Thursday, 25 February 2016

Finally getting things done!

Hello greenskins & welcome back.

As always here in Da Mek Shop there is something on the go. Building, painting, kit bashing... what have you. Sadly there are times when there is too much on the go that some projects get pushed aside. Be it from a new idea to tinker with, an army fix for the next event your going to, or the dreaded Hobby Block (think writers block) that comes about when ya least expect it. The great thing about all this is that sense of accomplishment when one of these wayward projects finally gets completed.
I've probably been tinkering with this one for over a year now but at last its time to unleash...

Da 'Kustom' Kill Bursta!
Wait till dey get a load of Da Bursta Kannon!

Now dat be a propah engine.

Ready to roll out Boss!
Dis iz huge compared to your typical Ork Boy.
Part landraider, part battlewagon, all Kustom! This is my take on the Kill Bursta. Please forgive the lighting. these pics are good, but this sucker looks way better in person. Now ever since seeing the rules for the Kill Bursta ages ago I wanted to have one, but it being one of the more expensive items to have shipped over to Canada, I decided to build my own. After working a couple deals and finagling for a bunch of bitz I had everything I needed to begin this project. Its just unfortunate it took me so long to get the whole thing done.
 One of the options is to take a pair of Grot Sponsons.
I used a couple of Grots which work out nicely. They are even removable which the rules require.
Also on either side of these grots are a pair of Grot Bomms for extra shenanigans!
As you can see in the pics above, its also comes with a pair of Rokkit Launchas.
Using a couple Rokkit Boyz adds to the feel of this build.

Add a few more grots for character and we're good to go.
This Super Heavy / Lord of War will make a nice addition to the collection and will look awesome upon the battlefield. Waaagh! Skarshak has got a new bang to play with... Hur hur hur, I cant wait.
Load out as follows:
Kill Bursta - Base cost 350pts
Bursta Kannon upgrade - 50pts
2x Grot Sponsons - 10pts
2x Twin-Linked Rokkit Launchas - 40pts
2x Grot Bomms - 40pts
Total cost: 490pts
This will go well towards getting to the 12.5k army goal of points painted for Waaagh! Skarshak. I do hope ya like it.
Going through these pics I see a couple tweaks that are needed! Aarrrggghh!!!! Will this ever be complete?! LOL
Till next time.
Kirk M. aka Skarshak


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