Thursday, 25 February 2016

Finally getting things done!

Hello greenskins & welcome back.

As always here in Da Mek Shop there is something on the go. Building, painting, kit bashing... what have you. Sadly there are times when there is too much on the go that some projects get pushed aside. Be it from a new idea to tinker with, an army fix for the next event your going to, or the dreaded Hobby Block (think writers block) that comes about when ya least expect it. The great thing about all this is that sense of accomplishment when one of these wayward projects finally gets completed.
I've probably been tinkering with this one for over a year now but at last its time to unleash...

Da 'Kustom' Kill Bursta!
Wait till dey get a load of Da Bursta Kannon!

Now dat be a propah engine.

Ready to roll out Boss!
Dis iz huge compared to your typical Ork Boy.
Part landraider, part battlewagon, all Kustom! This is my take on the Kill Bursta. Please forgive the lighting. these pics are good, but this sucker looks way better in person. Now ever since seeing the rules for the Kill Bursta ages ago I wanted to have one, but it being one of the more expensive items to have shipped over to Canada, I decided to build my own. After working a couple deals and finagling for a bunch of bitz I had everything I needed to begin this project. Its just unfortunate it took me so long to get the whole thing done.
 One of the options is to take a pair of Grot Sponsons.
I used a couple of Grots which work out nicely. They are even removable which the rules require.
Also on either side of these grots are a pair of Grot Bomms for extra shenanigans!
As you can see in the pics above, its also comes with a pair of Rokkit Launchas.
Using a couple Rokkit Boyz adds to the feel of this build.

Add a few more grots for character and we're good to go.
This Super Heavy / Lord of War will make a nice addition to the collection and will look awesome upon the battlefield. Waaagh! Skarshak has got a new bang to play with... Hur hur hur, I cant wait.
Load out as follows:
Kill Bursta - Base cost 350pts
Bursta Kannon upgrade - 50pts
2x Grot Sponsons - 10pts
2x Twin-Linked Rokkit Launchas - 40pts
2x Grot Bomms - 40pts
Total cost: 490pts
This will go well towards getting to the 12.5k army goal of points painted for Waaagh! Skarshak. I do hope ya like it.
Going through these pics I see a couple tweaks that are needed! Aarrrggghh!!!! Will this ever be complete?! LOL
Till next time.
Kirk M. aka Skarshak


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Things are getting Weird - Part 1

Well met greenskins.

This is going to be the start of a quest in building a new army list that I’ve been thinking about for sometime now. I intend to make a different kind of army than I’m used to. Something not exactly the norm when running the greenskins but will hopefully prove to be a ton of fun when unleashed upon the battlefield. For the longest time I’ve been rocking the speed freak army builds that used Trukk’s, Buggy’s, Koptas & Bikes. This new idea will see things become a little more Weird!

Weirdboys! That’s right, those crazy gitz who can channel da powah of Gork & Mork like no other… so who better to lead the charge! Now from what I’ve seen around the Interwebz and heard from several of my fellow mek ‘eads, its that the weirdboy isn’t used as often than the more ‘standard’ ork HQ’s. Something I feel is a sad thing. I know the Weirdboys aren’t as tough as some of the other choices out there but it’s the utility as a psyker I feel makes them a viable choice for any ork army. Granted I know an Ork psyker army is going to take a little finesse to pull off, but that’s one of the main reasons for putting one together. This is going to be my fun & fluffy army that I’m going to do my best to tweak so it can still go toe to toe with the best of em, all the while being as ramshackle as we all know the orkz can be.

Warphead Smeg 'ead is always ready to let loose!
Now one question that quickly came to mind was… how many Weirdboys do I want to use in this list? How much of the psychic shenanigans to I want to deal with? Well as quickly as that question came to mind, I was able to answer that quickly! Thanks to the ‘Ork Horde’ detachment in the current ork codex, we have the option of including three HQ choices in a single detachment… so with this list I’ll be going all in and fielding three weirdboys by using that detachment in order to maximize their potential once the dice start rolling.

Looking at the list of psychic powers the weirdboys have access to, ‘Power of the Waaagh’ & ‘Demonology’, I also quickly come to the conclusion that I want to keep this list propah orky. So that means that I wont be using anything from the Demonology psychic discipline at all. Lets keep this green shall we?!

The ‘Power of the Waaagh’ discipline offers a good mix to the weirdboy to let loose with. Both deadly and hilarious these powers are comparable to many of the of the other powers in the game. Granted we cant generate anything with strength ‘D’ or cause things to go invisible, but that’s ok because we’z da orkz and we like to get stuck in a good propah skrap and the ‘Power of the Waaagh’ offers a good mix to fit the bill.

A new 40k Weirdboy and Da Great Green Prophet from Fantasy/AoS, awaiting da mekz attention!
With this list build I currently only have one Weirdboy built at this time so naturally that means I’ll have to build up two more. Luckily I already have them both on standby just waiting to get some attention. I’m still (slowly) working on getting my Kustom Kill Bursta painted but there is nothing wrong with switching things up every once in a while to keep things fresh with my hobby. I look forward to working on them, as with everything else I have to work on here in Da Mek Shop.

With that I leave you to your own list building. The options are endless in this game and its always a good thing to move outside of the box when fielding an army. To not rely on ‘ol faithful’ as it were!

Stay tuned for the next part of this project, once these weirdboys are good to go.
This is going to be lots of fun.

Catch ya soon.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Da Great Waaagh!

Greetings my friends.
The time has come once again to put it all on the table! To call upon all da boyz to gather in one place and ready themselves for the Great Waaagh to come. Starting with the boyz from the Assault on Black Reach starter set back in September 2009 (Wow time fly's), this is my entire 'Painted' collection of Waaagh Skarshak as it currently sits and its a thing of beauty... if I do say so myself!


The last time I gathered the army in one place was back in august of 2014, when the 'Painted' army was a little over 8k in points. Well its safe to say my Meks have been productive since then, as not only was the 10k mark achieved, it has been surpassed somewhat. Seems I had more accomplished than I had originally thought... it's funny how all this time and effort catches up on ya!

Still cant get over the size of it. Happy Mek 'ead here!

Brace yourselves, there be MOAR pics. Enjoy.

 Da Council of Skarshak bids you greetings. There's 11 HQ choices in this pic!

 Dakka Jets, Looted Wagons and Trukks... Oh My!!!

 Da Battlewagons and Dem Grot Tanks are always ready to roll.

 No army is complete without the Infamous 'Ork in a Box'

 'Gimpy' Lords over it all along side the Dread Mob. That be a Meka Dread to the left of Gimpy.

 Wut's dat in da sky... Deff from above!

 Some Kustom Mek Gunz and dem grots, along wif da Grot Tanks and Battlewagons.

 Trukks & Looted Wagons.... my favorite vehicles in the codex!

Looking down upon da horde. 

It'z a propah Green Tide! 

 Big Mek w/ KFF on Gazbags Blitz Bike & a Biker Warboss!... Brings the HQs to 13.

Warlord Wagrimm 'Da Krumpa' Skarshak iz very pleased wif his WAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! 

Grot Propaganda at its best! 

 Shoota Boss 'Farkle' is eyeing up another Kill Team event in da future.

Da Vidik'Ork Assassin... Nuff Said. 

 Da Shoota Boyz holding the objective! Build your own Here!

Da Warbikers always like a good skrap. 

Nob Warbiker and his propah Waaagh Banner! 

 Deffkoptas and Stormboyz, no party is complete without them.

Another favorite of mine... Da Warbuggy's 

Da Brothers Three.

These pic's can only do so much showing off this army as it does indeed look a lot better in person. There is so much on this table, yet there's still some room left upon it for future additions to join in. One of the new years goal I set was to get Waaagh Skarshak up to 12,500pts painted by the end of the year. Happy to say that's well under way as the current army count sits at 10,485pts painted (going by the usual load out I field my Orkz with). Only 2k & change to go, Huzzah!

Now this is just what's painted. Going through 'ALL' the Ork models I own and have yet to work on, if I were to add them to the list, it would bring the entire Waaagh as a whole to 18.5k (ish) in points. I may have been amassing a few things over the years. That and thanks to my fellow Mek 'ead GearGutz (Kyle R.) for parting with a green tide worth of infantry plus gubbinz & bitz, it's safe to say I have a good selection to work on in the future. Of which I'll be sharing with you when those projects are completed. Next up being the Kustom Kill Bursta that I really need to finish painting. Sometimes it sucks being the adult! (Yay for being responsible) LOL

I hope you've enjoyed this showcase?! Be sure to share a pic of your army on Da Mek Shop facebook page. I'd be glad to see your respective WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

Till next time.
Skarshak - Kirk M.