Sunday, 30 August 2015

Da Meks Are Always Busy!

Its the end of another month and another project now stands ready for battle upon the tabletop. Ready to march along side the Dread Mob for as we all know we can never have enough walkers! Hahahahaha.

Da Meka Dread

Smile... It's Krump'n Time!

 Da Back Side
Left Side - Da Kill Saw
 Da Right Side - Da Shunta

Da Base came along nicely as well!

This was probably the best Forgeworld kit if worked on thus far. Tons of detail and a good bunch-o-bitz to play with, it when together easy enough and was screaming with character even before painting began. Ill probably give this model a few more tweaks to its detail, but I can tell this Meka Dread is eager for a ramshackle good time that we Orkz are always known for!

Equipped with a Kill Saw, a Shunta, and even a Kustom Force Field... this beasty comes in at a hefty 280pts and is a heavy support choice when fielded in a Codex Orkz army list, or a wicked HQ choice when used in the Dread Mob list out of Imperial Armour 8. Due to its Ramshackle nature it even sports a 5+ Invulnerable save, proving it can potentially withstand even the most impressive punishment directed at it! To top it all off, Da Meka Dread can even regain lot hull points thanks to the 'It Will Not Die' special rule! In close combat it will attack with Rage and Hammer of Wrath.

Da Meka Dread is gonna be a total blast to muck about with! Just keep them pesky 'D' weapons pointed elsewhere ok people! LOL

Skarshaks 'Painted' Waaaagh! now sits at 9617pts, which now puts the Da Mek Shop in the home stretch, for the 2015 goal of achieving 10,000pts painted. I think I have a few (Lotz) more things to paint up to get me there and beyond!

Till next time Dorklords

Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Good Ol' Bitz-Krieg!

Heya Greenskins!

How many of you, on a whim, have raided your bitz box(s) and gone to town in creating something new for your army in one sitting?! Well I succumbed to my inner Mek 'ead the other day, the results of which have put a big smile upon my face!

I know, I know... there's still Da Meka Dread to finish up but there comes a time when ya just have to Bitz-Bash something into existence. Gork n Mork guided me good once again as I can now present to you Waaaagh! Skarshaks newest addition!

Der iz a New Biker Boss in Town!
Several Bitz from the Orkz, Space Marines, Necrons, Tyranids, & the Astra Milowutnow (Imperial Guard) can all be spotted in this build... throw in a little plasticard and this new Biker Boss is ready to go. Well mostly! LOL
 Here's few pic's giving you a good look at this new beast!
It eagerly awaits da red paint.
Definitely something a speed freak would create!
Dis bad boy has all da latest gubbinz.

Dat Dakka-Gun is already purring like a Squig... ready to be unleashed!
It'z Krump'n Time! WAAAAGH!
As you can see upon this build, there are several trophy's attached to it! A few skulls, an oomie 'ead, a Tyranids carapace, even a space marines shoulder pad worn with pride by the boss himself. I wanted to portray the sense of a tough as nails Warboss whos been in the game for a while now... and has da gubbinz to prove it! I think its worked out perfectly for this build. Even added not one but three Bosspoles just to show that this Warboss likes to be flashier than most!
All in all this was probably a little over 2 hours of work in getting this new biker boss to this stage. As you can also tell it doesn't even have a base yet, but that will come in due time.
I now laugh at myself as all I've been thinking is "Oh great, something else added to the painting list!" Hahahahaha!
Just a few more minor tweaks and it'll be ready to join the rest of Da Rumbla'z of Waaaagh! Skarshak.
I hope you've liked this little showcase?! Be sure to comment below or on the facebook page as to what we all should name this new Warboss! I look forward to your ideas.
Catch ya all soon.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Still Krak'n On!

Welcome back to the Waaaagh!
Yep, its been a few weeks since our last get together. Between becoming an Uncle once again (HUZZAH), work Shenanigans being what they are and having to go through the unfortunate hassle of an Electrical Fire in the building complex Da Mek Shop calls home (thankfully no one was hurt)... hobby time has been pushed aside as it were!

That being said, progress finally continues on Da Meka Dread!

Almost got it all... detailing has come along nicely on this wonderful kit from Forge World!
So many lil nooks to get in to.
Gubbinz to the left of em...
 Gubbinz to the right!

Look at Dat Rust Bucket! LOL
As ya can tell there is still a bunch to do and the base I whipped up for it hasn't even been touched in regards to painting... yet. Before I get to that, its time to get the rest of the Gubbinz prepped and ready to build!
To da left we have Da Kill Saw arm, and to da right we have Da Shunta arm,
both of which have had their bath to get rid of any residue left over from casting...
... and as you can see, Da Shunta is taking shape nicely!
After both arms are built, painted up and put into position... final detailing will be done as well as the washes and a touch more dry brushing me thinks. Then ill focus on the base.
Well dats is da plan anyways! Hahahahahaha
Work will be crazy over the next week or so, but I do hope to spend a little each day getting Da Meka Dread completed... My Dread Mob is eagerly looking forward to it!
Till next time my friends.
Kirk M. - Skarshak