Sunday, 12 June 2016

Forging the Narrative!

=][==][= Transmission Received - Priority One =][==][=

+++ Date 4.378.986/M41
+++ Ref: Cta/39051973/CTC
+++ Subject: Primer Report of Hadrian System
+++ By: Marius Ezmirr - Inquisitor - Ordo Xenos
+++ To: Master Remus II - Ordo Xenos - Solstice Secondus

+++ Thought of the Day: "Only fools have no fear"

+++ Message:

Hadrian Prime is the former mechanicus forge world located near the galactic core within the Ultima Segmentum, which is now completely under ork control and is the suspected center of Waaagh! Skarshak.

For over a century the Orks have firmly held the Hadrian System along with the rest of the core territory’s under the banner of the Ork Warlord: Wagrimm ‘Da Krumpa’ Skarshak. Due to the systems proximity to the galactic core, warp travel here is temperamental at best, resulting in many Imperial Recon Fleets being lost or damaged upon transition into the sector. Sporadic reports state the remnants of these fleets being destroyed or ‘looted’ by the Orks. Only small stealth teams have been able to glean any information from Hadrian Prime and though none have returned from the surface, orbital imagery received from these teams show the Ork hold on the world to be total. Few familiar icons of what was once a great forge world remain as the greenskins have twisted the world to their own purpose.

Population numbers are not exact due to the lack of current information but it can be assumed that it numbers several billion. There are also signs that another Waaagh! is imminent. Long range orbital scans have shown  number of war machines and ‘Kroozas’ being constructed, swelling the fleet that Waaagh! Skarshak already has at its disposal. This tells me it's only a matter of time before this Waaagh! spews forth into the galaxy once again. If we can’t take them on their own ground, we’ll be damn sure to take them when they come for ours and this time they will feel the full wrath of the Emperor.

My full report =Attached= will give further details gained by our efforts in the area and suggested courses of action to enact in order stall this brewing Waaagh! for as long as possible. Though to be honest my lord, I honestly doubt we can contain them for long.

I will rendezvous with you at the predetermined coordinates as planned.

Your apprentice & colleague

  =][= File: 00030183 (Ready to perceive)

+++ Astropath 426.1979 & 119.1944 relayed

Modified to Show Waaagh! Skarshak - For fluff purposes only!

During my time enjoying the hobby and playing the Orkz, I couldn't help starting to piece together a backstory for Waaagh! Skarshak. It felt only natural and has added to the feel of the games I've played during this time and lately has begun to be a little more fleshed out. Who knows, perhaps one day I'll have Skarshaks full story written down... one day.
Just another aspect of this hobby I know many of us enjoy.

Catch ya soon.
Kirk M. aka Skarshak