Saturday, 31 May 2014

Just in time for the incoming WAAAAGH!

Welcome back Dorklords & Dice Rollers
After the short hiatus, i'm back with my next update from Da Mek Shop. My latest project is now complete and just in time for the new Ork Codex being released a couple weeks from now. It's a unit of Gitz that have been making a glorious mess of things on the battlefield since new years and i'm very happy that they finally have their paint jobs.

Bring on Da Rumbla'z!

Da Rumbla'z is my take upon the Nob Biker Squad and even includes the infamous Warboss on a bike whom I've referred to in earlier posts as "RumbleGutz". This seven man... er, Ork unit has done extremely well in recent months, causing all sorts of shenanigans on the battlefield. Which as we all know is what Da Orkz are all about.

As you can see its a sleeker ride and comes complete with his pet Squig "Flek", Boss RumbleGutz is kitted out with all the gubbinz a Warboss needs to Krump his foes. With the upgrades I chose, RumbleGutz comes in at 160pts! Not too shabby at all for an HQ choice.
Every Nob Squad needs to bring a Painboy along for extra shenanigans and survivability.
I was able to give this guy his own classic ride in order to keep up with the Krump'n!

There are 3 Big Choppa Nobs in this squad, 2 of which are known to bring a Kombi-Skorcha along for the ride.
Here we see this Git is waving his Big Choppa for the camera.

Bosspoles are used for keeping morale amongst the Orkz.
This Power Klaw wielding Greenskin is ready to ensure his squad is moving in the right direction.
Bringing a WAAAAGH Banner along encourages these Rumbla'z fight harder against who ever may be in  their path (Ork Warbikes really don't have any brakes!). This Nob proudly bears the weight of Gork n Mork upon his shoulders. "It's Krump'n Time Boyz!"
This Nob bike Squad, with all the bells & whistles I usually run with, comes in at 425pts! Added to RumbleGutz cost of 160pts, this whole green machine runs me a whopping 585pts... WOWZA! This is definitely a situation where quality overcomes quantity, which is usually the opposite direction one takes when fielding the Orkz. It's worth it though as this is a unit, which many an Ork player can tell ya, will be able to take on any challenge that comes their way!
The "Current" codex did very well in making this a proper Top Tier Ork Unit to field... being one of the many so called Death Stars we greenskins can bring to the table! With the new Ork Codex weeks away, I eagerly await what's in store for them and the future mischief they'll have to offer. Not too long now my friends!
Adding this to the 7028pts I've already painted for WAAAAGH SKARSHAK, this brings the total now up to 7613pts of painted greenskins! Truly awesome, but it does look like I won't reach the 8000pt mark by the time the new codex arrives. That's ok for many of the teasers that have been cropping up throughout the interwebs show that many of the current point costs are going to change... some maybe more so than others. It'll be interesting to see if I can still say I have 7613pts painted after the new codex drops?!
Just another of the many surprises i'm looking forward too, cause if that number does indeed drop... it just means i'll have to get more Orks for Da WAAAAGH!
We all know you can never have enough Orkz!
Keep them dice rolling everyone!
Skarshak... Out.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Nothing Beats Kustom #12

Hey Dice Rollers!
Not too long ago, my good friend, and fellow Mek Head, Kyle Reekie bestowed upon me one of his Kustom creations which is to be added to my ever growing Waaaagh! Its turned out to be a Kustom Warboss to take on the role of "Skarshak" himself in my future games. Kyle created this using his impressive Kustom skills with plasticard, spare bitz, & whatever else he may have laying around his own Mek Shop. He even included a few pics of the process! Take a look.

As you can see it started simple as a foot/lower leg made up of a few lengths of plasticard cut into shape. This quickly escalated into a full lower body and even a base to help it out along its journey.

Using his ramshackle collection of bitz, Kyle skills see the new Warboss starting to take shape nicely. You can see the Ork Boy set up behind this build and doesn't even come to waist height of this new Warboss!

With an uber-sized mitt of a Power Klaw now attached, "Skarshaks" left arm is fashioned as a orkified plasma cannon. It's full stature is now apparent as this Warboss strikes another pose with a nearby Ork Boy!

As you can see... "Skarshak" has been through a lot as he's more machine than Ork and after the addition of a few more bits (including one as a nod to a certain Black Templar player I know) plus a spruced up base... Kyle's creation stands ready for its paint job.
I'm excited as my Waaaagh now has its leader ready to lead the charge in his full Kustom glory!

Kyle says that, including having to deal with some of the more finicky bitz and having to kick a few grots out of the gears, this project took between 8-9 hours to complete (spread out over a couple days). So much work in so little time... Kyle your absolutely crazy. Hahahahahaha... don't change a thing!

I've shown Kyle's work before in a previous blog! Click Here to check that out... you won't be disappointed.

Speaking of painting, "Skarshak" does have to wait as im well into my current project of painting up my own "Kit Bashed" Warboss on a Bike and his Nob retinue... along with a few more (optional) gubbinz for "Gimpy" my Big Mek Stompa!

No self respecting Mek Head is ever finished and has always got something on the go. It's no different here in Da Mek Shop!
I hope you've been inspired to make your next project truly Kustom?! Feel free to show me your creations by posting them on Da Mek Shop Facebook Page! While your there don't forget to click "Like" and I'll catch ya soon.

Keep it Kustom.
Skarshak... Out!