Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Greenskins Assemble!

Greetings Dorklords!
In April 2013 I had gathered up my entire painted Ork army to show you all. At that time it had came in at 208 models and 5005pts all painted up... now 16 months later I think its time for an update!
As my Waaagh! continues to grow, i'm happy to show you where it now currently sits as a Painted army.
Ringing in with 273 models and 8165pts (incl. various upgrades), I give you....

Its got a bit of everything from Trukks, Dakka Jets, Boom Wagons, Lootas, Tank Bustas, Deffkoptas, Grot Tanks, Killa Kanz, Nob Bikers , Tonz of Boyz, even a couple of our very own Lords of War!... plus a whole bunch more. Waaaagh Skarshak has an excellent assortment to take on virtually any foe and is proud to say we have a lot of fun doing so every single time!
Regardless of the army, it's always impressive to see everything on display!
Wont be long before i'm gonna need a bigger table. LOL
Good old BOOM Wagon.
Da Rumbla'z (Nob Bikers) are always ready for a Krump'n!
Herd'n Da Grots.
Da Kan Wall on Da March!
Da Armor'd Core Rolls Out.
Looking Down on Da Horde... One of my favorite pic's!
 Sneaky lil Git!
Lord "GIMPY" - Da Big Mek Stompa
 Wagrimm "Da Krumpa" Skarshak is very pleased with how his WAAAGH! has progressed!
Again with 273 models Painted and totalling 8162pts with the usual upgrades i'd normally take in a typical game (so this could be higher if I maxed out with all the options), my collection of Greenskins continues to grow and hilariously Krump its way around the region.
On top of this I've got around another 2500 to 3000pts of Orky goodness to build and paint up, which will eventually stand along side Waaagh Skarshak. As always there's something to work on here in Da Mek Shop!
I'll eventually be posting these pic's (and more) of WAAAAGH SKARSHAK to Da Mek Shop facebook page. So please check it out, plus all the additional Orky fun, and be sure click on "Like" if ya haven't done so already!
Keep building and painting and I'll catch ya on the battlefield!
Skarshak... Out.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Nothing Beats Kustom #13

It's been a while but it's that time again when something comes along that makes you pause and soak in the Awesome.
When the Bitz decide to all fall into place that make ya go WOWZA!
This time around our fellow Mek Head Dobson Stancill has Looted up one of those impressive Oomie creations.

Behold & Enjoy... Da Kustom Looted Knight!
 This is one Krazy Awesome Kit Bash!
 "Are you look'n at me?"
 DAKKA in its truest form.
 The detail that Dobson put in to this build is Fantastic...
... Seriously, It's a thing of Beauty!
This is a truly inspiring build that Dobson has created, of which I hope it'll get those creative juices flowing in all of us as we go about our own creations! Ya did good Mr. Stancill... Gork n Mork will surely be proud of the work you put in to this. We'll be keeping an eye out for your future Kustom creations!
Till next time ya bunch of Greenskins!
Skarshak... Out.