Thursday, 14 May 2015

Nothing Beats Kustom #14

After a tad of a hiatus, its time to prove once again that Nothing Beats Kustom!... been a while eh!
We all seek inspiration for our various creations in the world of tabletop gaming and ideas can come from all sorts of places.
To kick things off this time around, I offer you but a taste from some of the best around the community!

Bring on Da Bikerz!
Ork Warbikers, Nob Bikers, BOSS Bikers.... no matter what form they come in, they are always gonna make a good mess of things on the battlefield. So it makes sense that we want dem sukkas looking good for Gork & Mork.
 Like this classic fan favorite that always keeps popping up around the InterWebz.
'Orkira' will not be denied!
 Many Gitz like to show off their crazy skillz!
Is Intimidation your thing... This Nob has it in spades!
 Kit Bashing is an great Ork pastime, one we'll never ever grow tired of.
KFF Bikers are now showing up everywhere... A long time coming in my book!
 Equal parts sleek and deadly... say ello to my BOOMSTIKK!
When worlds collide! Gork Rider is always ready for some Krump'n!
 Another favorite build that's popping up a lot.
No bike is complete without the 'trusty' Shokk Attack Gun!
 Lastly (but not least) for you Gitz who want to take things to an entirely 'nother level...
You may see this most epic of creations rumbling around a road near you!
Dat's a REAL frakken Ork Warbike!!!
Ork Bikers in all forms are seeing a lot of action these days, so why not trick em out with all the gubbinz they deserve. No matter where you get your ideas, no matter how long it takes you to create your ramshackle masterpiece, keep that creativity flowing, and as always... Keep it Kustom.
Till next time D'Orkz
Skarshak... Out.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Rise of the Walkers - Update 2

Greetings Waaaagh-O-Holic's
Progress continues here at Da Mek Shop as the next big piece of the Dread Mob puzzle is finally complete. Da Mek 'Eadz have done good by Kranking out the 2nd Morkanaut... Grot shenanigans not withstanding! Lil buggers...

The Gork/Morkanaut kit has quickly become one of my favorites to build among the Ork line up.
Originally built with its head painted blue, I decided to swap heads with the red Morkanaut!
The effect of which made for a better look over all.

Da Brothers in Arms (er Dakka) , I officially dub thee 'Hack' (red) & 'Slash' (blue).
You geeks out there will (should) know where I borrowed their names from?!
+10 InterWebz points for those who do!

As it sits right now... here's were we stand with the Dread Mob at this point!
We're just missing one more thing...
Looks like Mek Boss Gobwort is already on the ball!
This is the final Deff Dread needed to complete the standard Dread Mob formation
Its been sitting boxed up long enough... time to Krak on with the build.
My anticipation grows to get the Dread Mob on the battlefield. As a fan of the Kan Wall of old, it'll be good to be playing this style of army once again. 14 walkers (to start... yes you can add more) plus goodies is nothing to dismiss easily, doesn't matter what army your playing! These guys are gonna make a glorious mess of things! Hahaha, soon my friends.
With that I'll see ya next time.