Monday, 28 July 2014

Traits of Character: Part 2

We're back and as promised I've got some more shiny new gubbinz for ya!
Last time I had posted up a Kustom set of Ork Warlord Trait Cards from Codex: Orks that you can use as a physical reminder of which trait your Warboss has during your future games.

This time around I give you a second set of Warlord Trait Cards as presented in the new Waaagh! Ghazghkull Supplement.


I also have another "Bonus" card for you to use when your ready to call your WAAAGH! while fielding the Beast of Armageddon himself!
Make it Good and make it LOUD! Hur Hur Hur.
Feel free to add these to your collection and I hope that they'll see lots of use in many Orky games to come.
Designing both sets of cards has been a lot fun and I'll no doubt do up a set that corresponds to the Warlord Traits found in the 7th edition 40k Rulebook. Those will be posted as I get to them, and who knows... maybe sooner than later!
Hahahahaha... I'm already getting a few ideas.
Enjoy the Kustom Warlord Trait Cards and I'll catch ya next time.
Keep Them Dice Rolling.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Traits of Character!

Greetings gamers, Skarshak here with your next dose of Orky goodness! Huzzah.
Some of you who know me, have seen me play a game or 3 using a certain set of Warlord Trait cards. I'd randomly draw from this deck instead of rolling on the chart as per BRB rules. It was a little more random and seeing that the Orkz didn't have their own set of codex traits, I was stuck using the rulebook Traits... this just made it more fun!

Click Here as this the link to where I originally found the Warlord Trait cards online a while back.
Many (but not all) of the current 40k codices are covered and I encourage you to use them.

With the new release of our beloved Ork Codex, I decided to jump on board and create my own set of Ork Warlord Trait Cards, as the site above has not been updated as of this blog posting.

I present them to you all as an option for your own personal use in your future games... Enjoy!

The primary use of these cards is to physically show which trait you have "rolled" for the game. Many times have I seen others forget about their trait for the entire game... I myself have even been guilty of it. It happens to us all from time to time and hopefully with these cards Gork n Morks intentions will be a tad more clear.
Here's a "Bonus" card for you all to have some fun with.
Show it to your opponent and throw it in the air when you call a mighty WAAAGH!
Your Neighbours will love you!
Naturally these cards are made for Fan Use only and no Legal Shenanigans are ever intended through their use. It's what da Oomies call Common Sense, but if ya do come across some git trying to make a few teef off em... give him a wollop and feed em to da Squigs. Hur Hur Hur.

Stay Tuned as ill be posting up a set of the Traits out of the Waaagh! Ghazghkull supplement. Give me a couple days for those. With that I'll catch you greenskins next time.


Saturday, 5 July 2014

Shiny New Gubbin'z!

Greetings Boyz (& Girlz), with my city trip done its back to work in Da Mek Shop and I brought some new gubbinz back with me to tinker with! Like so many of you Greenskins out there, I was able to pick up the new Ork codex, along with a few other goodies, and i'm happy to say i'm pleased with what I've seen thus far!

After reading the new codex a couple times, a lot of the adjustments that were made I agree with, such as the Dakka Jets Waaagh shooting changing to +1 shot per gun and Boss Nobs (in Boyz Squads) being able to take Kombi-Skorchas... Yay more fire! Sadly there are some changes that have made me scratch my head a bit... the changes to Cybork Body & the Mob Rule being the two that stick out the most to me ....Sigh!
A more in depth review will come in time but for now, even with the changes GW's design team has made (the crazy Gitz that they are), I can tell ya that Da Orkz are here to stay. As always we adapt quickly and will be Krump'n everything in our path for ages to come! Nothing is going to slow down DA WAAAAGH!

Along with the various other projects on the go, I just had to crack open the new kits I snagged along side the codex and it sure didn't take me long once I got back to Da Mek Shop to get them built up.
First up... Those Flashy Gitz!

Holy Bitz Batman... probably one of the most packed kits in 40k. The amount of bitz that comes with the Flash Gitz is crazy good. They are able to be built in a ton of different ways and you'll have lots of spare bitz for your other orky creations down the road! Something we Mek Heads always like to see.
Next up... Da Dokta is in!

Next to the Flash Gitz above, the new Painboy model is one of my favorites among the new Ork releases! Sadly its a mono pose figure, but that doesn't stop this guy from showing off his character! I added in the Marine Helmet to enhance his pose slightly and to show off some Ork Kultur!

"Alas poor Oomie... I Krump'd ya good!"
Aside from a few Kill Team games (which are always a blast), I have yet to have my first big game with the new codex. I'll be sure to fill ya all in once that does happen as Waaaagh Skarshak is itching to let loose with some new shiny toys!
Back to paint desk I go as there's always something being worked on here in Da Mek Shop.
Catch ya next time all, this is Skarshak... Out.