Wednesday, 18 June 2014

There's a new Mek in town!

Welcome back!
Progress continues here in Da Mek Shop as I inch ever closer to clearing off my paint desk of those unfinished projects I've had kicking around for way too long. This time around is the latest of the HQs looking for their paint job as I have finished up another Big Mek! Take a look.

As you can see, this Big Mek has had some additional tweaks made upon it. I expanded on the Kustom Force Field by adding two more "towers" and also equipped it with a proper Burna, complete with the fuel tank latched on to back. This Mek Head is now totally WYSIWYG when it comes to my favorite build for this HQ choice, though it remains to be seen if this will hold true once the codex is released on June 28th! Yes we finally know the release date of the new Ork Codex... 'Bout time too. Only 10 days to go (as of this blog posting).

This Big Mek will come in at 120pts going by its current build which puts me just 17pts shy of 8000pts painted for Waaaagh Skarshak! Meh close enough! Hahahahaha.

Next up to complete in Da Mek Shop is going to be this guy.....

Good ol' Buzzgob from Imperial Armour 8 and his two lackeys Nitnuckle & Lunk. I've only got em primed up at this point but I'm hoping it won't be long till they're all good to go. Even primed up a set of Ork Barricades to act as my Aegis Defence Line in future games... I'll be plugging away at those as well.
Granted I wont have much time in the near future as this coming weekend I'll be heading to the city (Toronto) for the week to catch up with a few old friends. This trip works out well with the bonus that the new Ork Codex will be released during my visit, so you can bet I'll be returning with some new goodies... I have been eyeing up that new Gorkanaut Kit!
Keep them dice rolling all and I'll catch ya once I've returned from the wilds of the concrete jungle!
Until then, this is Skarshak... Out.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Da Boss is Here!

Heya Greenskins!
A few weeks back I had posted one of the Kustom Creations by my friend Kyle Reekie. He had surprised me with a gift that would take on the role of Warboss Skarshak himself in my future games!

Here we see Skarshak in his full unpainted glory.
You can check out how he was built in this previous blog entry!
Fast forward a few weeks and I can now show off the finished model and latest painted addition to Waaaagh Skarshak.
What better than Da Boss himself!
 He's more Machine now than Ork... Twisted & Evil!
 Side shot of some trophy's and Skarshak's Kustom Supa-Blasta.
 Smile for Da WAAAAAGH!
A Proper Trophy! In honor of a fellow Dorklord.
Wagrimm "Da Krumpa" Skarshak... has now entered the game!
Kyle Reekie, you do good work. This model was a fun one to paint up, even if it was a bugger to get into a few places LOL. I still may add some extra touches to the base, but for now, Da Boss is good to go and just in time for the new Ork Codex due out shortly.

For now seeing as I already have Ghazghkull Thraka included in the points for my "Painted" Waaaagh, I'm going to point up Skarshak as a Mega Armoured Warboss (for now). This will see him at 130pts.

Add that to the 120pts for these guys I also recently painted up.......

Waaaagh Skarshak now has a new "Painted" total of 7863pts!
I may actually see 8000pts before the next codex arrives after all! Funny that. 
I'll keep ya posted for sure and wish you all the best in your current and future painting endeavors.
Until the next dice rolls.
Skarshak... Out!