentchian Flames causing 3 of the Orkz to turn to goo and stall out their assault on the spot.

Daemons Turn 3

Seeing the Orkz take out the Daemon Prince bearing the Grimoire… Fateweaver casts Prescience upon himself and descends upon the Orkz holding the Relic, landing within striking distance… its frustration ever clear upon both its faces! The other Prince fly’s over head of its master to provide cover if needed.
Yet another Warp Storm manifests, this time over the Relic itself and the Orkz holding it! Luckily for the Orkz the effects of the storm drift harmlessly away. The Flamers of Tzeentch breathe their flames upon one of the Trukks blocking them from the Relic, glancing it twice and overflowing upon one of the Orkz in the unit holding the Relic, killing it! Fateweaver uses his psychic powers to inflict more casualties upon the Relic unit of Orkz killing 2 and wounding the Nob in the unit. Though the Perils of such powers does not come easy as Fateweaver is injured one again in the process. The remaining Daemon Prince successfully uses Life Leech again sapping one of the Orkz of its life and healing more of its own wounds. The psychic volly nearly causes the Orkz holding the Relic to break but Gork n Mork say otherwise and the unit holds fast.
Fateweaver recklessly assaults the Orkz in an attempt to gain the Relic for its own, yet the terrain isn’t to its advantage and the Orkz get the jump upon the great Daemon, ripping a tearing chunks out of it with their choppas. Then as Fateweaver starts into the Orkz, sadly only killing one of them… the Nobz Power Klaw strikes true on the beast, Slaying the Warlord and sending it out of this reality and into the Warp from where it came. While this was happening the Horrors and Orkz on the far side of the battlefield continued beating on each other. I of the Orkz fell as they finished off the Daemons… taking no damage from the Blue Fires they left behind.

*Foopah #2 - Fateweaver doesn’t issue a challenge against the Nob holding the Relic! This could have been a very different battle!*

Orkz Turn 4

Dakka Klaw and his Krew back their Trukk up and disembark near the remaining Daemon Prince, Taunting the beast as they do so. The Orkz who luckily survived their encounter with Fateweaver take the relic into the nearby forest and hunker down. The Orkz in the other Trukk move to reengage the remaining flamers. The Nob Bikers move nearer the Daemon Prince and take aim while the other biker squad flank the Daemonettes. The boyz who took out the remaining Pink Horrors move to break the line, being led by none other than the infamous “Ork in a Box”
2 more Flamers die to the firepower of the Trukk Boyz. Another demonstration of Ork teamwork see the Lootas, Nob Bikers, Dakka Klaw and his Krew and the Boyz in the forest all fire upon the Daemon Prince The greenskins reduce the Prince to 2 wounds yet like some sort of aerial ninja the beast manages to stays aloft!
The Howlaz finally engage in combat with the Daemonettes and clear the battlefield of their kind while losing one of their own.

Daemons Turn 4

The Daemon Prince is absolutely tired of the Orkz and descends like a meteor, landing within inches of Dakka Klaw and gaining the attention of everyone of the field… all the while the lone remaining flamer eyes up the weakened Ork bikers and ready’s the BBQ.
A fourth Warp Storm takes form this time over the Ork in a Box and his Boyz, killing one of the greenskins and wounding their Nob leader. The Daemon Prince forces the issue and successfully casts Crush upon Dakka Klaw! Surprisingly his Cybork parts hold up and the Warboss is able to continue on. The beast also casts Life leech upon the one of Da Boss’s Mega Nobz, causing a wound and regaining one of its own again.
The lone Flamer assaults what remains of Da Howlaz successfully yet is unable to do any damage and falls to the Power Klaw in the unit. The Daemon bellows in Rage, charges the Krump’n Krew and Challenges Dakka Klaw to Mortal Kombat, which the Warboss is only too happy to agree too. Yet the battle is over before it even began as the Daemon Prince unleashes it rage upon the Warboss, smashing Dakka Klaw to a pulp and casting the body aside like its nothing more then a piece of trash. The Daemon laughs in delight of his Warlord Kill but quickly shuts up as it notices the remaining members of Dakka Klaws Krew have not gone anywhere and eye up the beast with contempt. The Daemon merely gestures to the Mega Nobz to come and get it!

Orkz Turn 5

The Daemon Prince is all that remains of the incursion and it has gained the complete attention of every Ork on the field. Rumblegutz and his Krew rush in to fight along side the Mega Nobz while the Boyz holding the Relic manoeuvre to get clear of the crazy battle to come and are backed up by the Trukk Boyz just in case. The Nob Bikers rev their engines and make at the Daemon while the rest of the greenskins look on. Even the Mega Nobz are in awe as Rumblegutz and his Rumbla’z come smashing into the melee at full force. Yet again like a Hammer of Wrath they proceed to run over the Daemon Prince which such ferocity they actually cause it to also to fade back into the depths of the Warp while unfortunately and hilariously stealing the kill from Da Boss’s own Krump’n Krew!
How bout that… Da Orkz successfully defend their territory from the Daemons and a loud WAAAAGH in triumph erupts throughout the land. After a long search the greenskins find the body of Dakka Klaw, who only by the will of Gork n Mork barely clings to life. Seems Da Painboyz are going to have their work cut out for them as they put Da Boss back together!
Game Results:
Ork Victory by tabling the Daemons… and a Relic to boot!

This was an absolute crazy game as the dice gods were causing shenanigans all over the place and didn’t seem to like the Daemons this time around. Kat n I both tried our best to catch everything but no doubt there were a few mistakes made during this battle, a couple of which you’ve seen were written into this BatRep. Either way it’s a learning experience as we further our knowledge of the game and for Kat especially as she better acquaints herself with her Daemon army! She’s already said she’s not going to assault with Fateweaver like that in the future and has also made some tweaks and additions to her army collection since we played this game thanks to our friend Dorklord Justyn!
Having dug into the Daemon codex while helping Kat try and kill my own forces, I can tell ya that I’m a fan of the Daemons. Their codex is full of crazy shenanigans that one can throw around and holds many builds both competitive and fun. I always been a fan of the Daemon Princes and those Flesh Hounds of Khorne are absolutely crazy in regards of their versatility. Kat plans on bringing more of them the next chance she gets. In fact she has many plans for her Daemonic Army, something which puts a smile on my face as we both can delve further in to this hobby together!

The re-tweak on my Road Warrior list has worked out better than I had hoped. Changing it up from how I played it in 2013, I dropped a unit of Mega Nobz, their Trukk, switched the Ard Boyz to regular boyz, let go of the Deffkoptas & reduced the number of Lootas in order the add in the Biker Warboss and the unit of Nob Bikers! it’s a crazy switcheroo to fit them in but they have easily paid back their points and then some throughout the games I’ve played thus far with them. Kind of makes me wonder why I hadn’t played this unit build sooner?!

Kat and I both hope you liked this BatRep and as always we know there’s room to improve upon it, which will come in time as we do more of them. Any tips and tricks are always welcome!
With that we leave you to your own adventures in the hobby and will catch you all next time.

This is Dorklord Kirk (Skarshak) and DorkLady Kat saying… Keep Them Dice Rolling!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nothing Beats Kustom #10

Welcome back dice rollers! Recently when searching about the various forums and groups throughout the InterWebz, I stumbled across the work of a fellow Mek Head from the UK named "Proiteus". His creations are too incredible not to share and ranks among some of the most inspiring and Kustom work I've seen as of late. Here are some of Da Grot Rebelz Ork Botz by Proiteus... Enjoy.

 This crazy looking Mekanical Greenskin takes on the roll of Da Boss "Kolonel Grotskull"
 Grotskull even has some friends he brings along for a Krump'n good time!

 From what I found on the InterWebz... these have been played as a truly Kustom unit of Nob Bikers!
I can totally see it!
 Da Kolonel even has is own personal "Dakka Drone". I'd like to know the stats he uses for it?!
 Some close up detail of one of the "Ork Botz"
 Ready to dish out a good Krump'n!
Proiteus' talents don't stop there for he's even built up an Ork fort, complete with its own Dakka defences and look out tower.
This is great and no doubt looks fantastic on the tabletop.
Truly exceptional work and creativity has gone into these creations and every greenskin I know who has seen these already has put forth complements on how well these models were done. Absolutely top notch work of which can only inspire us further in our own projects we currently have on the go!
This blog has only scratched the surface, so for more of Proiteus' work, check out his army project log called Da Grot Rebels over on Dakka Dakka and prepare to be blown away by the amount of awesome Kustomizations contained within.
Ill catch ya next time. Skarshak... Out.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Da Mek Heads Have Been Busy!

Hey hey Greenskins!
Skarshak here with another update regarding that "BIG" project I've been working on. Last time ya saw it, the "Deth Kannon" had been mounted to the main body and this project was well under way. Well progress continues as the next step on this crazy journey has been attained (more or less)...
Check this out!

I give you... Da Lifta Droppa!

This is what I call one hell of a B.F.G.! Its a fun project in its own right to put together and there's more pieces here than one would think, yet it all went together with only minimal Kustomization needed on the original sculpt. Being made of resin I found it was naturally a little heavier than most kits... luckily its weight wasn't an issue and Da Meks were able to mount this crazy contraption with no problem at all.

 Yep... that's a big piece of hardware my Meks have put together!

 Once it was mounted, Da Stompa instantly became a menacing sight on my game table!
 Though incomplete, this project is shaping up nicely and is gonna look great once it's finished.
 A close up of the "Cradle"...
...and of the Lifta Droppa "Emitter"
I'm looking forward to unleashing this on upon game table. Being able to throw a few Land Raiders around (among other things) is bound to make anyone's day. The shenanigans that will take place will be the stuff of legend, yet there is still something missing before this Stompa is at least classed as playable?! This brings us to the final part of this project... The Head!
Also courtesy of our friends at Forge World, this variant Stompa Head will finish this project up nicely. It houses the infamous "Gaze of Mork" (or Gork) which is one of the craziest  "D" weapons out there and as you can see in the pic below it's construction is well under way!

Its good to finally be able to look him in Da Eye!
So back to the shop I go for there is still lots to do on my "Big Mek Stompa". Lotz more bitz to add and detailing to do... I can see myself still adding some additional touches well after it enters the many battles its sure to see in the future! Alas a Mek Heads work is never done Hahahahaha!
With that I'll leave you to your own creations as my Meks & I get back to work.
Its also looking good for a big team game tomorrow (Sat, March 8th) so stay tuned for the highlights from that crazy battle.
until then... Keep Them Dice Rolling!