Saturday, 31 December 2016

Bring on Da New Year!

Greetings D'Orkz & Happy Holidays!

'appy New WAAAAAAAGH!!!

Once again another year comes to an end, while a new year dawns upon the horizon.

2016 has indeed been a roller coaster of a ride here at Da Mek Shop in regards to my hobby. Waaaagh! Skarshak grew to new heights this year by passing 12k in painted models, with an overall count of roughly 18k for the collection. Huzzah!

Over 12k of Painted Greenskins!

A new 'Weird List' army was concocted as a change of pace versus my usual speed freak builds... Having a trio of Weirdboyz running amuck with a field full of boyz has made for some fantastic & hilarious dice rolls. Still need to do a BatRep with this list so I can share the hilarity with you all.

Ya know S#!% just got real when these 3 show up!

New conversions were added to the arsenal Waaagh! Skarshak in the form of the 'GorkaKnight' and the 'Kill-Bursta'.

One can never have enough Super Heavy's!

Even the facebook page for Da Mek Shop has soared to new heights by surpassing over 3k in likes and reaching farther than I could have ever hoped! A regular dose of Orkyness always goes a long way.

Unfortunately the latter half of the year has been marred with a persistent bout of painters block (think writers block), and more than a couple projects have been affected by this. Sadly I just cant seem to get my groove when it comes to painting models. I know it'll pass, something will 'click' and I'll be back at it. Patience is key as forcing the issue will only compound things.
Also the various schedules of the local player base (myself included) has conflicted enough to see a shortage of dice rolls for everyone this year. Da Boyz have grown cranky by this, but such is the nature of the hobby we all enjoy.

Yet as always with a new year approaching, its like a fresh slate to refocus and krak on in all things. Waaagh! Skarshak will continue to grow, that much is certain!  How much larger the army/collection overall will grow in the coming year?... only time will tell, and future games will always bring new opportunities for my Orkz, something of which I always look forward to. With 2017 now upon us it'll be interesting where things go hobby wise. Yet as ever, I'm up for the challenge (like so many of us).

Focus and move Forward, Adapt and Overcome and as always Keep Krump'n!
This is the mantra of Waaagh! Skarshak.

Enjoy Your New Years Festivus Everyone, May Gork n Mork Smile Upon You All.
Wagrimm 'Da Krumpa' Skarshak
Kirk M.

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