Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Things are getting Weird - Part 2

Welcome Dorklords. Its been a slow process, but the 'Weird' list is starting to finally take shape... so it's time for an update!

Firstly with the completion of the Trio of Weirdboys this list is being built around.

'Ead'krasha, Zog'Nog'n, & Smeg'ead are ready to harness da powah of da Waaagh!

As good as these guys are, they are going to need some back up! That's where the boyz come in.
For now lets give each Weirdboy a unit of 20 to run amuck with.

3 Squads of 20 Shoota Boyz, incl. a Nob w/ Bosspole, Power Klaw & Shoota
I'm tinkering with the idea of 'eavy armor for em all, but that can also be settled later.

My furry lil squig wanted to play. After this pic was taken, she ran off with one of the boyz... i'm still trying to find it! LOL

A few of these boyz need a proper paint job, as they are from the huge batch of boyz I got from a friend of mine.
So they'll be painted to match the rest of Skarshaks shoota boyz.

Its only 25 boyz that need a some work... yay batch painting! hur hur hur

Now with the next step planned out I'm already thinking to the next part of this list and I've come to a bit of a cross roads. With this list using the Ork Horde detachment from Codex Orks (which allows for the 3 HQ's), the elite slots are still at a premium with the usual 3 slots available. To complement the Weirdboys and take the attention off of them (be it short term), i'm thinking Kommndos.

Kommandos with good ol' Snikrot.

Using the 3 elite slots for kommandos with all their outflanking shenanigans has always been a wild card for those I've used it on in the past and for the most part has proven successful. Then the epiphany (big word for a mek 'ead I know)... there's a shiny formation called 'Boss Snikrot's Red Skull Kommandos', now found in the Waaagh Ghazghkull update. Yes it forces a 4th unit of Kommandos on ya but it does keep those elite slots open for Manz Missiles or Tankbustas. Good thing is that I already have the models painted and ready to use that formation.

Question is do I want to simply stick to the Ork Horde detachment (as originally planned), or do I actually branch into using a formation along side it. Questions indeed. All I know is that the Kommandos will be used in some form with this Weird list.

Current points for the list so far, using the above additions/idea's...

Using the Kommando formation: each unit is equipped with a PK/BP Nob and swapping out 2 boyz for 2 Burnas (cuz FIRE)
(each becomes a unit of 6)... comes to 1327pts

Using the 3 Elite slots for the Kommandos with the same unit build as above... comes to 1197pts

To be fair, that 120pt difference could be put to good use elsewhere if I stick with only using the Ork Horde. Yet the formation is a good show of force when the Kommandos show up. Bah... decisions decisions! Which way would you go?

I'll ponder things more while I work on painting up the shoota boyz as I have also not settled upon how big I want to build this list. 1750pts, 2000pts, ??? When going for fun & fluffy instead of full on competitive, the Orkz do indeed have a ton of options to choose from. Just one of the many reasons why i'm proud to be a greenskin!

More to come with this build... we'z not done yet!
Until next time.

Skarshak... out.

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