Monday, 16 February 2015

Lets build a Mini Waaagh Tower!

Greetings Gamers. Its a cold day here in Canada, the thermometer said -30.c early this morning before the windchill.
Yikes even for us Canucks... that's chilly!

A while back on Da Mek Shop facebook page I had shared a few pics of a Mini Waaagh! Banner Objective Marker that I had whipped together. Since then I've been asked by many on how exactly they were made. Well today i'm gonna show ya!

Here's what the finished Objective Marker will look like... remember this!

In the above pic you'll see all the bitz I used to make two of these markers.
Keep in mind this is an ork project, so you don't have to have perfect angles when doing your prep.
Each marker will include a list of the following materials.

Plasticard (Great Stuff)
- Square x1: cut to 1 inch on all sides
- Lengths x4: cut to 1 inch x 1/4 inch
- Small triangles x12: use the pic above for a size, but its your call how you want these to look.

Sprue Bitz (I know you have some left over from your last project)
- Long Beam x3: roughly 1 1/8 of an inch in length
- Short Beam x3: about 5/8 of an inch in length

Throw in one 25mm infantry base and your ready to build.

Step one is to glue the 3 long beams of sprue to the 25mm base like a tripod.
Grab the 1 inch square of plasticard and glue to the top of the tripod.
You may need to sand the top of the tripod a bit to get the square to sit level.
 Now take the 3 short beams of sprue and glue them to the tripod on an angle, like so.
 Next we take the 4 lengths of plasticard and glue them to 'box' in the top of our objective marker.
This doesn't have to look perfect at all, but you may need to trim the lengths so they fit all around.
 Again this step doesn't need to be perfect... glue on the small triangles (3 per side) to the 'box'.
Slap em on there in various angles to get that orky look.
 I forgot to add this to the original pic of materials... a roughly cut, wedge shaped piece of plastic card just under an inch in length. I'll let you decide on it's final size!
Once you have that ready, glue it on to one of the sides of the tripod as you see in the pic above.
Well done, you now have your first Mini Waaagh! Banner Objective Marker.
For you Dawn of War players... I believe your population just went up! LOL
Why stop there when you can build another?!
Now go ahead and paint it up to look similar to this.

Here's a size comparison next a grot oiler! 

 Need to number which objective is what... a D6 fits nicely in the top of your new objective!

I'm not going to include a painting tutorial for this project. I'll let you decide on the final paint scheme for your new objective markers. This is a fun project and including prep, you could probably have one of these done up in an hour.
I do hope you enjoyed this little project and make sure you send me a pic or two of yours when your finished making your own.
Catch ya all soon...

Monday, 2 February 2015

A Fun Time at Jacks!

Waaaagh! & Welcome Greenskins!

This is a long one so get comfy!
Last Saturday (Jan 31) was the 750pt event at Jacks on Queen in Elmvale Ontario. I joined in along side several others from around the Ontario Sub-Sector for what would be another good day of dice rolls! Its was 3 rounds of craziness of which Team Skarshak was more than ready to take on.

You can be sure the infamous Ork in a Box wasn't going to miss the fun!
After we all got sorted, the first match ups were announced and this saw Team Skarshak face off against The Tyranids.
Oi ya gitz, it's time for a Bug Hunt!
Round 1: vs. Tyranids - Emperors Will / Dawn of War
Orkz vs Tyranids - Game 1 Deployment.
Turn 1 saw both sides move about the field and trade shots. Several Hormagants were shot to bits by Big Shoota fire while the Lootas managed to take 2 wounds off the Hive Tyrant who stood in defiance of the Ork menace. The Tyranids firepower proved less effective but nearly made the Lootas run after losing 2 of their own but the dice gods though it better they stick around.
The Boyz eye up their next target!

Turn 2 would see the Boyz do what they do best as they ran up upon both the Tyranid Warriors and The Hive Tyrant (whom had stayed on the ground in the previous turn). Ork shooting proved hilarious once again but that didn't phase us as combat ensued. Overwatch proved little as 2 units of boyz went wild. Gork n Mork was on their side as everyone witnessed both the unit of Warriors and The Hive Tyrant taken down by the greenskins (First Blood & Warlord Kill). This caused the Nids to lose their synapse with each other which saw things get instinctive! This didn't stop the gaunts much and they engaged combat with the nearby unit of boys who had just took out the warriors, but both Carnifex simply lumbered about, lost in the synaptic backlash.
Turn 3 and the Orks aren't backing down. Impressive ork shooting sees one of the Fex's taken down and the other shot up good, thanks in part to the Warbuggy's finally outflanking onto the field in the Nids deployment zone. The Boyz & Guants hack away at each other, both seemingly lost in the carnage. The Hormagants actually prove the better as they feast upon the boyz, but their numbers have dwindled considerably due to the melee. They consolidate towards their home objective in an attempt to salvage what they can. The lone Carnifex makes for the ork lines but still seems to be in a haze.
Turn 4 and the impossible happens as one of the Ork Trukks decides to go for it and actually Tanks Shocks the remaining Carnifex. The beast tries to take out the Trukk as it comes at him but to no avail. The impact is explosive! The Orkz let out a mighty WAAAAGH as they literally run the Carinex down with their Trukk... who'd a thought that would happen! The rest of the Gaunts are taken out by Shoota, Rokkit and Loota fire. The game ends with the Orks wiping the Tyranids from the battlefield. Score one for Team Skarshak.
After a hearty handshake from my opponent, we waited for the other games to finish up and took a small break as we waited for the second round to begin.
Round 2: vs. Imperial Fists - Big Guns Never Tire / Vanguard Strike
Orkz vs Imperial Fists - Game 2 Deployment
Turn 1 The lines are drawn and the Orkz don't even wait for their boss to say get em as all 3 Trukks roar all out across the battlefield towards the Imperial Fists. The space marine captain, the nearby centurions and the tactical marines shake their head in disgust at the recklessness of the greenskins. Distracted by this, the marines are taken back as their Captain is wounded by a long range Loota shot! Naturally it doesn't take long for the marines to get sorted as they reposition and open fire upon the incoming Orkz. Graviton and Rocket fire see 2 of the Trukks immobilized in their tracks while the 3rd Trukk explodes dumping Boss Dakka-Klaw himself and his Mega Nob retinue on to the battlefield (First Blood) One of the Manz is further wounded by a plasma shot from the Imperial Fist Captain.
Turn 2 sees the Orkz right on the marines doorstep. Both Boyz squads disembark from their immobile Trukks and along with the Mega Squad advance upon the marines. The Lootas score another wound on the Captain who is then absolutely shot to pieces by Dakka-Klaw and the Mega Nobz (Warlord Kill) The Boyz shoot into the centurions and a unit of marines before running head first in to combat with their respective targets. Combat is a mess and sees the tactical squad of marines and surprisingly the centurions both taken down by the Orkz who then advance upon the remaining marines. The Imperial Fists aren't done yet as the remaining Marine Sgt takes command and orders his marines to regroup and focus all their fire power on the nearest group of Orkz! Only one greenskin is left standing and promptly runs away from the impressive show of firepower!

Da Orkz Krump'n their way through the Imperial Fists.
Turn 3 Dakka Klaw, the Mega Nobz and the remaining Boyz unleash the power of the Waaagh into the marines and with their guns blazing, get in to combat range. The melee is a meat grinder and the Imperial Fists fight to the last man in the Emperors name, The Orkz have eliminated their foe and claimed another battlefield. That's now two for Team Skarshak.
Another handshake and some good ol' banter see us in take our 2nd game break as the results of round 2 are tallied up! It turns into a proper lunch break as some of are hungry after all the dice rolls and we all have a good time discussing the days events up to that point and wonder who the final match ups will be!
After we'd had our fill, the 3rd and final round was declared and I found myself facing off against an old friend... this was going to be good!
Round 3: vs. Ultramarines - Crusade / Dawn of War
I'm an idiot and completely forgot to take pics of the final game.... I know, I know......... LOL
Turn 1 Still fresh from Krump'n the Imperial Fists, the Orkz have repaired their Trukks and are ready to take on their next challenge, which promptly shows up as a Storm Eagle Gunship lands upon a nearby Sky Shield Landing Pad. They are joined by 2 Land speeders while a unit of marines leaves the gunship, takes point upon the sky shield and engage its defences. The Orkz make ready for the next battle yet before Boss Dakka-Klaw gives the word... its the Ultramarines taking flight and unleashing the emperors wrath upon the greenskins. Almost instantly one Trukk is immobilized while Dakka-Klaws Trukk is reduced to scrap once again (First Blood) and 2 Lootas are vaporised by the firepower of the Storm Eagle. The Lootas barely hold their ground as the Orks begin their advance. The Marines have been monitoring the Ork Tactics from their battle with the Imperial Fists and stay well out of range of the Ork advance. The Orks only viable target is to shoot at the Gunship overhead but their bullets do nothing to the hull of the ship.
Turn 2 The Ultramarines continue their impressive show of force as they maneuver around the Orkz. Their superior firepower sees the Lootas simply erased from existence and one of the Mega Nobz is killed while it still tries to free itself from the wreckage of the Trukk. One group of Boyz head for the nearest objective seeing that their own Trukk is down for the count. Dakka-Klaw and the remaining Manz slowly advance upon their foe as the remaining Trukk Squad of boyz secures center field. The Warbuggy's finally show up after failing to show up against the Imperial Fists, their Rokkits failing to hit their mark. The rest of Ork shooting sees a similar result.
Turn 3 Another impressive round of shooting from the Ultramarines as more greenskins fall and yet the Orks shockingly still hold their ground as they do whatever they can to survive against the enemy's tactics. The Marines hear the Orks yell a thunderous WAAAAGH!!! as Dakka-Klaw bolsters his boyz and they all stand in defiance... Fearless against the Oomie scum! One again the shootas of the Orkz prove little against the Marines vehicle armor circling around them.
Turn 4 The shooting gallery continues! The Ultramarines have proven the better in this battle but are letting their frustrations show as the greenskins stand their ground. Many more Orkz are killed. Dakka-Klaw yells "Iz Dat All Ya Gotz" and the marines realise that these Orkz aren't like the usual greenskins they've come across in the past. The Orkz do all in their power to secure what ground they can as the Ultramarines circle like vultures... awaiting for the inevitable defeat of their foe. Their leader quietly stating to himself "It's only a matter of time".
Turn 5 Sees the Ork forces a mere shell of what they were and yet they hold on! Marine firepower continues to dwindle the greenskins and their leader, a Librarian, tries to end this by using his powers against the Orkz but to little effect. Between the firepower of the Storm Eagle Gunship, the Land Speeders and the Marines on the ground... to our amazement, its the Orkz who (barely) control more objectives than the Ultramarines! I pray to Gork n Mork and let out a Waaagh of my own and we roll off to see if the game ends! Gork n Mork must be getting lunch of their own as I roll a 5 on the dice and the game continues on! Bah... so close. Hahahahaha
Turn 6 Its over quickly as the Ultramarines thoroughly take victory from the Orks and lay waste to Dakka-Klaw and the handful of remaining greenskins. Naturally you cant win em all and that puts Team Skarshak at 2-1 on the day. Not to shabby at all.
What no one sees, in the wastes of the battlefield, the ground stirs as the familiar Power Klaw of the Ork Boss breaks through the surface. It'll take more than that to defeat Dakka-Klaw!
After is was all said in done, we congratulated each other on a successful event and had a good laugh about all the shenanigans that took place throughout the day. The final scores were revealed and it was a close one between the top army's. Only a handful of points separated the top 3 and 1st overall went to my friend Kyle W. (in his first ever 40k event) who brought the Imperial Guard (astramil-o-whatsis). 2nd went to my old friend Mike C. and his Ultramarines whom I had just been humbled by. LOL. I personally took 3rd place and was surprised to also be awarded with Best Sportsman, which is the first time I've ever been granted that award! Awesome.
As expected, it was another great time at Jacks on Queen and thank you to Kim & Tim for hosting such a great event once again. We'll all be at it again near the end of February... I cant wait, and ill be sure to be better with the camera. Hahahaha
Keep them dice rolling all!
Kirk M. aka Skarshak... out.