Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Getting Ready to WAAAAGH!

Welcome Gamers.
While having the Meks continue to build up the 2nd Morkanaut for the Dread Mob and clean up after another random act of grot violence (buggers get into everything)... I find myself thinking ahead to an upcoming Kill Team event hosted by the Dorklords Game Club here in Ontario, Canada on April 18th.

Here is Team Skarshaks winning 2nd place team from last years event.
25 Shootas & 2 Big Shootas was enough to make a glorious mess of things!
This year marks the 2nd time the Dorklords have hosted such an event and my boyz are itching to repeat and cause as much shenanigans as possible. Yet what to field this time around...
 Similar to last years build, how does 30 Boyz sound?!
20 Shoota Boyz & 10 Slugga Boyz to run rampant while bringing the pain.
 How about a more conservative list?
15 Shoota Boyz and 3 Rokkit Koptas to bring that AP 3 goodness.
 Maybe 20 Shoota Boyz and 3 Warbikers to run amuck?
 Sod the Boyz... How bout a full 9 man Warbiker unit, incl a PK Nob?
(Pic shows one to many bikers for 200pts... whoops)
Or should the Legion of Boom take to the field in the form of 8 Tankbustas and 3 Rokkit Koptas?!
Explosions everywhere... Michael Bay would be so proud! LOL
When it comes to fielding a 200pt Kill Team list, the possibilities can be endless, and no doubt I will come up with a few more ideas between now & then. I already know that the 30 Boyz list shown above does considerably well as there is just to many body's for my opponent to handle... most of the time. That and I like seeing the Kill team equivalent of a Green Tide run around the table top! As time draws near, I'll make the final call and ill be sure to show ya all what will be representing Team Skarshak at this years event.
Of the above ideas which one would you pick, or do you have an idea of your own? Let me know in the comments below, or on Da Mek Shop facebook page along side this post.
Kill Team is a great format to play for 40k and I'm looking forward to try as many ideas as I can before game day.
Time to get the Boyz in gear!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Rise of Da Walkers - Update 1

Greetings Waaagh-o-Holics!
It's been busy here in Da Mek Shop since the last blog, when I told ya about the new Spring project of building the Dread Mob formation from the Waaagh! Ghazghkull supplement.

Well I can happily say that the mekz have kranked out the first Morkanaut for Waaaagh! Skarshak. Huzzah!

This is a fun & easy kit to build up and definitely bestows that walker feel during construction. Its a good size and will be sure to draw a lot of attention once it gets fielded with the rest of the formation. I say bring it on!
Da family is start'n to come together

He's already got a big smile in anticipation of the Krump'n to come!
Kitted out with some Grot Riggers and the ever popular Kustom Force Field, the Morkanaut comes in at a hefty 300pts!
Dats a lot of Teef, LOL. Yet that's ok for when it comes to the Dread Mob, its meant for those bigger games where anything and everything is gonna get Krump'd. A propah Kan Wall that marches its way across the battlefield taking on all that would stand up to it! Hur hur hur... I cant wait.
But work continues...
Construction of Morkanaut #2 has already begun!
I'm looking forward to getting this one done so I can see them side by side... now just to pick the main color, LOL.
Stay tuned for more as there is still lots to do.

Skarshak... Out!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Rise of Da Walkers!

WAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!!! Hail and well met fellow Greenskins.
Spring is upon us once again and with that we find ourselves digging out and cleaning up after another rough winter. Its a time of new beginnings and renewed focus. This is no different in the hobby we all share, as the winter can be a downer for many of us as our productivity can be hindered a great deal. Well here in Da Mek Shop its time to shake off those winter cobwebs and focus on Waaagh Skarshak bolstering part of its forces.

In our older codices we came to know this build as the Kan Wall, but these days it can be found in the Waaagh! Ghazghkull supplement as Da Dread Mob!

This formation consists of 1 Big Mek, 1 Painboy, 3 Deff Dreads, 3 units of Killa Kanz (min. of 3 per unit), and 2 Gorkanauts or Morkanauts (in any combination). As you can see in the pic above, I have some work to do to meet the minimum requirements so I can field this formation. The Deff Dread I've been sitting on for a while now and if ya saw the recent post made to Da Mek Shop's FB page, then you'll know that the 2 Gork/Morkanauts were just acquired late last week. Huzzah!

It didn't take long for me to have the first 'Morkanaut' built in to its main pieces, for easier painting.
Da Klaw begins to take shape... I'm digging the Khorne Red!
 This Big Mek will be getting some touch ups as well.
 My ol' Painboy will be glad to be on the warpath again....
Yet... this project does give me the opportunity to finally paint this new Pain Boy!
Decisions... decisions! Hahahaha.
Da Dread Mob will be my main focus for the Spring, as I want to see this running amuck throughout the summer and beyond. Back when I started playing the Orkz in 2009, it didn't take me long to have the Kan Wall up and running. It was a great army to play and it won me many of games as it Krump'd its way through the ol' game club.
With 7th edition now firmly in place and some newer models to tinker with, I look forward to re-learning this build, discovering the tactics it takes to succeed with it, and overall just causing as much shenanigans I can when playing Da Dread Mob. Gork n Mork will be pleased with this one.
Keep an eye out for the next update on this build, as not only has this renewed my drive to build and paint, but this also goes towards the goal of getting Waaaagh Skarshak to 10,000pts painted by the end of the year.
Catch ya soon.