Sunday, 20 September 2015

Da Final Push to 10k

Well Met Dorklords!
Work has been keeping me busy over the last several weeks, in which most of my hobby time has been reduced somewhat. But that's ok cuz da extra Teef on the paycheck never hurts! Hur hur hur.

With the forces of Waaaagh! Skarshak encroaching upon 10,000pts painted, I've gathered the handful of units together that will break past that Threshold. It's surprisingly a smaller group than I expected as you'll see below...

1st up is a small group of one of my favorite units in the codex... Mega Nobz
Here we have 2 Manz kitted with Kill Saws, and a Mega Mek with Tellyport Blasta & Cybork Body
Points cost for all 3 = 205pts
 Next we have one of the most famous Orkz out there, the git that put Ghazzy back together!
Mad Doc Grotsnik himself will at long last be painted.
Points cost = 160
 Last but not least, inspired by one of the Orkz out of Codex Dan / MiniWarGamer Dan's army.
Waaaagh! Skarshak will have it's own 'Pinky' running around.
'Pinky' will have 'Eavy Armor.
Points cost = 22
Total cost for all these gits is 387pts
Add that to the 9617pts already painted and that'll give us...
Success, by 4 points! Now to sit my ass down and finish these guys off to make it all official! Good thing, as you can see, is that they are all already partially complete with 'Pinky' the furthest along only needing now a few touch ups and its base done up. The others are, lets say, roughly 50% complete with their paint jobs. Again it's just putting some time aside and completing them all.
"Oi Boyz... We'z be so close!"

So the next time we see all these guys, they'll be standing along side the fully painted 10,000pt might of Waaaagh Skarshak.
Stay tuned for that as I'm looking forward to setting up the whole army again in all its Orky Glory!
Gork n Mork are indeed pleased with this!
Skarshak... Out!