Thursday, 29 January 2015

Get'n Da Boyz Ready!

Greetings dice rollers and welcome back!

This upcoming Saturday (Jan 31) I'll be heading out to Jacks on Queen in Elmvale, ON to take part in their latest 40k event. A friendly competition that will see us roll countless dice while fighting for those coveted bragging rights! Newer and experienced players alike will be fielding 750pts from their respective codex... here is what I've decided to bring this time.

Coming in just 2pts shy of the mark, this list is pretty straight forward and yet has proved itself in the past many times. It includes a good combination of speed, firepower & endurance, all the while cranking out the hilarity... simply cuz we can!

Leading the charge once again will be Warboss Dakka-Klaw, a mega-armored beast who just happens to be bringing a Lucky Stikk into battle. With him are 3 Mega Nobz who are ready to krump anything their boss points at. They'll be riding in a Trukk for that ramshackle fun!

Flanking Dakka-Klaw will be 2 squads of boyz led by their trusty PK Nobz, whom will all be barreling across the field in Trukks of their own.

Running along side and blasting the crap out of everything (hopefully) are a trio of Warbuggy's who are eager to turn this event into a killer fireworks show.

Speaking of fireworks... backing up the whole lot is a squad of Lootas. With more bullets than brains, these gitz are ready to let loose all the Dakka they can muster. We all know it can never be enough Dakka!

If all goes well Da Orkz will taste victory once again... or make a glorious mess in the attempt! Either way it's gonna be a good day of dice rolls. Stay tuned as I'll be doing a recap of the shenanigans and of how Team Skarshak fare throughout the event.

Not long to go now... urge to WAAAAAAAGGGHH rising!

Catch ya soon.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

There’s still life in the ol’ blog yet!

Happy New Year Everyone & Welcome Back to Da Blog!

After a short hiatus, it’s time to blow the dust away and krak on with all things Ork.. Well most things! LOL

2015 hopes to bring some great accomplishments with WAAAAGH SKARSHAK. First of which is the goal to reach 10,000pts of painted greenskins by the end of this year. It was one of the original goals I had set for myself back when I started playing the Orkz in 2009, I can happily say that goal is now in sight… I just have to keep motivated with my painting. I currently sit at 8,457pts painted and have several things on the go right now. It’s only a matter of time for those projects to be completed and added to the ever growing Waaaagh!

Take Note: The points listed above are how I would usually field and equip my Orkz in any particular game of 40k. By no means have I simply maxed them out to get this total. If I did that… the number would indeed be higher! Doing it this way gets me off my green butt to paint more, as I have many more models to complete.

Da Mek Shop facebook page has been holding strong and steadily growing for over a year now. At just over of 230 likes right now, another goal would be to see that number well over 400+ by Dec 31st. You can check it out here and be sure to click like if you haven’t done so already! Some of the ol’ articles I had done on the blog have taken new forms on that page, as I’ve found that they have been easier to share through there. But don’t be surprised if they once again get a more detailed write up here on the blog from time to time.

One thing I definitely want to get back into the swing of are the “Ramblings of a Mek Head”, which were my take on certain units and builds out of the Ork codex. Part tactica and part unit review, I did my best to express the pro’s and con’s of the topic in question. Now that we are well past the release of the new Ork codex and supplements, I (like many of us) have adapted to the new rules, both good and bad, for the greenskins. We’ve learned a great many things, many of which I’ll be sharing with you all in (hopefully) many blog entries to come.

I also want to post more Battle Reports! Mainly cause they are fun to do and you never know what’s going to happen when the dice start rolling. So why not share the shenanigans with everyone! In the past through this blog there have already been a few “Written” BatReps posted and the plan is to add more as time progresses. They will be in the “written” format to start but who knows… a ramshackle video BatRep may also be in the cards! Either way i'm looking forward to those games.

Along with the above I'll be throwing in some other random goodness in from time to time as well. How regular these blog entries will be from here on out is hard to say, but one things for sure is that Da Mek Shop isn’t going anywhere and there is so much more to do. Hahahaha… I’m looking forward to it.

Till then, keep those dice rolling!
Kirk (aka Skarshak)… out.