Friday, 14 October 2016

Upgrades for Da Dread Mob!

Welcome back Waaagh-o-holics!
Huzzah its Orktober, or Dreadtober in some circles. Which means many of us are using this time to bring to life some ideas we may have had over the last little while, all in name of Da Ever Growing WAAAAAAAGH!!!

For Waaagh! Skarshak, it means getting back to its roots and expanding on the Dread Mob / Kan Wall. An army build I've been playing since I started my Waaagh back in 2009.

Da Dread Mob in all it's 'current' glory!
It'll be a fair sized expansion for the formation as ill be adding 6 more Killa Kanz to the formation, of which I may have been sitting on for... well, lets just say a while now! Hur hur hur.

6 new Kanz with swanky bases ready for some paint!

Have ya ever noticed with the Killa Kanz that its stated in the codex with the option to be equipped with Kustom Mega Blastas (KMBs)... yet with all the bits included in the model kit, the KMB is left out?! What's with that... seriously. LOL

Not that its a big deal, any mek 'ead worth his teef should be able to cobble something together to fit the bill....
it's what we orkz do best isn't it?
So after getting a couple bitz together and bouncing a couple ideas off some fellow mekz, my first Kan sized KMB came together.


A smattering of Ad-Mech & Killa Kan bitz + a little plasticard makes for some effective results.
Happy with the build, it was time to replicate the process.

...and then there was five.

So as ya can probably tell, five of the new Kanz will be loaded up with those shiny Strength 8 / AP 2 weapons for maximum hilarity on the tabletop. But wait, what about the 6th Kan ya say? Well that sucker is going to be kitted out with the fan favorite Grotzooka! One of the Rokkit Kanz iz also going to get a weapon swap for another Grotzooka. Doing this will result in the Dread Mob having 3 units of 5 Killa Kanz, each with its own Weapons... Grotzookas, Rokkits, & Kustom Mega Blastas respectively, which will allow for additional diversity within the formation.

Still a bunch to do. Still got to put together the 6 Kan Klaws, and potentially a base redo for the original 9 Kanz already built. First things first however and that's getting these 6 Kanz game ready! Being able to field 20 walkers in a 1850pt list is going to be epic and will no doubt make for some excellent dice rolls in the future.

Until then... time to krak on.
More to come.

Skarshak - Kirk M.

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