Sunday, 24 April 2016

Ramblings of a Mek Head - Ork Transports

Waaagh! & Well Met.
When one builds an Ork army, one thing we all consider is what kind of transport to include in order to get our Boyz to where they need to go. Mobility is key for an ork army, especially for those who endeavour to succeed in the competitive circles around the galaxy. This ramble will stick with the ‘Codex’ level offerings that the greenskins get to have a joyride in! We’ll leave the Forge World choices another time.

As it sits right now, the choices that the current Codex Orkz as to offer are the Trukk, Battlewagon, Looted Wagon, Gorkanaut & Morkanaut, and the Stompa. Each have their own set of ramshackle goodies to offer and range from fast & nimble to hardy & true. The choice is yours but in case you do find yourself pondering which to go with… lets quickly go over what each has to offer.
Starting with my #1 favourite Ork vehicle…

Da Trukk

Its been the backbone of many an ork army for decades. This dedicated transport / fast attack choice has the ability to get da boyz to your opponents doorstep in a real hurry thanks to being able to move 24 inches (25 with the Red Paint Job) in a single turn. Being able to go first in a game makes these buggers all the more sweeter and the look on your opponents face when they look upon several of them already encroaching on their lines before they even get to go… priceless!

The Trukk can transport 12 Orkz to their destination. Keeping that in mind you may be considering a more hardy unit to ride along, such as ’ard boys or mega nobz in order to survive the trip more effectively as the Trukk’s armor is also something we need to always be aware of. It has an AV value of 10 all around, something which many consider to be weak but don’t let that fool ya. I’ve found Trukk’s to have this insane ability to keep themselves going even when the most deadly of firepower is thrown its way. Trust in them and they’ll get ya where you need to go. That being said they are a total glass cannon for they WILL get popped eventually, which will slow your momentum in delivering your boyz to target. So try not to be too reckless with them. Hur hur hur.

They come with several options for upgrades which are all described in the codex. One upgrade that is an absolute 100% must is the Reinforced Ram which allows you to re-roll those pesky dangerous terrain tests so you can drive your Trukk into the weirdest of places. It also grants the ability to perform a Ram move with your Trukk, classing the front armor of your Trukk as 12 when doing so, which is a plus and opens up some more options for you during the battle.
Trukk’s are a fantastic unit. My primary army uses at least 4 of em and have yet to fail me… nasty 'D' weapons not withstanding LOL.
A total must in any Ork army.

Da Battlewagon

Only the Orkz with the most teef can afford to rumble with a Battlewagon. A significantly more hardy choice than the Trukk, Battlewagons bring many more options to the battlefield for any Ork army. With an impressive 20 Ork transport capacity, it can bring a large number of greenskins to bear quickly and effectively. Thanks to its increased armor, 14/12/10 respectively, the Battlewagon can roll on towards the enemy with confidence.

Many of the Ork units in the Codex can make use of this Transport to great effect. But that’s not all, there’s more... for the Battlewagon can bring to bear an impressive assortment of weaponry. Kannons, Big Shootas, Rokkits, Zzap Guns, even the mighty Killkannon… the choice is yours in which Dakka you want to unleash upon you foes. I’ll also state that it’s a 100% must to equip them with a reinforced ram, for those crazy AV 16 ram moves (+2 remember). When transporting the boyz around, consider using one of the many ‘Gun Boat’ load outs that many have used. Though pricey, the Burna Wagon set up is my favourite. 15 Burna Boyz loaded up makes for what’s probably the greatest potential BBQ the game has to offer. Being able to unleash 15 flamer template upon an unlucky unit makes for a hilarious good time. Last time I did this it was something along the lines of 120+ dice being rolled to wound! Another is the Shoota Wagon. I’ve used a couple of these in a few tournaments. Kit the Wagon with a quartet of Big Shootas and load it up with 20 Shoota boyz and give them all the Dakka. 40 strength 4 & 12 strength 5 shots is nothing to scoff at and will indeed make a good mess of things. How bout the ultimate Dakka machine… Give the Battlewagon a full complement of Rokkit launchas and have a full unit of Tankbusta's come along for the ride. Its also expensive but is sure to erase whatever you unload upon, All those strength 8 Rokkits will make any Warboss Waaagh! with glee. Combine this with the Kannon or even the Killkannon (snap firing rokkits doesn’t bother us much) and lay waste to anything in range! Monstrous creatures beware!

The option to be delivery units for your tougher choices like Nobz, Mega Nobz or even the Mighty Council of Da Waaagh! is great as they will be able to roll on up upon their targets quite nicely. Nothing beats dropping off a crazy amount of Power Klaws into the fight… here, catch! LOL

Gun wagons, mass troop transport, even as Ghazghkull’s personal ride, the Battlewagon has its uses for sure. They even have their own formation in the form of the ‘Blitz Brigade‘. Five Battlewagons all with he ability to make scout moves makes for some additional shenanigans to be sure. Just got to build up a couple more so I can try it for myself.

Da Looted Wagon

Technically not in the codex (Thank you White Dwarf #21), it's my 2nd favourite transport we get to tinker with, mainly due to the fact that we get to build up one of these out of pretty much anything our bitz boxes have to offer! Rolling onto the table with an extra point of armor, it’s AV 11/11/10 makes it a little tougher than the Trukk and virtually immune to small arms fire.

As a transport, it can carry the same amount of models as the Trukk which isn't to shabby. I've personally used looted wagons to transport my Tankbusta's around (keep the Trukks for the boys) as thanks to that extra point of armor, my Tankbusta's were able to blast a way a little longer than if the were riding around in Trukks. Even Lootas and Flash Gits can make good use of the Looted Wagon.

Also able to take the usual assortment of Dakka and gubbinz like the other ork vehicles, the Looted Wagon also has access to Skorchas (Yay Fire) and the Killkannon (for even more pie plate shenanigans). One can easily gain advantage on the tabletop with 2 or 3 of these vehicles burning & blasting away along with their occupants unloading their own Dakka. Makes for a great mess of things.
Cheap to... with just the Killkannon upgrade, it will only cost ya 67pts which is a bargain for a Large Blast, Str 7, AP 3 platform.

The only thing really going against it is one of its own rules called 'Don't Press Dat', which is rolled for at the start of each of your shooting phases. A d6 roll of a 1 forces the Looted Wagon to move flat out, which wastes its potential shooting attacks it could make for that turn. By the love of Gork n Mork... DON'T PRESS DAT!!!

Dem 'Naut's'

A new additions to the Ork arsenal thanks to our newest Codex is the Gorkanaut & Morkanaut. Both a Walker and a Transport, which is awesome as its armor is stronger than that of the Deff Dread. AV 13/13/12 is nothing to scoff at in this game. Its gonna take the big guns to skrap these buggers (not that those are in short supply lol). Both variants of the 'Naut' have an access point in its belly and the ability to carry 6 models, while small it does offer many options that a clever boss can think of!

The most common being that of a Big Mek and a 5 man unit of Burna's, 3 of which being swapped out for Meks. Along with the upgrade option of Grot riggers, this gives the 'Naut' five repair rolls per turn which increases the lasting power of this beast greatly. So unless your opponent is able to wreck the 'Naut' in one go (which isn't impossible) they will most definitely be having to deal with it for the bulk of the game. Another sneaky trick is to load it up with a minimum unit of Mega Nobz (Surprise), run up the 'Naut' and deliver the Manz into the fray to Krump along side the walker. All those Str 9 & 10 Klaws wont be ignored for long...  hur hur hur.

The Gorkanaut has the rampage special rule which is cool for when it starts Krump'n enemy units in close combat with its Klaw of Gork (or possibly Mork) and come with and impressive assortment of Dakka. Big Shootas, Rokkit Launchas, a Skorcha, and the crazy Deffstorm Mega-Shoota, which rolls 3d6 to see how many Str 6, AP4 shots it gets to unleash each turn. Nasty.

The Morkanaut also comes with the Klaw of Gork but sees some of its Dakka being a little more Kustom. Along with its own Big Shootas and Rokkit Launchas, the Morkanaut comes equipped with a Kustom Mega-Blasta and a Kustom Mega-Kannon. Both yield a Str 8, AP 2 shot, with the Kannon have the added benefit of being a blast weapon. High strength and AP weaponry are at a premium in the Ork Codex, so it's beneficial to have another outlet for we greenskins to use them. The Morkanaut can also be equipped with the ever popular Kustom Force Field which is fantastic when mounted on a beast of this size. The area the KFF can cover from the Morkanaut is impressive and is sure to grant those snazzy 5+ Invul saves to a good chunk of your army.

I use 2 Morkanaut's in my Dread Mob formation, both of which have done wonders thus far when played in tandem on the tabletop.

One has to keep in mind however that both versions are quite the investment to field, being well over 200pts each before upgrades. So in that regard ya may have issues when wanting to use them in smaller games. Though they would be a tough nut to crack if you were to slip one in to a 750pt game... you dirty bugger!

There is also the debate on how the 'Naut's' should have been made super heavy's to counteract wraith knights and the like.... but we'll save that topic for another time!

Dat Stompa

This brings us to one of our Lord of War options in the codex. An effigy to Gork n Mork themselves... the Stompa.

Many a Warboss have used these titans to wage war on the most epic of scales. Being a super heavy makes it one of the most resilient choices the orkz have access to in the game. While very pricey, its not without its benefits. 12 Hull Points (crazy), AV 13/13/12, Big Shootas, Supa-Rokkits, a Skorcha, a Supa-Gatler, the mighty Deff Kannon and a 'D' weapon Mega-Choppa.... the Stompa is an absolute beat stick capable of taking on anything it can get its grubby mitts in to.

Its also has the added bonus of a 20 model transport capacity, which is huge and gives us a ton of options to tinker with. Again, the 'Mek' option seems to be the go to choice for many in order to maximize the Stompa's potential. That trusty Big Mek with its own KFF (to grant the Stompa a 5+ Invul save) along with its own free Mek (Codex rule for taking an HQ choice) and 3 five man units of Burna's, again swapping 3 out of each unit for Meks. Along with the Stompa's own option of taking Grot riggers... how would you like to have 12 dice to roll for restoring Hull Points every turn?! That's frakken insane talk right there, but its allowed and many have used it well.

Other options to consider is a 20 strong unit of shoota boyz for some later game board control and Dakka in the face of your foes, a full on 15 strong unit of Burna's... cuz FIRE, a tricked out Nob unit for some unexpected shenanigans, even loading it up with Gretchin is an option for those looking for a good laugh! Never underestimate those grots... they can kill anything.

The Codex Stompa is a beast if you have the points for it. yes there are better Stompa variants out there but that means leaving the codex behind. Again that's for another ramble. Bring the Stompa when your looking for a propah skrap and to see your opponents face when you field it, for ya both know the Stompa never acts like traditional Titan, cuz with the Orkz... anything can happen.

So there ya have it. A quick ramble on the transports we Greenskins have access to. Each have their own quirks when used, yet each can prove very useful in the battlefield. The choice is yours on how you want to utilize them. When used along side each other, these transports will cause all kinds of issues for your foes, all the while looking like a scene out of mad max!. Your options are endless so be creative, mix it up when possible and above all have fun. Something we Orkz are very good at.

Until the next Ramble.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Things are getting Weird - Part 2

Welcome Dorklords. Its been a slow process, but the 'Weird' list is starting to finally take shape... so it's time for an update!

Firstly with the completion of the Trio of Weirdboys this list is being built around.

'Ead'krasha, Zog'Nog'n, & Smeg'ead are ready to harness da powah of da Waaagh!

As good as these guys are, they are going to need some back up! That's where the boyz come in.
For now lets give each Weirdboy a unit of 20 to run amuck with.

3 Squads of 20 Shoota Boyz, incl. a Nob w/ Bosspole, Power Klaw & Shoota
I'm tinkering with the idea of 'eavy armor for em all, but that can also be settled later.

My furry lil squig wanted to play. After this pic was taken, she ran off with one of the boyz... i'm still trying to find it! LOL

A few of these boyz need a proper paint job, as they are from the huge batch of boyz I got from a friend of mine.
So they'll be painted to match the rest of Skarshaks shoota boyz.

Its only 25 boyz that need a some work... yay batch painting! hur hur hur

Now with the next step planned out I'm already thinking to the next part of this list and I've come to a bit of a cross roads. With this list using the Ork Horde detachment from Codex Orks (which allows for the 3 HQ's), the elite slots are still at a premium with the usual 3 slots available. To complement the Weirdboys and take the attention off of them (be it short term), i'm thinking Kommndos.

Kommandos with good ol' Snikrot.

Using the 3 elite slots for kommandos with all their outflanking shenanigans has always been a wild card for those I've used it on in the past and for the most part has proven successful. Then the epiphany (big word for a mek 'ead I know)... there's a shiny formation called 'Boss Snikrot's Red Skull Kommandos', now found in the Waaagh Ghazghkull update. Yes it forces a 4th unit of Kommandos on ya but it does keep those elite slots open for Manz Missiles or Tankbustas. Good thing is that I already have the models painted and ready to use that formation.

Question is do I want to simply stick to the Ork Horde detachment (as originally planned), or do I actually branch into using a formation along side it. Questions indeed. All I know is that the Kommandos will be used in some form with this Weird list.

Current points for the list so far, using the above additions/idea's...

Using the Kommando formation: each unit is equipped with a PK/BP Nob and swapping out 2 boyz for 2 Burnas (cuz FIRE)
(each becomes a unit of 6)... comes to 1327pts

Using the 3 Elite slots for the Kommandos with the same unit build as above... comes to 1197pts

To be fair, that 120pt difference could be put to good use elsewhere if I stick with only using the Ork Horde. Yet the formation is a good show of force when the Kommandos show up. Bah... decisions decisions! Which way would you go?

I'll ponder things more while I work on painting up the shoota boyz as I have also not settled upon how big I want to build this list. 1750pts, 2000pts, ??? When going for fun & fluffy instead of full on competitive, the Orkz do indeed have a ton of options to choose from. Just one of the many reasons why i'm proud to be a greenskin!

More to come with this build... we'z not done yet!
Until next time.

Skarshak... out.