Sunday, 19 April 2015

Kill Team... Gotta Love It!

WAAAAAAAAAGH! & Well met Gamers.

Yesterday was the 2nd Warzone Kill Team event hosted by the Dorklords Game Club @ Jacks on Queen in Elmvale ON. Close to 20 dice rollers from across Ontario attended what was indeed a fantastic day of gaming and proving once again that the Kill Team format for 40k is a total blast to play.

In the last blog I had gone over some of the choices I was pondering for this event! After a bunch of test games prior to the event, I settled on ol' faithful which was what I call the Green Tide for Kill Team games.

30 Boyz! In Kill Team there's just to many body's for your opponent to deal with... most of the time. Consisting of 20 Shoota Boys (Troop choice #1) & 10 Slugga & Choppa Boyz (Troop Choice #2), its really a simple straight forward list. Hit em with tons of Dakka and then Krump em in close combat! Repeat where necessary. LOL

The day was 6 rounds of good crazy fun, of which Team Skarshak took on the following army's (in this order):
Legion of the Damned, Harlequins, Clan Raukaan Marines, Necrons, Tau, & Necrons.

Each team brought their own batch of tricks and each round saw both sides giving their all in order to claim the coveted prize. At the end of the day however Da Boyz did better than ever and pulled off a final scorecard of 5 Wins, 1 Draw, & 0 losses. How crazy is that!
Yet due to the final points tally at the end of the day, which was very very close from what we were told... Team Skarshak Scored 2nd over all, repeating the same placing achieved at last years Kill Team event!

2nd Overall scored me a shiny new Silver Medal and a box of the new Ad-Mech Skitarii! Very Cool.
Here's a few pics from the days shenanigans!

 The sounds of dorkness & dice rolls in full swing.
Battle lines were drawn with the best intentions!
This was my favorite table set up to play on! Can you spot the Ork in a Box?!
 Another example of the many great table set ups we got to play on during the day.
Helz Yeah... We'z weren't da only Boyz muckin about!

The Eldar wouldn't miss this event for the world!

The new Harlequins showed up and proved to be Masters of Trickery!

The Legion of the Dammed could smell the Heresy throughout the event!

Here's the Necrons that won for Best Presentation. Congrats CJ
His display even had guardsman shown in the process of getting disintegrated by Gauss fire!
I gotta say thanks to everyone for coming out to this event and making it another fantastic success in the local gaming community. Competition aside, it's gatherings like this that make me enjoy this hobby so much more. With such a diverse group of gamers in the area, there's always something fresh to see and talk about, tips and tricks to be shared and hilarity all around. Always makes for a great time.
Now that this event has passed, it's time to get back to work on the Dread Mob.
Till next time.