Sunday, 19 June 2016

Things are getting Weird - Part 3

Greetings Waaagh-o-Holics!
Its been a couple months since we last saw how the 'Weird' list was coming along, well finding time to work on this list has been random to say the least but progress indeed continues!

In the last update for this army, I had 25 Shoota Boyz to clean and paint up to match the rest of my army. After slogging through the never ending trials that is Batch Painting (...yay...), that bunch of Gitz is now ready to join the ranks of Waaagh Skarshak!

All Da Shoota Boyz (60 of em) are ready to give ya ALL DA DAKKA!!!

 You can bet Shoota Boss 'Farkle' isn't gonna miss the fun.

 The infamous 'Ork in a Box' is also along for the ride.

Ork Nob 'Hruk' likes what he sees!

Also, as I tinkered with how to use Kommandos in this list, I did settle on using the 'Boss Snikrot's Red Skull Kommandos' formation out of the Waaagh! Ghazghkull supplement. Simply due to liking the fluff of the formation and the crazy show of force from 'Any' table edge you wish! That formation lets you take Snikrot and 4 units of Kommandos, each of which are built as follows:

Kommando Nob w/ Power Klaw, Bosspole & Slugga
4x Kommando Boyz all w/ Sluggas & Choppas
2x Kommando Boyz both with Burnas & Choppas

Again, the above x4 with Snikrot joining one of these units, 29 body's in all,  makes for instant shenanigans on the table top!

Ol' Snikrot.... Dat sneaky git himself.

One of the four Kommando units is eager to get Krump'n!

Da Weird List is coming together nicely.
Footslogger Army's... Gotta Love Em!

At last count, this puts the list at 1367 points. Plenty of room left to fill in the gaps for a 1500pt list, but I'm gonna go for at least 1750pts with this build as it allows for MOAR Gubbinz to be added.
Probably safe to say the ground forces are now covered. Now the question is... what to add to give this lot some propah backup? Killkannon Looted Wagons, Multiple units of Mek Gunz, Warbikers, How bout some flyers? (So many choices)

This will be the next step as this fun & fluffy list continues to come together.
While I ponder that, 2 of the Kommando Nobz need some work plus I think I'll do some touch ups on Snikrot himself.
Shouldn't take to long?... right?! ... hello???

Hur hur hur... Until next time Greenskins.
Keep those army's growing!


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