Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Rokkem Sokkem Good Time

Welcome Greenskins!
Its been over 2 months since my last battle and my Orkz have been a kranky bunch due to not being let loose during that time. No worries boyz, the wait is over as ya get to krump and loot some propah skrap! While were at it.... how bout a BatRep?!
Brace yourselves as giants walk among us!

My good friend Kyle M. popped by Da Mek Shop a few days ago with his Trio of Knights, looking for a good fight from my Orkz.
We were only too happy to provide! Hur hur hur

Imperial Knights - 1250pts
Formation: Baronial Court

Warlord Trait: Cunning Commander

Knight Crusader (Warlord / Lord Barron)
w/ Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon + Heavy Stubber, Avenger Gatling Cannon + Heavy Flamer, Meltagun, Stormspear Rocket Pod, Heirloom of the Knightly House: Sanctuary

Knight Paladin
w/ Heavy Stubber, Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon + Heavy Stubber, Reaper Chainsword

Knight Warden
w/ Avenger Gatling Cannon + Hevay Flamer, Heavy Stubber, Thunderstrike Gauntlet

The forces of Waaagh Skarshak saw this trio of behemoths stalking their way towards Mek Town and went frantic!
Luckily Ol' Buzzgob was in town making his assessment of the new GorkaKnight and had a little something of his own to counter this threat!

Orkz - IA 8 - Dread Mob (2013 PDF) - 1250pts
Combined Arms Detachment + Forsworn Detachment (Allied)

Warlord Trait: Mek Master

Buzzgob (Warlord)
w/ Nitnuckle & Lunk

Buzzgob's Big Mek Stompa
w/ 3x Big Shoota, D6 Powerfields, Deffkannon, Gaze of Gork (or Mork), Lifta Droppa, Mega Klaw, 3x Supa Rokkit

Spanner Boyz
9x Spanna Boyz + 1 Mek

Gretchin Scavenger Mob
10 Grots + 1 Runtherd

Two units of Burna Boys (Joining Buzzgob in his Big Mek Stompa)
Each Unit has 2 Burna Boyz & 3 Meks

Da GorkaKnight - Renegade Knight (Allied)
w/Melta Gun, Fist of Gork (Reaper Chainsword), Stormspear Rokkit Pod, Thermal Kannon
Looks like the Big Boyz have come out to play, now for the scenario we'll be playing... though I doubt we'll need it! LOL

Scenario: Crusade w/ 4 Objectives
Deployment: Dawn of War

First Blood, Line Breaker, Slay the Warlord, Night Fighting & Mysterious Objectives are all in effect.

The Orks got to deploy first and rolled a lucky 6 for the Stompa's Powerfields.
The Knights follow suit and deploy.

Da Orks form the line.

The Baronial Court eyes up their foe.

An epic standoff to be sure.

Alongside the Ork super-heavys, the Spanna Boyz hunker down behind the ruin between the Stompa and GorkaKnight while the Grots deploy into the corner ruin which contains an objective. The Knights form up benefiting from their Ionic Shieldwall ability (+1 to Ion Shield Invul Saves on the Front Arc).

To Buzzgobs surprise, the Imperial Knights steal the initiative! So begins this clash of titans.
Night Fighting does not take place.

Imperial Knights
Turn 1

Surveying the land and the Mek Town beyond... the trio of Knights advance forward, keeping their shieldwall together while they eye up the Ork super heavy's. Their orders are clear and each in turn release their safety's as the Knights bring their impressive firepower to bear upon the greenskin walkers.

The Knight Paladin (Blue Knight) fires first at The Stompa, its Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon roaring to life. One of the cannons two shots impacts Directly while the other drift over to the Boyz hiding out of sight. The Power fields enveloping the Stompa take the shot with ease while the boyz 'go to ground' and only lose one of their number as the cannons blast vaporises an unlucky git!

The Knight Warden (White Knight) unloads its Avenger Gatling Cannon at the Stompa. Six of the Twelve Shots connect, a couple of which are able to 'Rend' off two layers from the power fields protecting the Gargant.

The Knight Crusader (Purple Knight) also goes to town on the Stompa. Its own Avenger Gatling Cannon 'Rending' off two more layers power fields protecting it. It scores two direct hits with its Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon, both of which are able to glance down the final two layers, resulting in the power field generator on the Stompa to cut out completely! With the Gargants shields now down, the Crusader unleashes a volley from the Stormspear Missile Pod. All three missiles hit true yet only one was able to knock off a hull point from the ramshackle effigy.

Seeing the resilience of the orkz, the knights hold fast and wait for the inevitable retaliation.

The Trinity Advances.

Unlucky Gitz!

Turn 1

Weathering the Knights initial onslaught... Buzzgob is impressed by these 'oomie' gargants and issues orders to nitnuckle and lunk, his two grot assistants, to ready the loot'n krew for skrap retrieval. Ordering the advance, The Stompa and the GorkaKnight move up to glare at the invading Knights and to get better line of sight with their own Dakka. The Grots hiding in the ruin behind the walkers hold the objective within and reveal it to be a scatterfield generator. The GorkaKnight uses its looted sensors to ID the mid-field objective its now near but gumbles to itself when it finds that its nothing of note.
Buzzgob orders his Meks inside the Stompa to commence repairs, which they easily do, restoring the Stompa to a full 12 Hull Points. After which... "Release Da DAKKA"

The Stompa's Deffkannon roars to life and punches through the Ion shield of the White Knight scoring a direct hit. Exploding with such ferocity that the Knight loses 4 HP right there and then! Yikes!!! The Knights Ion Shield is barely able to stop the ramshackle energies from the Gaze of Gork, while letting through a Supa-Rokkit which reduces the White Knight to its last HP.

Seeing the White Knights folly, the GorkaKnight chimes in with its own firepower. It surprisingly long shots the Knight Paladin with its Thermal Cannon though its Ion shield is easily able to fend off the blast, while one of the GorkaKnights own Stormspear Missiles is arcs over to penetrate the shield of the Warden, disrupting its power core which causes the White Knight to explode in apocalyptic fashion! BOOOOOOOOM!!!

First Blood goes to the Orkz, as the Boyz get up after going to ground earlier.

Da Ork Super Heavy's look on.

'Blue' weather a blast.

Knight Down!

Imperial Knights
Turn 2

With the fall of the Knight Warden, the remaining Knights Paladin & Crusader advance upon the Orkz literally seething litany's of vengeance from their vox-casters. The Paladin is able to identify the objective it nearly steps on while tromping though a small grove of trees, revealing it to be an skyfire nexus. The Knights eye up both the Stompa and GorkaKnight, deciding to split their firepower between them.

The Knight Paladin Opens up with its Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon on the GorkaKnight, but to its dismay both rounds actually drift back on to the Blue Knight itself! Luckily its own Ion Shield is able to hold up against the unfortunate weapon blunder.

Meanwhile the Knight Crusader hits the Big Mek Stompa twice with its own Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon, though the Stompa's hull plating is able to hold strong against the twin blasts. The Purple Knight follows up with an impressive display from its Avenger Gatling Cannon, easily 'Rending' off 5 HP from the Gargant. Its own Stormspear Missile Pod however is unable to do any further damage to the Stompa.

The Blue Knight wants a piece of the Big Mek Stompa, taunting with its Reaper Chainsword, yet the dice gods have their way once again and the Paladin narrowly fails its charge against its chosen foe!

Vengeance will be ours!

Bring it on.

Just out of range for a Krump'n.

Turn 2

Seeing the eagerness of the Blue Knight, Buzzgob orders his Stompa to 'shift over' and allow the GorkaKnight to get closer to the 'oomie walkers'! "I wanna see wut that Git can do" he says and then orders his Meks to continue repairs to his beloved Big Mek Stompa. Only 2 HP are restored bringing the Stompa back up to 9 HP... Buzzgob is not happy with the lack of effort from his Mekz.

It may have shifted over, but that doesn't stop the Big Mek Stompa from firing ALL DA DAKKA!
The Deffkannon unloads upon the Knight Crusader, barely getting through the Ion Shield and taking a lone HP from the Knight. The Gaze of Gork flares to life and erupts towards the Crusader yet its stopped once again by the Ion Shield, which strains against weapons power. Another Supa-Rokkit is fired off but veers way off corse impacting somewhere in Mek Town itself! Whoops.

The GorkaKnight unloads its arsenal at the Knight Paladin. First with its Thermal Cannon, now in Melta Range, which scores a direct hit... on the Paladins Ion Shield. Dang! Stormspear Rokkits also strike true at the Blue Knight yet its Ion Shield proves once again to be impenetrable.

With that, the GorkaKnight charges head first in to the Knight Paladin... a WAAAAAAAAAGH!!! can be heard from its own vox-caster. Melee ensues as the two titans exchange blows that would level a small town. The resulting apocalyptic explosion envelopes both super heavy's, yet it is the GorkaKnight who is able to wade through the destruction... damaged but yet somehow functional, much to Buzzgobz surprise. The GorkaKnight is down to 2 HP while it stands upon the wreckage of the Blue Knight.

Eyeing up the target!

Shall we dance?!

Yep... this is gonna sting a bit.

Imperial Knights
Turn 3

When the dust settles, the Knight Crusader finds itself alone yet it still stands defiant in the face of the greenskin menace... the Emperors light forever flowing through it, guiding the Crusader with righteous purpose. It targets the GorkaKnight with everything it has, spewing forth more litany's of vengeance towards its foe.

One of its two shots from the Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon strikes the GorkaKnight but its own Ion Shield still has some life left, protecting it. A shot from the Purple Knights Melta Gun is also unable to gain purchase on the Ork monstrosity. All three shots from the Crusaders Stormspear Missile Pod also impact on the GorkaKnight's Ion Shield, after which the Ork Ion Shield overloads and fizzles out. Seeing this the Knight Crusader brings its own Avenger Gatling Cannon to bear unloading its clip in to the GorkaKnight and 'Rending' off another HP, leaving the Looted Knight with a single HP remaining.

Guided by the 'Emperors Might' the Knight Crusader charges at the GorkaKnight, clearing an impressive amount of ground doing so and the two titans clash in epic fashion. The two super heavy's, like two rampaging gods, fight like they're possessed... and like a solar flare erupting from the sun, the two knights bring Mutually Assured Destruction upon each other as they both go APOCALYPTIC!!!

Defiant to the end.

For Da Emprah!

Yep... this happened!

Ork Victory!


With the skrap yard outside of Mek Town now nothing more than a sheet of glass... Buzzgob, still safe in his Big Mek Stompa, is beside himself with the events that just transpired. He orders his Loota Boyz to scour the battlefield for the remnants of the GorkaKnight and that of the Imperial Knights. So that he may add to his own arsenal. The Stompa eventually lumbers back to Mek Town with the surviving Boyz and Grots (looking like roasted marshmallows) running close behind.

Meanwhile back in 'Da Citadel', Boss Skarshak has also been watching the battle unfold and is indeed impressed with how well his new GorkaKnight performed. He's also informed by his lead Big Mek 'Tinkersnik' of the following...

"Boss... we'z picked up a signal from dem oomie knights just before dey 'spoded!"
"Sneaky gitz dem oomies. Lemme guess.... dey's call'n fer 'elp?!"
"Right Boss, signal confirmed to end at dis systems edge...
Looks like we'z got more company out der!"
"No doubt dey be telling others as well. Took em long enough Hur hur hur.
Guess our sekret is finally out, eh 'Snik"
"Looks like Boss!"

Skarshak sits upon his throne, looks at the tracking screen showing the signals destination and ponders these new events.

"Snik, tell the Krew to get ready for a propah WAAAAGH! It'z Krump'n Time!"

With that, we come to the end of our latest ramshackle adventure. This was my first time taking on Three Imperial Knights and (dice gods not withstanding) it was a crazy fun game. Though I do wonder how my usual Trukk army would fare against such an opposing force?! Perhaps that's a battle report for the future (crosses fingers).

Many many thanks to my friend Kyle M. for coming by Da Mek Shop with his Imperial Knights.
Your a true sportsman my friend and I look forward to our next battle.

Till next time.
Skarshak (Kirk M.)

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