Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bring on Da Lord of War... Gork & Mork are gonna like this!

Greetings Mek Heads!
With celebrating a recent birthday (yay more grey hairs) and the 3rd anniversary with my beloved Dorklady Kat (Love ya Hun), it's been busier than usual around Da Mek Shop... but after long last (LOL some may say too long) it's finally ready for some good ol' fashioned Krump'n... Titan Style!
My friends... I present to you "Gimpy" my Big Mek Stompa!

 Isn't he Purdy?! Probably one of the best builds I've done.
After frazzling a few dozen grots... Da Lifta Droppa is ready to go!
 Da Deff Kannon / Supa Gatler combo is ready to let the Dakka fly.
 Some detail of "Gimpy's" backside!
A close up of Da Head and Da Gaze of Mork (or Gork) powered up!
Even after all the work I've put into this project, there's still a few more tweaks I'm gonna do to it. Mainly some extra gubbinz and of course Da Grot crew still needs to be added. But those will come in due time. What's important is that this sucker is ready to join Waaaagh Skarshak and take the tabletop by storm... hopefully in hilarious fashion! I'm also gonna be using the "Kustom" Stompa rules from Imperial Armour 8 so I can kit "Gimpy" out with some extra shenanigans. Doing so will kit him out as follows:
"Gimpy" Da Kustom Stompa (IA 8)
- Gaze of Mork (D-Weapon Hilarity)
- Lifta Droppa (for Da Lulz)
- Deff Kannon w/ co-ax Supa Gatler (Dakka Dakka Dakka)
- Kustom Mega Blasta (over the right shoulder)
- 5 Hull Mounted Big Shootas
- A Deff Arsenal (for extra shenanigans)
- Power Field x1 ("IMMORTALLITY")
- Repair Krew (in addition to the Meks going inside)
If the math is right and who knows when ya got a bunch of greenskins counting... should come out to a hefty 870pts of Super Heavy Krump'n Fun! Add this to what I've got already painted and that officially puts me past 7000pts of painted greenskins! (7028pts to be exact-ish) Yet as always the machine that is Da Mek Shop continues to add more to Skarshaks ever growing Waaaagh, as next up on the table is Boss RumbleGutz and his Rumbla'z!
Smile ya Gitz!
I've been playing these guys mainly unpainted since January, so its about bloody time they get the paint job they desperately need. In the pic above you'll see Boss RumbleGutz in front on his Kustom Bike with Attack Squig & Power Klaw! Back row from left to right we have a Nob with Waaagh Banner & Power Klaw, A Painboy, and another Nob with Power Klaw, all on Bikes. These guys have already proven themselves on the tabletop and it'll be nice to have 'em match the rest of the army's color scheme.
Keep them dice rolling all, and I'll catch ya next time.
Skarshak - Dorklord Kirk

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Nothing Beats Kustom #11

Welcome back fellow Waaaagh-o-holics!
Ever since the Warzone Tourney last weekend, I couldn't help but wonder how ill eventually build up my new Battlewagon I used my prize certificate on. Searching throughout the land of the Interwebz has always yielded some interesting results, of which our fellow Mek Heads have let themselves shine! Here's just some of the inspiration that is out there.

Do I want to keep with the standard build as I've done before, of which these two (above) show off nicely...
or, shall things get a little more creative?

All of these are definitely works of art and they have given me several ideas.
They do an excellent job of showing off just some of the ways we can Kustomize our projects!
But while were at it...

I could always try to go all out like these absolutely impressive and truly Kustom monstrosities!
If there's one thing about building (and painting) Da Orkz, its that the "so called" rule book has been fed to the Squigs long ago and that we all can have our Inspiration & Imagination let loose upon our many creations.
Be it subtle or incredible, only the sky's the limit on how Kustom we really want to be.
I'm going to go raid my bitz box and perhaps sketch up a few ideas for this future project.
As always... Keep it Kustom!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Back from the WARZONE!

This past Saturday was the WARZONE 40K Kill Team Tournament, hosted by the Dorklords Game Club at Sir Games A lot in Barrie Ontario. 16 players faced off against each other in 6 rounds of intense & crazy 200pt battles the likes of which I haven't seen in ages!

Naturally I brought my Orkz to what I knew from the start would be a good fight against many experienced opponents.
Here's a quick look at my 200pt Kill Team.

Meet "Da Scrap'eadz" - 25 Greenskins ready to Krump everything.
Boss Frak'ead is ready to Waaagh!
 Even the Infamous "Ork in a Box" made his return to the tournament scene.
This army comprised of the following...
- 22 Ork Shoota Boyz
- 2 Big Shoota Boyz
- 1 Nob with Eavy Armour & Power Klaw
**200pts Exactly**
With the current Kill Team rules, 3 of the boyz were selected as Specialists for the event. One of the Shoota Boyz had the "Flashbane" special rule, while both of the Big Shoota Boyz were given the "Sniper" and "Preferred Enemy" special rules respectively. Also the Nob was declared the leader of the Kill Team and was able to select a leader trait of his choice for the event (instead of a D6 roll as normal) and took the trait called "Unshakeable Dedication to Duty", this granted him the "Zealot" special rule (which bestows both Fearless & Hatred special rules). Doing this helped counter the lack of not having the usual "Mob Rule" we greenskins usually enjoy!
Throughout the 6 rounds, I took on the challenges of the Legion of the Dammed, Eldar (Twice), Orkz, Tau, and Necrons.  Each foe proved more challenging than the last and each showed excellent sportsmanship throughout each battle as my Scrap'eadz Shot and Krump'd their way through the day!
Here's a few pics showing the days action:


This is only just a sample of the impressive army's that all the players fielded in their quest for glory. Yet at the end of it all... the points were all tallied and the prizes were handed out. Over 350 bucks in prizes were up for grabs in addition to a Pro-Painted Necron Kill Team that would go to the winner of "Best Sportsman"... how awesome is that!
Here are the results of WARZONE 2014 - probably one of the best days of gaming I've ever had!
1st Place: Andrew M. - Eldar
2nd Place: Kirk M. - Orkz
3rd Place: Jon E. - Tau
Best Presentation: Andrew W. - Deathwatch Space Marines
Best Sportsman: Mike C. - Legion of the Dammed
Heroic Deed of the Day: Sean C. - Chaos Space Marines
Dorklord Door Prize - Don B. - Eldar
Unlucky Dice: Daniel N. - Imperial Guard
Dorklord Founder Ryan, Dorklord Referee Miro & Myself (Dorklord Kirk) strike a pose as I accept my first ever 2nd place prize... which turned out to be 70 bucks worth of swag at Sir Games A lot, which I promptly put towards the following...

 One can never have enough Battlewagons and I also finally picked up Boss Zagstruk to round out my Stormboyz!
I'm still shocked that my Orkz performed as well as they did! I had expected going into the tourney that I would be up against some tough competition and WOWZA was I right! The dice were flying everywhere and we all played at our best as we made our way through each round. Its also very surprising how much strategy goes into playing a 200pt Kill Team and how one must change their tactics considerably when compared to a regular 1500pt or 2000pt game of 40k. One could almost compare it to the play style of... dare I say... Warmachine/Hordes! Every model sure does count when playing a game of Kill Team.
Additional event pictures and the full scorecard can be seen on the Dorklords Game Club facebook group page, along with so much more tabletop goodies, so go check them out and be sure to "Join us" while your there!
Special thanks goes out to Dorklord Miro for helping put together this little shindig, to Vince - the Owner/Manager of Sir Games A lot, for letting us all make a mess of his game room and to everyone who attended this event to throw dice around and to show their support of the hobby we all enjoy. I applaud you all. If it wasn't for all of us the first Warzone Kill Team Tournament wouldn't have been the phenomenal success it became! Again congrats to us all and I look forward to seeing ya all again on the battlefield.
Till then, its back into Da Mek Shop.
Tweaks are already being made to my Kill Team as this tourney showed me what improvements could be made...but ill Ramble on about that soon enough!
Keep them dice rolling all!
Skarshak (Dorklord Kirk)...Out.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Looking Ahead

Well met gamers!
Progress continues on "Da Big Project", be it ever so slowly and with the occasional repair unexpectedly sneaking in there! Frakken Lifta Droppa arm decided to fall away and take a nap on the floor!... LOL damn shoddy Ork craftsmanship.... one of my Meks is gonna get Krump'd for sure. So after some creative greenskin language and DorkLady Kat having a chuckle through it all... Da Droppa (irony) is back in place and looking sharp. I'm crossing my fingers that I wont have to do that again.

 Da Kustom Big Mek Stompa, who has been named "Gimpy" is looking for a good Krump'n!
Always smiling for the camera as it nears completion.
With the Stompa finally nearing completion, I find myself already thinking about the next project. A dangerous thing to ponder in this hobby when one is still has a project on the go. One must stay to the task at hand before moving on to the next... yet I still cant help but think of what to work on next.

After sitting here and considering what I still have in my collection to work on, of which I have many things to choose from... I have landed on what will most likely be next in line. Its only 4 models that I have already taken the time to build, two of which have been given the Kustom treatment. This "unit" has already been included in the Redux of my Road Warrior army and had the glory of taking out the last Daemon Prince during the BatRep featured in the previous blog.

I am of course taking about Da Rumbla'z & Rumblegutz, the Nob Bikers and Warboss Biker respectively.

The remaining Rumbla'z await their paintjob.
Paint job or not, Boss Rumblegutz is ready to WAAAAGH!
It wont take much to get this entire unit painted, which consists of two PK Nobs on bikes, a Kustom Painboy on a bike, and a Kustom Warboss on a bike!

The unit as a whole have already earned their points back several times since I started including them along side the road warriors, so I think it'll be about time they get honored with a proper paint job once the Stompa moves out of Da Mek Shop to join the rest of Waaaagh Skarshak.

I also have a Kustom battlewagon that I want to finish as well (plus many others after that) but that too is for another time as I cannot get too ahead of myself... I fell into that trap years ago when I first started playing Da Orkz & 40k itself. Like so many others, I had built up my collection nicely but it was mostly sporting that nice shade of grey and if it wasn’t for finally sitting down and focusing on one thing at a time... My army wouldn’t be coming up on 7000pts painted. Lesson learned!

So back I go to painting and tweaking "Gimpy" as i'm looking to get some good progress done this week on the Stompa. Its gonna be awesome once this guy hits the battlefield.

Catch ya soon.