Monday, 29 June 2015

Nothing Beats Kustom #15

Welcome back D'Orkz!
As you may know, every once in a while I like to share off a truly Kustom piece of work created by someone in da Ork community, and once again we are not disappointed with the creativity that we Orkz can provide!

Greenskins I present to you...
Da Red Russet
by 'Mek Boss' William Curtis Combs from California USA
Boss Combs has truly outdone himself with his creation.
Ya did good my friend, Gork n Mork are very pleased!

As the Red Russet takes a spin for us, you can see the amount of detail that's been worked into this kustom creation.
Many Bitz, Much Gubbinz, Lotz-o-Rivets! WAAAAAAAGH!!!


It takes a certain kind of Mek to build something like this for their Waaagh! as channeling Gork n Mork into ones work can be difficult. Yet I think its safe to say that Boss Combs has absolutely nailed it with his creation of Da Red Russet!
Da Red Russet is complete!
Though when I last spoke with Boss Combs he hinted at the idea of possibly making few more additions in the future to make it even more awesome, we're just gonna have to wait and see. Hurhurhurhur!

Also... if your thinking if Da Red Russet looks somewhat familiar, that's because it is indeed based upon a Mr Potato Head!
How Fantastically Cool is That.

The Red Russet has been shared to many of the Ork and 40K groups on facebook & throughout da Interwebz, one of which is Da Bosses pride n joy. The O'l BigBossMek'z Boyz FB group. You'll find some of the greatest Mek 'Eadz from all over the planet sharing their joy for all things Ork, and like Da Red Russet... a continuous flow of incredible ramshackle creations. All of which are Inspiring to us all!

It's builds like this that keep upping the bar, driving us further to better our techniques in this hobby we all share... I look forward to what our community comes up with next. Keep building and painting my friends, for our ever growing WAAAAGH! continues!
Also check out Da Scrapa!, Boss Combs 'Looted Titan' that appeared in an earlier edition of Nothing Beats Kustom!
Until next time... Stay Kustom!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Never enough walkers!

Well met Greenskins!
Slowly but surely the next addition to Waaaagh! Skarshak is taking shape... Da Meka Dread! I had been sitting on this kit for far to long and with the recent completion of the Dread Mob Formation, I thought it was finally time to give this sucker its due!

I had almost forgot what is like to prep a resin model kit.
So after a quick soak and a clean up it was time to start building.
So many Bitz!
 While building up the main body of the beast,
I also decided to start working on a kustom base for it!
After a short time Da Meka Dread is standing under its own power!
They grow up so fast! LOL
With the main body done, the rest of the Bitz came together nicely.

Also decided to add some bitz to the base to spice it up.
Front Side...
... and from the back!
The fun part now is to base coat it. Which 'hopefully' shouldn't take to long, after which I can get to painting up the details of Meka Dread. It already looks good, though naturally a paint job will make it all that much better!
Even with all this, it wont be complete as there are still the two 'Main' arms for Da Meka Dread to build up. Da Kill Saw and Da Shunta! I will get to those soon enough, right now I have a base coat to finish! Hahahaha. 
A Mek 'Eadz job is never done!


Monday, 15 June 2015

Game Time!

To da Orkz, it was just another day on their world of Hadrian Prime when Boss Dakka Klaw and his Krew, on their way back to base after a recent incident with a rogue Killa Kan, noticed that they were not alone! In the distance moving steadily across the badlands was an enemy Dakka Klaw hadn’t seen for a while. These metal men were different from da oomies dat showed up a while back. No, Dakka Klaw knew that these were Necron! Every once in a while they’d pop up on this world, their origins unknown. The ork boss didn’t really care where they came from, only “dat dey’z ‘ere now, and we’z gonna Krump em good!”. With a mighty WAAAAGH! Dakka Klaw told is Krew to engage and run dem metal men down. The Necrons simply continued their march, unflinching towards the Ork advance…..

This calls for a game...

4x4 Table - Mission: Crusade w/ 5 Objectives - Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Da Orkz - Combined Arms Detachment - Played by Kirk M.

HQ: Dakka Klaw - Mega Armoured Warboss, w/ Lucky Stikk, Bosspole, & Cybork Body
        - Joined Da Meganobz (Below)

Elite 1: Meganobz x4 w/ Bosspole, & Kombi-Skorcha x2 - in a Trukk w/ Ram

Troop 1 & 2: 11 Slugga and Choopa Boyz + 1 Nob w/ Power Klaw & Bosspole
        - in a Trukk w/ Ram (Each Unit)

Elite 2: Tankbustas x10

Heavy 1: Looted Wagon w/ Rokkit Launchas x2

Fast 1 & 2: Ork Warbikers x5 (Each Unit)

- Ork Warlord Trait: Immovable Object - Grants Fear & It Will Not Die (‘Personal’ Warlord Trait from the BRB)

The Necrons - Decurion Detachment - Played by Steve E.

++Reclamation Legion++

Overlord w/ Phase Shifter, Phylactery, & Solar Staff

Immortals x5

Tomb Blades x4

Necron Warriors x10 - in a Ghost Arc

Nocron Warriors x10 (on foot)


Deathmarks x5

Star-God: C’tan shard of the Nightbringer

- Necron Trait: Eternal Madness - Grants Zealot (Warlord Trait from Necron Codex)

Todays battle is in da badlands

Orkz got to deploy first, after which the Necrons followed suit

Ork Deployment

Necron Deployment

Night fighting is in effect on turn one & the Necrons failed to steal the initiative.
Lets get this shindig started!

Orkz Turn 1

The initial moves see the entire Ork line advance 12 inches towards the enemy and are able to reveal 2 of the objectives in play, both of which turn out to be Targeting Relays!

With the glowing entity of the C’tan looming over the battlefield, like moths to a flame, the Orkz open fire upon it. First of which are the Tankbustas, who fire a volley of Rokkits at the beast. A few of which actually hit and wound the Ctan, taking off 2 of its 4 wounds! Combined fire towards the C’tan from one squad of Warbikers (half of which were in range) and a big shoota from one of the Trukkz prove ineffective. The 2nd unit of Warbikers target the Tomb Blades with an impressive amount of Dakka, causing one of the Tomb Blades to go down. Yet as quickly it fell it reanimated, pulling itself back together and rejoining the fight. A quick few shots from another Big Shoota from a nearby Trukk was enough to bring that Tomb Blade down for good, leaving 3 of the Necron skimmers in play.

Necrons Turn 1

The Necrons advance toward the Ork horde. The overlord sends his Immortals ahead of him, while he (it) moves towards the Arc and reveals the closest Objective (nothing of note). The Tomb Blades head towards the Warbikers that shot at them, while the Necron Warriors and the Ghost Arc move in unison towards the greenskins. The C’tan eyes up the Warbiker that shot at it and quietly drifts towards them.

The Necron Gauss weaponry lights up and the combined fire from the Ghost Arc in its Warriors within disintegrates one of the Ork Trukks, causing the Boyz to Emergency Disembark (but not get pinned). ‘First Blood” to the Necrons. The Necron Warriors on foot open fire on to the Looted Wagon, yet thanks to the cover granted by the terrain of the badlands no major damage if inflicted! The Tomb Blades return fire toward the Warbikers ahead of them but the unpredictable riding skills of the Orks ensures none of them take any damage. The Immortals long shot the nearest Trukk but once again the terrain provides enough cover to prevent any real damage. The C’tan however means business as it summons up powers long forgotten as a ‘Sky of Falling Stars’ rains down upon the Orks! The barrage entirely wipes out the Warbiker squad the C’tan was eyeing up and vaporises 5 of the nearby boys who were earlier blown out of their Trukk by the Arc. The remaining boys hold firm as the look upon the crater that was once the Warbikers!

Orkz Turn 2

The Orkz continue their advance as one Trukk full of Boyz moves upon the Immortals which sees the Orks disembark and make ready to pounce upon the Immortals. The remaining Warbikers continue their dance with the Tomb Blades. The Looted Wagon full of Tankbustas repositions to get a better shot at the C’tan, while Dakka Klaw and his Retinue drive their Trukk up behind the Warbikers and the Boyz going for the Immortals. The remaining Boyz who got blown out of their Trukk the previous turn make for one of the 2 center table objectives.

Once again a flurry of Rokkits leaves the Tankbustas position and explode upon the Star God, actually taking off another wound (1 left). Both remaining Trukks unload their Big Shootas into the C’tan but to no effect. It’s a Lucky shot from one of Dakka Klaws MANZ from the back of their Trukk that see’s the C’tan fall once again. The Star Gods Necrodermis shatters, releasing the ancient energies within causing a thunderous explosion. Some of the Necron Warriors on foot, along with a few Boyz are caught in the blast. One of the Warriors simply phases out while the rest stand firm and 2 Ork Boyz cease to exist once the smoke clears! Pistol fire peppers the Immortals from the Boyz in front of them to no effect, while the Warbikers down another Tomb Blade. Leaving nothing but a pile of useless scrap to be looted later on.

The Boyz charge into the Immortals who’s overwatch fails to hit home. Both sides move equally fast (both Initiative 2) and a blitzkrieg of attacks are unleashed in the melee. The Immortals prove unworthy of their name as they succumb to the Boyz choppas and Power Klaw of Nob. Reanimation protocols are overwhelmed and The Immortals also phase out from the battle. Only two of the boyz fell in the battle, which the Nob chuckles as he and consolidates his boys deeper into Necron territory.

Necrons Turn 2

From Out of the Void… a unit of Deathmarks materialize on to a hill deep behind the Ork lines, while Ghost Arc cobbles together a fresh Necron Warrior who then joins the warriors who survived the C’tan explosion. Those Warriors, who are now Joined by the Overlord, move towards the Boyz in their territory while being backed up by the Ghost Arc itself. The Tomb Blades continue to antagonize the Warbikers.

Its not long for the Deathmarks to get to work as they open fire on the Boyz mid-field, taking out one of them. 3 of the 5 Warbikers are torn to pieces as the Tomb Blades unleash their Gauss Blasters at close range. The two remaining Warbikers hold fast… revenge seething in their minds. The Ghost Arc and its Warriors within let the Gauss fly at the closest Trukk by the center hill. Surprisingly to no effect, aside from the red paint being wasted away! The Warriors on foot with the Overlord rapid-fire at the Boyz, though only one falls thanks to the terrain granting cover.

The Overlord and his Warriors ‘Relentlessly’ charge in to the greenskins within their territory. The greenskin overwatch proves lacking and the battle ensues with the Overlord challenging the Ork Nob, whom naturally accepts and ready’s his Power Klaw. The Warriors and Boyz trade blows seeing two from each of their number fall permanently. The Overlord is surprised at the Nobz skill in combat as both sides fail to score any sort of hit! Combat continues with both sides locked in tight. The Tomb Blades survive overwatch but fail in their attempt to charge the Warbikers.

Orkz Turn 3

The Tankbustas shift their Looted Wagon in order to get a better angle on the Deathmarks behind them, while the boyz go for cover in the wreck of their former Trukk seeing that the Tankbustas now have the objective they were on covered! The remaining Warbikers turn on the Tomb Blades. Dakka Klaw rolls his Trukk up towards the Necron Overlord and disembarks with his MANZ. The other Trukk being empty goes for Linebreaker at full speed.

Another volley from the Tankbustas obliterate 2 of the Deathmarks outright while the rest weather the storm of Ork Rokkits! Across the field, the Warbikers almost succeed in taking down another Tomb Blade but it manages to reanimate and continue on… much to the Orkz frustration. Both remaining Trukks fire their Big Shootas at the Tomb Blades, sadly with little effect!

It’s the Warbikers turn to assault the Tomb Blades. In a ground based dog-fight, both sides do very little to each other and see’s them having to continue on. Dakka Klaw and his Krew join in the assault between the Overlord and its Warriors who are tussling with the Boyz and their Lucky Nob! The combined might of Da Boss, the MANZ and the remaining Boyz is enough to overwhelm the Necron Warriors, causing them to phase from reality. 3 Boyz are lost in the melee which Dakka Klaw simply laughs at as he turns his sights on the Challenge at hand. The Overlord and Nob continue their deadly dance once again in stalemate. Their fight also continuing on with a Mega Armoured crowd cheering it on!

Necron Turn 3

The boyz in center field catch the eye of the Deathmarks who have broken cover and are turning their rifles on the greenskins, simply ignoring the Looted Wagon and its ‘contents’. The Ghost Arc slowly moves towards the Ork lines.

Taking fire from the Deathmarks and the Ghost Arc, 3 of the Boyz fall as their bodies are broken down by Gauss energy. The remaining Boyz still hold their ground as they hold off their mob mentality! The Warriors from inside the Ghost Arc long shot the Looted Wagon but see’s the Ork vehicle simply lose some scrap paneling as it continues to drive on.

Tomb Blades do their best as they fight the Warbikers, but again both sides cant seem to hit their mark in this fight.
The Challenge continues with the Overlord finally wounding the Nob! Between his own anger and his Boss egging him on to ‘Krump Dis Git’, the Nob rallies by killing the remaining Ork Boy and letting out a bellowing war cry. The Overlord naturally looks unconvinced with the primal display!

Orkz Turn 4

Both Trukks move to take the Necron ‘Home’ objective and the objective in the forest near the fighting Warbikers and Tomb Blades. The Boyz move to get out of view of the Ghost Arc (for now). The Tankbustas reload and take aim at the remaining Deathmarks.

Explosions abound as the Deathmarks are blown to skrap by the Rokkits of the Tankbustas whom roar in accomplishment!

The Bikers and Blades continue waving their arms at each other as another round of combat yields nothing for either side. Across the battlefield, the ’Challenge’ continues as the Nob and Overlord duke it out. This time seeing the Nobs Power Klaw cause extensive damage, of which the Overlords reanimation protocols struggle to keep him ‘alive’. Dakka Klaw looks in disgust at the Nob. “C’mon ya Git... Finish dis Tin Kan Man”.

Necron Turn 4

The Necron Ghost Arc continues deeper into Ork territory.

Gauss energy is let loose once again from both the Ghost Arc and its Warriors within. The Boyz who were trying for cover against the Necron vehicle are thoroughly lit up! Only the Nob of the group remains, shockingly holding his ground while shouting profanities at the Necrons!

The Tomb Blades finally overcome the Ork Warbikers, scattering their twisted flaming bulks across the ground. They consolidate towards the Trukk parked on the objective in the forest. Dakka Klaw in his anger attempts to ‘Gloriously Intervene’ in the challenge between the Nob and the Overlord! Yet the Nob is to quick and is already on top of the Overlord. The two gladiators fight like no other and see’s the Necron use an ancient device to regenerate its wounds. Its a meat grinder as the two continue their battle. Dakka Klaws fury continues to grow!

Orkz Turn 5

The lone Nob defiantly makes for the center objective once again while keeping to cover as best it can. With the Deathmarks taken care of, the Tankbustas drive their Looted Wagon to get a better line on the encroaching Ghost Arc. The Trukk on the forest objective moves for the other center objective instead… away from the Tomb Blades.

That lone Nob runs and takes cover behind his target objective. An impressive Rokkit barrage fails to do any damage to the Arc, the Tankbustas grumble with disappointment. Combined fire from the Trukks manages to take down one of the two remaining Tomb Blades. The other Blade holds its ground.

Dakka Klaw is unable to ‘Intervene’ once again as the Nob and Overlord hold nothing back. A Victor at last… The Overlord tosses the Nob aside like a rag doll and confidently walks away from Dakka Klaw and his Krew. Da Boss sees this as a challenge in its own right and makes ready to unleash his own fury upon the Ancient Lord.

Necron Turn 5

The remaining blade secures the forest objective (yay skyfire), almost getting caught up in the growth! The Ghost Arc moves atop a nearby hill to ensure a clear firing solution on the Looted Wagon.

The Blade in the forest fires through the cover at the Lone Nob, wounding it and promptly getting a green finger in return! A beam of intense light sears into the MANZ from the staff of the Necron Overlord but to little effect as Dakka Klaw puts himself in the line of fire. Gently patting a certain Lukky Stikk! The Arc opens up on the Wagon while the Warriors inside fire at the Lone Nob who is still yelling at the Tomb Blade down range! Gork n Mork must love this Wagon as once again the Necron weapons have no effect upon it! The Nob however vanishes from sight in a sea of green energy from the Warriors.

Dakka Klaw makes a rude gesture of his own and taunts the Overlord severely. Be it a residual memory or a glitch in his ancient protocols... The Overlord simply states “Challenge Accepted”. With that both Warlords finally clash upon the battlefield as a force like no other. The Battle is merciless as both sides give it their all and with a mighty WAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! The overlord is absolutely torn asunder by Dakka Klaws trusty Power Klaw. The remaining bits of the Overlord vanish back to wherever it came from. it’s a Warlord Kill that the Ork Warboss will remember for a good long time.

The game continues with a D6 roll a 4

Orkz Turn 6

The Looted Wagon holds firm as the Tankbustas reload and aim once again at the Ghost Arc. The Tomb Blade sees its objective contested as one of the Ork Trukks damn near runs it over! After consolidating from his victory, Dakka Klaw and the MANZ take the second center objective as their own. The Necron ‘Home’ Objective is still being held by the other Trukk deep within the enemy lines.

Gork n Mork continue to smile upon the Tankbusta Squad as very single Rokkit hits home upon the Ghost Arc! Even with some evasive tactics from the Necron vehicle (it jinked), the Arc Explodes with the force of bomb. The Tankbustas hoot and holler in triumph only to see 9 Necron Warriors emerging from the pyre of the Arc, their own green energy contrasting with the flames. The Orkz know the look of hatred from any foe. Point blank Big Shoota fire fails to damage the Tomb Blade. Even the Trukk from across the field and 3 of the MANZ in range try to take out the Tomb Blade but to no effect.

Necron Turn 6

The Tomb Blades holds its ground at the forest objective while the Warriors emerge fully from the wreck that was once their Arc and spread out over the hill, finally securing the final objective (Nothing of Note).

Weapons fire from the Tomb Blade fails once again as it takes a stray shot at the Looted Wagon. The Warriors, seeking redemption for their Overlord fire upon the Ork Warboss but its not enough to get through Dakka Klaws Mega Armour.

As an ol' Bard once said... "That's all folks!"

The game ends with a solid Ork victory and sees them in control of 3 objectives while the Necrons managed to hold one of their own. The Necrons did get First Blood and the Orkz achieved Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker.

Final Score was 11 - 4 in the Orkz favor, as Dakka Klaw made good on his promise by “Krump’n Da Metal Men Good”

Content with their victory the Orkz proceed back to base, taking with them all the looted skrap they can manage.
“Warlord Skarshak will be pleased wif us”

Yet unknown to the Orkz (or anyone else around the sector) deep below the surface of Hadrian Prime we find the Overlord resting in his sarcophagus as his’ new’ body is pieced together by numerous scarabs and his personal Cryptek. The Overlord plots his revenge upon the greenskins and as a twinge of actual hatred overrides his protocols as he quietly speaks…

++ They will all fall to my Wrath ++

Many thanks to my friend Steve for the game. As always buddy it’s fun throwing dice around with you… even if the dice were a bit crazy throughout this game! A rematch for sure will be coming in the future.

We both hope you all enjoyed this BatRep and we’ll see ya next time.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Rise of the Walkers - Update 3

Well met greenskins.
At long last, the final piece of the puzzle is complete and is ready to get Krump'n alongside the rest of Waaaagh! Skarshak.

The 3rd Deff Dread is ready to go.
It had been a while since I built one of these up.... such a great little kit!
With the latest Dread'ead complete... you know what that means right?!
It's been a long time coming and i'm looking forward to finally playing it. My thoughts of the ol' Kan Wall build is what drove me to get this new Formation built up. The older build was 11 Walkers! The Dread Mob 'Starts' at 14 walkers, which is crazy good for any army.
Its not cheap either as the Dread Mob was never intended for those small games. Points wise with the models above, this formation starts at just over 1200pts. After tricking out each Walker, the Painboy & Big Mek... now your looking at 1600pts or more just for one formation, but you'll be getting your points worth for sure.
Going by the many battle reports I've seen online and from feedback from those I know who have played it, Da Dread Mob has some serious staying power for the most part and has been wrecking virtually everything is comes across! All I have to do is figure out what i'm going to supplement my Dread Mob with and we'll be ready for our next game!
Bikers are always a good choice. Grot Tanks, 8 of which I currently own, would fit the theme of this build a lot better. Naturally having a ton of boyz running around, doing their best to not get stepped on, would echo the Kan Wall build of the past. Whichever way it goes, Da Dread Mob will be a blast to play... I just know it!
I am going to add another piece to the mighty Dread Mob, another kit that will add to the Krump'n power of the whole thing... something only a Forge World can provide!
Did someone order a MEKA DREAD?! Bwahahahahahaha!
With the next project getting prepped (yay, cleaning resin is so much fun), Da Mek Shop continues on towards the goal of having 10,000pts painted by the end of 2015! Last count, which includes Dread'ead #3 (above) has Waaaagh! Skarshak sitting at 9337pts!
Getting the last little bit done with just under 7th months left in the year should (hopefully) be no problem!
Just gotta keep those blasted Grots in check. I know I know... good luck with that! Hahahaha
Until next time.