Saturday, 3 September 2016

Summers over, time to get things Weird!

Welcome back D'Orkz.
Its been a fun and long summer, of which this blog has taken a back seat. This'll hopefully change as the wheel of the year brings us back around to the darker, cooler days, which in turn should result in more hobby time. My Orkz have grown frustrated in their lack of Waaagh throughout the summer. Horrible I know, but dems the breaks when schedules conflict amongst the local gaming circle. Between work and the summer shenanigans, it happens to all of us and all we can do is move forward. The dice will still roll, Oomies will still be Krump'd and Da Great WAAAAAAAGH! will forever krak on!

One good thing is that the latest goal here in Da Mek Shop was completed not too long ago.
'Da Weird List' is ready to go and I can wait to actually get a bunch of games in with it. Huzzah!!!

Da Weird List - 1750pts of Greenskin Goodness!

Coming in at 120 models, this army has had a few additions and tweaks since the last update. The Kommando units have each gained an additional git, bringing the Kommandos up to 33 models total - Incl. Snikrot. Also added a trio of fast attack choices that I feel enhance the feel and theme of this build. Two units of 3 Warbuggys and a full unit 5 Deffkoptas. All capable of outflanking alongside the Red Skull Kommando Formation, which in turn will keep my opponents of their toes as this army is now literally coming in from all sides. A unit of Gretchin has also been snuck in for good measure, for who knows if the need to kill Terminators will arise!, but that's a story for another time.

 'old on ya gitz... dat Weirdboy iz get'n ready to 'POP'

Good ol' Snikrot... he's gonna stikk ya wif da pointy end!

Now by no means was this army built with the competitive scene in mind. This is made for enjoying a good afternoon of dices rolls with the gang, BBQ cooking up a storm and hilarity all around. Makes for the best games, plus it gets me playing a big mob of boyz once again. Which has been a while, seeing that I do like my Speed Freak / Road Warrior army... as many of you already know.

 Dem Koptas, doin wut dey do best.

 Warbuggy's have quickly become a favorite here at Da Mek Shop.

 Are ya ready to feel Da Power of Da WAAAGH!

Burna Kommandos looking to cook up a storm. Wut was dat about a BBQ?

So here's da list, for those interested.

1750pts - Ork Horde Detachment (87 Models)

HQ x3: Weirdboy w/ Upgrade to Mastery Lv 2
Troop x3: Shoota Boy x19 + Nob w/ Bosspole, Power Klaw & Shoota (20 models per unit)
Troop: Gretchin - 12 Grots + Runtherd w/ Grabba Stikk
Fast x2: Warbuggy's x3 w/ Twin-Linked Rokkits (or T-L Big Shootas if needed)
Fast: Deffkoptas x5 w/ Twin-Linked Rokkits (or also with T-L Big Shootas)

Formation - Boss Snikrot's Red Skull Kommandos (33 Models)
Boss Snikrot
Kommando units x4: Slugga & Choppa Boyz x5 & Burna Boyz x2 + Nob w/ Bosspole & Power Klaw (8 models per unit)

120 models & 1748pts total.

Not to shabby if I do say so myself.
Tactics are simple... deploy the Weirdboys each with a unit of shoota boyz in a way that cover and line of sight is an issue for the opponent. Grots also get deployed, probably in the back field to hold the home objective (if any) and to surprisingly cover the back flank behind the Weirdboy units. Buggy's, Kopta's, and the Red Skull Kommandos all begin in reserve to ensure the army's best chances of coming in from all sides, resulting in maximum board coverage and total anarchy on the battlefield. The Weirdboys will make the best of their psychic powers while advancing across the field, causing a ruckus and achieving objectives (if any), while the Kommandos will do their best to bugger up the opponents backlines and going for any objectives on that side of the field. The outflanking Buggy's & Koptas's will run harassment / tank hunting duties while zipping around the battlefield, also heading for those objectives at the opportune time. All this while using the board to the Orkz advantage, well as best we can anyways... and just have at it.

Add in bucket loads of dice rolling and a mighty WAAAAAAAGH!!!, i'm confidant this 'Weird List' will prove effective in the games to come. At the very least it'll be making a glorious mess of things while getting pummelled , either way it's a win in my books.

No Warboss, no Mega Armor, no Trukks or Bikers... I've clearly gone mad! But we all know there are times when ya just have to break the mold and switch things up. This keeps the game fresh and also reveals things about your codex ya never considered. Good or bad! Again, I see it as a win!

I plan on doing up a BatRep (or 2) with this list, once the local gamers schedules calm down a touch. We do want to play but alas those crazy responsibilities we all have seem to get in the way of precious game time! Funny how that is.

Until then, its back to Da Mek Shop to get in some long overdue hobby time.
With several projects needing a good pain job, Waaagh! Skarshaks next addition could be anything.
Be sure to stay tuned for what comes next.

Catch ya next time.
Kirk M. - aka Skarshak.

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