Saturday, 23 January 2016

More Gubbinz, Much Waaagh!

Well met D'Orkz!

Like many mek shops throughout the galaxy, there's always something to work on and add to the front lines of our various army's.
This time around it’s a couple vehicles that'll always have a place in an ork army.

First up is a Trukk conversion I finished just before the new year as it’s one of my favourite kits to work on and we all know one can never have enough Trukk’s. Equipped with the Reinforced Ram & Rokkit Launcha - Total Points: 35

 Dat Rokkit boy takes aim from this new ride.

Decided to throw a set of trakks on to this one. Turned out better than planned!

Next up is another of my fave’s that didn’t make it into the current ork codex, yet ended up in an issue of white dwarf!
Da Looted Wagon, equipped with the Killkannon, 2x Big-Shootas and a Reinforced Ram - Total Points: 82

Using the classic Leman Russ, da meks went to town getting it ready.

Dat ork is already on the look out for his first target to fire the Killkannon at! Hur hur hur.

Two more projects all good to go and added to the roster for Boss Skarshak to use in da grand Waaagh to come!

Working on these vehicles have gotten the meks hankering to work on something bigger. We'll we'z da orks... bigger we can do no prob. Over a year ago I had been kit bashing together a new super heavy for da boyz to play with but alas it got shifted to the sidelines... cuz reasons! Well its time to dust off that project and finish it up for da boss.

I 'Reintroduce' to you all... Da 'Kustom' Kill Bursta

Its been sitting idle far to long... time to lock n load!

 The top half is all kustom! It came together nicely, though it will look better once it gets it painted!

These would be the Grot Bomm's sitting either side of the two Grots who will be used as Grot Sponsons for this build. There will also be two twin-linked rokkit launchas added shortly.

I think this will keep the meks busy for a while, they wanted something big and they got it!
It never ends in Da Mek Shop, stay tuned to see how this Kustom Kill Bursta turns out. With that I leave ya to your own kustomizations.

Till next time.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Waaagh!

Happy New Year Greenskins and fellow hobbyists. With the turning of the great wheel we see the potential for new experiences, new adventures and naturally new ways to practice the hobby we all share.

Here at Da Mek Shop it’ll be to continue building, painting and krump’n our way through 2016 as only we orkz now how. 2015 saw that years resolution be fulfilled with the accomplishment of having 10,000pts of painted orkz. Something I had set out to do when I first started playing 40k back in 2009. I had hoped to post a few army pics of my 10k Waaagh before years end but alas work & responsibilities naturally had other ideas. Rest assured those pics are coming as I eagerly look forward to when I can once again set up the collection for all to see.

The previous year also saw Da Mek Shop’s facebook page take off quite nicely. Currently sitting at just over 800 likes, through it I continue to share a daily dose of Ork with you all from around the Interwebz. Not to long ago I was also able to bolster the ranks of Waaagh Skarshak by adding over 3000pts of greenskins to the overall horde thanks to a friend of mine doing a purge of his own collection. It was over 200 models which consists mostly of ork infantry, but it did include 2 baneblades which have already been slated for a greater destiny within Da Waaagh. 2015 also saw Da Mek Shop take to the twitter-verse and while it only sports a handful of followers at this time, I do see it growing throughout 2016.

Now what about 2016, we have a brand new year to cause shenanigans upon.
Two things I’d like to work towards this year 'hobby wise'.
#1 - Waaagh Skarshak will continue to grow as I’d like to (at least) add another 2500pts to the painted total of Da Waaagh. I have lots on standby to work on so I have no doubt that this goal will be achieved.
#2 - More content through this blog! I haven’t given up on it but as we’ve seen it has waned somewhat during the last year thanks to the facebook page being, to be fair, an easier & quicker outlet for Da Mek Shop. Just means more BatReps, more Ramblings, and MOAR DAKKA (is there ever enough). Fingers crossed and we’ll definitely see how it goes. I also figure I’ll have more added to my hobby to-do list as the year goes on for one can never have too many orkz, never enough dice rolls, and never enough bitz to tinker with!

I even have a few different army builds I want to try out more regularly. For the longest time I’ve been playing several versions of my Trukk army (Da Road Warriors) that I’ve been fond since I started playing with the orkz. The Dread Mob Formation out of the Waaagh Ghazghkull supplement has definitely caught my eye, seeing that I now have everything built and painted to field it. I also plan to resurrect and old army idea I had back when I was playing 5th edition that was based around the Weirdboy and thanks to the Ork horde detachment found in our current codex, I think I can maximize the shenanigans from using multiple weirdboys… and no worries, there will be no demon summoning here, as it wouldn’t be propah orky! However the results, I plan to share the army's progress down the road.

The new year will no doubt prove to be an interesting year like many before it and I’m looking forward to the challenges and the experiences it’ll bring. Here’s to a great year ahead!

'Your Move 2016'

Enjoy everyone and ill catch ya soon.
Kirk M. - aka: Mek Boss Skarshak