Sunday, 22 May 2016

Nothing Beats Kustom #16

Greetings once again D'Orkz
For a while now (nearly 2 years), I've been tinkering with ideas on looting up the Imperial Knight that I had won as a prize at the Dork Wars Team Tourney back in 2014. During that time I had put aside a few 'spare' bitz to work into the project that I kept telling myself I would get to. Also being inspired by the countless Knights being looted and shared online for all to see, I kept telling myself... I'm gonna get to it, no worries. Well time did indeed pass, and like so many of us in the hobby we see projects getting sidelined and after a while model kits start a collection of their own by way of a quarter inch of dust due to our skills being focused elsewhere in the hobby.

Then the Renegade Knight rules were released and by Gork n Mork did I like what I saw. Reading over these renegades got the ol' mek in me going once again with purpose and also 'sadly' saw my current project set aside. Its a vicious cycle I tell ya... seriously! I dug into the collection of unbuilt kits and there it was... my Imperial Knight. The goal set forth was to build and paint it up ready for tabletop play ASAP. So I opened up the box, grabbed my clippers and began the long overdue construction of what would become the newest addition to Waaagh! Skarshaks arsenal. Naturally work gets in the way of hobby time and responsibility's take us elsewhere in our lives... yet work progressed in between what was a busy schedule as of late and before I knew it the Knight was taking shape. I say it was over the span of 2 weeks I got this 'Renegade' built and painted up.

Happy with the project, another question popped into my head... Where's the camera?! LOL

Close to Two years in my collection, it can finally take its place in the Waaagh to come!
I present to you...

Da 'Renegade' GorkaKnight

As you can see, this renegade has an almost streamlined look to it. Looted up enough to get it into the fight in propah Ork fashion. This is intentional so I can actually add more 'Skrap' to it over time. Trophy's from those it takes out and additional gubbinz da mekz are inclined to add to it. Yet as this Renegade sits right now, its a propah beasty that'll do Gork n Mork proud. This knight kit is from its original release, so no extra sprue full of gubbinz to loot up, but like that's eve stopped us orkz before. The missile pod up top is Imperial Guard in origin and fits the bill nicely for this project. It's left arm is a Klaw of Gork (or Mork) from the Naut kit (Thanks ebay), and the Gatling cannon mounted alongside the Big Dakka I got in a trade with my friend Kyle (Boss GearGutz). Throw in some Stompa, Trukk, Battlewagon, Deff Dread, & Naut Bitz plus a little plasticard for good measure, and we gotz a good Krump'n GorkaKnight for Boss Skarshak to play wif! Hur hur hur. 

Standing alongside Morkanaut 'Hack'

Buddied up with Da Meka Dread

For those wondering this 'Renegade' will be packing, i'm gonna start with this build and see how that works out on the tabletop.
'Renegade' Knight (Base cost: 325pts)
Melta Gun (+5pts)
Avenger Gatling Cannon (+50pts)
Ironstorm Missile Pod (+30pts)
Fist of Gork (or Mork) (Counts as the Reaper Chainsword)
Total Cost: 410pts

Yep, it'll be played as an Imperial Knight, thanks to Renegades following the same Ally shenanigans as the Chaos Space Marines!
Allies of Convenience... thank you very much!

The GorkaKnight will also be playing the role of a couple other options we Orkz have access to. The first being that of the Gorkanaut, and second being the Mega Dread. I'm going to build up lists using all the units the GorkaKnight is going to stand in for so I can see how each play in turn and to also expand on the options Waaagh! Skarshak has to tinker with! Either way I look forward to the carnage this new beasty will cause. Muahahahahaha

I gotta put a Big THANK YOU to all those out there who have looted up Knights of their own. Each one has been a truly inspiring piece of work, proving over and over again that with us Orkz... Nothing Beats Kustom! Hats off to ya Boyz!

Now as I said earlier, I was gonna add some gubbinz to the GorkaKnight over time.
Well after the above pics were taken, I whipped up the shield from the Knight kit to show that
Da Mek Shop is where the GorkaKnight calls home!

With that my friends, I leave you to your own Kustom work.
Kirk M. aka Skarshak

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